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Author Topic: Info Kalestath 2591 Hub  (Read 340 times)

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Kalestath 2591 Hub
« on: September 16, 2018, 09:56:21 PM »
Kalestath Class of 2591

Graduating 37.10.2593

Attending Weyrlingmaster
J'ken of Tadriath

Active & Adoptable PCs
Naeharie of Liorith
R'ghal of Rintoth
Veryk of Karrimuth
Narvia of Kadynoth
Ysveta of Oskith
Xaeybl of Nicynth
Zarenna of Atissyth
D'via of Anedaith
D'vik of Heppath
Ki'ki of Aellath
Na'va Derraseth
R'kan of Hisketh
Vassatiere of Ysolth

Purpose of this Thread
We all know that being a weyrling can be a complicated endeavor. There's a plethora of things to remember -- dragon growth charts, development timelines, important dates... and that's not even including who else is in your class. As new clutches are hatched and Impressed to Candidates, a thread will be created for each class to serve as a centralized location for all the information you'll need to know. As the dragonets and their riders grow, relevant announcements and class threads will be posted here as well.

IC Threads
Spoiler for Hidden:
24.06.2591 / 2:00PM - The New Normal || Hatching
-|| Kalestath’s 2591 clutch of 32 eggs hatches, yielding more mutations but only one Candidate fatality.
24.06.2591 / 2:00PM - Can't You Tell I'm Starving? || Feeding
-|| The newly-bonded weyrlings feed and tend to their dragons.
25.06.2591 / 8:00PM - Welcome to your new life || Second Day
-|| The newly-bonded weyrlings receive their schedule and start to mingle.
30.06.2591 / 8:15pm - Onwards Together || Socialising
-|| Evening rolls round and somebody digs out an old deck of cards to play with.

Barracks Placements when Hatched
Spoiler for Hidden:

Important Dates
Spoiler for Hidden:
24.06.2591 || Kalestath's 2591 clutch hatches, numbering 3 Bronzes, 5 Blacks, 3 Browns, 5 Blues, 7 Greens, and 9 Reds.
24.06.2591 - 24.07.2591 || Month 1 || 10% growth || Dragonets will require large amounts of sleep and food daily for the first three months of their lives
24.07.2591 - 24.08.2591 || Month 2 || 20% growth || Riders learn how to inspect, bag, and toss firestone
24.08.2591 - 24.09.2591 || Month 3 || 25% growth || Repetitive ground drills begin
24.09.2591 - 24.10.2591 || Month 4 || 30% growth || At this stage, dragons become more active and curious about things beyond themselves and their rider
24.10.2591 - 24.01.2592 || Month 5 || 35% growth || Intermediate ground drills begin; dragonets' metabolisms slow, meaning they have to eat less often
24.01.2592 - 24.02.2592 || Month 6 || 40% growth || Dragonets become capable of short, hopping flights; weyrlings have personal interviews with Weyrlingmasters to review their progress
24.02.2592 - 24.03.2592 || Month 7 || 45% growth || Weyrling riders are fitted for flight gear
24.03.2592 - 24.04.2592 || Month 8 || 50% growth || Dragonets become capable of longer, but still hopping, flight
24.04.2592 - 24.05.2592 || Month 9 || 55% growth || Flight training begins with the rider
24.05.2592 - 24.06.2592 || Month 10, 1 turn old || 60% growth || First comprehensive exams, both oral and practical
24.06.2592 - 24.07.2592 || Month 11 || 65% growth || Dragons become very active and involved in their rider's life; females may idly begin to notice males
24.07.2592 - 24.08.2592 || Month 12 || 70% growth || Wings strengthen and agility increases, though flight training is still short
24.08.2592 - 24.09.2592 || Month 13 || 75% growth || Class moves out to personal weyrs, with inspections every seven days
24.09.2592 || Move out to personal ground weyrs, where they will remain until graduation
24.09.2592 - 24.10.2592 || Month 14 || 80% growth || Aerial drills increase and Between training begins
24.10.2592 - 24.01.2593 || Month 15 || 85% growth || Dragons learn how to hunt for themselves and eat only every five to six days
24.01.2593 - 24.02.2593 || Month 16 || 90% growth || Dragons begin to reach sexual maturity, though it will vary by pair
24.02.2593 || The earliest date that female dragons may Rise and male dragons may Chase during Flights
24.02.2593 - 24.03.2593 || Month 17 || 95% growth  || Aerial drills now incorporate flight, Betweening, flaming, and all other duties of Wings during Threadfall
24.03.2593 - 24.04.2593 || Month 18 || 100% growth || Dragons reach adult size
24.04.2593 - 24.05.2593 || Month 19 || Riders and dragons study for final comprehensive exams, and begin the transition into regular rider life
24.05.2593 - 24.06.2593 || Month 20, 2 turns old || Continued aerial and rescue drills, along with study for exams and incorporated drills with Prairie Wing
24.06.2593 - 35.10.2593 || Last months of weyrling training; weyrlings are administered final exams and exit interviews for the purposes of Wing placement
37.10.2593 || Graduation date; assigned to Wings and moved into adult personal weyrs

Important Links

Graduation Protocol
It's no secret that the default post-graduation Wing for most weyrlings is Prairie -- though of course, your characters are welcome to apply for a transfer with another Wingleader after they've graduated. But while it's less common for Beach and Jungle to accept recent weyrlings, it does happen. Because of their more stringent IC requirements, and to make sure each weyrling considered is a good fit for such a Wing, we will only be allowing weyrlings with 20 posts or more to be considered for Beach or Jungle. As per previously established canon, Mountain does not take freshly graduated weyrlings.

Please understand that this is not a punishment or a requirement -- simply that only characters who fit these guidelines will be considered for these Wings immediately upon graduation. Your weyrling can always request a transfer from another Wing if their dream lies outside of Prairie. Final tallying for such post counts will end the day before their graduation ceremony will take place -- on 37.10 -- in the interest of fairness. All weyrlings, regardless of post count, will be sorted into Prairie unless they meet the 20 post threshold and other considerations like personality fit and any extracurricular training it may be mentioned that they have done.

We'd also like to get a feel for what Wings your characters might be aspiring to! So as their graduation approaches, we'd like you to fill out the following form and PM it to Southern Records for us. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Spoiler for Placement Form:
Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name:[/b] Weyrling of Dragonth
[b]Wing:[/b] What Wing you have in mind for your character - please specify if you have OOC intentions for them that differ from their IC goals.
[b]Reasoning:[/b] Let us know a bit of detail about why you think your character would be a good fit for the Wings you're asking us to consider!
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Re: Kalestath 2591 Hub
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 04:13:10 AM »
A fun socialising/game playing thread for the Weyrlings here!

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Re: Kalestath 2591 Hub
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2018, 03:58:09 PM »
Ready, set, schedule time!

Jarak has lovingly added it to the IC list of the main post. Just thought I'd give a lovely shout out here.  :love:


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