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Author Topic: Event Was the sacrifice worth it? [ 30.6.2591 / 8AM ]  (Read 350 times)

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Was the sacrifice worth it? [ 30.6.2591 / 8AM ]
« on: September 21, 2018, 06:43:37 PM »
Secrets were hard to keep in the Weyr. All it took was one loose tongue and rumors blossomed and spread like the flush fever had, running rampant and taking on a life of its own. That they’d managed to contain the news throughout the day before and until this morning was... well, it was no short of a miracle. Keassa had wanted to tell D’mir, even, but thankfully he had been out of the Weyr. Distance had been kind to her, in this instance, so that she would not be tempted to tell him.

That no one else had fallen victim to the temptation was amazing too. Only a handful had been involved. Enterprising apprentices and a couple of daring Journeymen. Keassa hadn’t been able to say no, because she wasn’t a CraftMaster. No one was. So when the group had set to out the previous day to collect Skycourser Eggs, she’d just been made to wait to see if they’d come back like everyone else.

And keep it all relatively quiet. Keassa and the other sensible journeyman of the Beast and Farmer Hall didn’t want any other apprentices getting wanderlust into their minds and scaling up the side of the mountain. Dragonriders hadn’t been asked because it would’ve been difficult for them too. Skycoursers were mean – the females half the size of a tall person with wicked claws. They’d likely go for a rider, or the dragon’s eyes.

And the Riders were likely to deny the request anyways. They already had before.

Keassa had thought it was a foolish, near suicidal mission. That only one person had died in the endeavor was actually lucky. At worst, no one would’ve come back. The enterprising Apprentices and Journeymen returned with more eggs than Keassa really knew what to do with. Had they raided the entire mountain side?

Even so, she couldn’t help but be excited now that she’d seen the actual eggs. A myriad of earthen colors, splotched and speckled to blend in to the mountain nests they’d been plucked from. Stolen from. That the adventurous souls had only returned with superficial injuries... Well, and the one death. That did hang over the muted celebration.

While those that had went were certainly owed an egg apiece, that still left more eggs that they needed to disperse. That meant collecting the Farmers, the Herders, and the holders that had dedicated their life to farming. For whatever reason, Keassa was nominated to deliver the news. She was going to pass on an egg herself, seeing as how she had a babe, a wher, and a flit. The last thing she needed was to hand raise a... well, a territorial wherry that would eventually grow so big.

Keassa could see the collective confusion as everyone who was called were gathered outside the barn. She was flanked by those that had returned from the trip, the excitement radiating off of them was palpable. Good news was few and far between – and this was good news. No matter that they’d lost one of their own doing it.

“I know some of the eldest of us might remember the days when beast craft had our own wherry to guard the rabbits and chickens. And those in class might have stumbled upon precious records referencing skycoursers. It’s been a tradition and practice that was lost to us during the Pass.” Keassa shifted her weight from one foot to the other, noticing she’d caught a lot of attention now that she’d mentioned something so obscure. “We had an enterprising group risk life and limb to collect eggs. While we lost one of our own – Apprentice Herder Inviditar – he and the ones behind me believed the risk worth it to return something we had lost in the Pass. To move forward, to bring that tradition back to our Hall.”

Keassa allowed a moment of quiet for that to sink in. For some to say quiet words about the passing of an apprentice, even for something so monumental. “For that news, we have extra eggs and we’ll need dedicated, determined, and devoted crafters and farmers who want to tend to them. It’s going to take a lot of your time – this is not a small obligation – but step forward if you’re willing to accept the responsibility.”

Spoiler for OOC:
WOO. Skycourser Eggs! There are a couple stipulations for characters who want to claim one. They must be a Herder, Farmer, or Holder whose life revolves around such tasks. If they’re a Herder or Farmer, they need to have a relative good standing in the Crafthall. They don’t have to be perfect, but it can’t be someone who’s thinking about becoming a candidate or you have plans to leave. Cause this is a lifetime devotion thing. :3

That being said, there are 3 Journeyman and 2 apprentices that went on the crazy trek around the mountain collecting all these eggs. Anyone can claim these spots, first come first serve, or you can make a MNPC for it. <3

Those that went egg hunting:
Inviditar - died during
Sr Apprentice Tayvelle
Sr Apprentice Cinnacai

As always, an OOC thread for it all.
« Last Edit: September 24, 2018, 08:34:14 AM by Keassa »

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Re: Was the sacrifice worth it? [ 30.6.2591 / 8AM ]
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2018, 01:27:16 AM »
To have been able to participate in such an adventure was humbling for the apprentice, though you'd be hard pressed to see any modicum of modesty in Tayvelle's face as she flanked Keassa with the other apprentice and journeyman who had managed the deed. In retelling the story later, she would exaggerate the part she played and the ease with which she had been allowed to join the retrieval party. None of it untrue at its core but certainly hard to believe.

But right there and then? Tayvelle didn't need to boast or brag about what she'd done. Even keeping their task secret had been easy when she considered this moment. She straightened when Keassa mentioned her and the group she'd left with, faltering just a moment at mention of Inviditar's death. They'd had their disagreements over the turns, but she could honestly say she didn't think he'd have changed his mind about going if he'd known his fate. The Skycoursers were important, and having their own should stop another raid on their animals. He knew that. They all had. And it was unfortunate that his injuries had killed him. She knew she'd be wearing her own injuries like medals of honour.

Then came the important bit. The eggs came from a variety of nests, but whoever stepped forward now would become fhe first Courser's in generations. Tayvelle didn't even need to consider whether or not she would. She'd already staked a claim on one egg for herself... Now it was a matter of identifying her peers.

So far as actually raising the creature that hatched, well, that was gonna be its own kind of fun.

Offline Remira

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Re: Was the sacrifice worth it? [ 30.6.2591 / 8AM ]
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2018, 08:50:25 AM »
Remira had been called up to the Weyr for some reason. Everyone from the Hall had been, though they wouldn’t say what. She assumed lessons, since it was quite literally all the farmers and herders. Some major announcement, maybe. Whatever it was, message had gone out through fire lizard last night and she’d been told to be ready in the morning.

So she was. There were few things that Remira took as seriously as she did her craft responsibilities. Maybe her whers. Definitely Aly. That was mostly it. Nothing else particularly mattered so much. The animals she looked after relied on her, and she liked that sense of dependency and responsibility. All the lessons and work it took to get where she was at was worth it.

And she was quite happy to be an Apprentice. To Remira, anything more took her away from the hands on work and more into teaching and things she just didn’t want to do.

So, she gathered up like all the others and waited to see what was going on. When she saw Keassa, and a couple others in front of the stable, a lace of panic shot up her spine. Had another runner been slaughtered? No... no... no. Keassa would’ve looked somber, the people behind her would’ve been upset. Rather, there was an energy in the air. Excitement?

When Keassa started talking, Remira frowned a little. Unsure where it was all going. Wherry to guard the rabbits and chickens? They’d been attacked by large, fuck off wherry. Remira remembered that particular incident rather well. Though the more she talked, the more interested Remira became.

Apprentices did occasionally stumble on such records. Details of some wherry and what they were used for, but such things had never been part of their lessons for obvious reasons. There were no wherry to train. To teach. But now?

It wasn’t just about reintroducing the wherry back into Beast Craft. Remira was smart enough to recognize that. It was about returning something lost, something the Pass had taken from them. Beast craft had been struggling to be recognized as a Hall once more and this would go a long way in helping.

Remira nearly jumped out of her skin when Keassa then said they had extra eggs. She damn near ran forward to claim one for herself without a second thought. Aly would understand.

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Offline Cinnacai

Re: Was the sacrifice worth it? [ 30.6.2591 / 8AM ]
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2018, 02:54:41 AM »
Cinnacai wanted to smile, wanted to grin at the commendation that their task was receiving. But it didn't seem quite... appropriate, given they'd lost Inviditar. But all of them had known of the danger the task presented itself before they'd agreed to go.

For her part, her reasons weren't quite so noble as the others might have been. They had their reasons grounded more fully in the idea of restoring their crafts by reviving what ancient customs they could, when they could. And there was no doubt that the Skycoursers, should they prove successful, would be incredibly useful creatures in protecting the livestock. Cai for her part did partially agree with all of that, but it the idea of climbing the cliffs for a bit of adventure appealed to her quite a bit more than the outcome of the goal.

But she did feel a little proud, staring out at the crowd, knowing that without them the Skycourser rebirth would have taken just that little bit longer to be revealed to the rest of their Halls. Keeping it secret had her almost at the end of her tether, but she'd done it for the others. It was easier keeping them as friends. When the atmosphere had turned away from being so.. somber, she nudged Tayvelle sneakily, knowing the other woman would be stepping forward, and gave her a wink of encouragement.

She'd thought briefly, of a change of pace. Cinnacai would surely have been allowed her pick of the eggs given her part in retrieving them. But her plants required little guarding by air. Cai had decided to leave the training up to those that had bigger stakes in their survival. She'd look on happily from afar knowing she'd played by a small part.

Besides the adventure had been thrilling enough to make up for everything.

Offline Kindolin

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Re: Was the sacrifice worth it? [ 30.6.2591 / 8AM ]
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2019, 01:14:38 PM »
Though Kindolin wasn’t, strictly speaking, a member of the Herder Crafthall, she worked closely enough with them and the Farmers that she’d warranted inclusion in such a gathering for what was tantamount to secret news. Had she not been, it would have left her sour regardless. After everything that her family had done and sacrificed for the Crafts, to be left out would have stung something fierce.

Such as it was, though, she’d gathered with the others early in the morning to receive the news, and she’d been more thrilled about it than she had been much of anything else for a long time. Skycoursers had not been a problem on the desolate Northern Continent, and it had rankled the woman quite a bit that there was some threat she and her siblings couldn’t contend with. Flits were all but useless against the creatures, small as they were—and natural prey of the huge monsters to boot. She wouldn’t have allowed Wherry to fight them even if he’d wanted to, and the little Blue certainly did not.

As Keassa finished her speech, Kindolin glanced down at the two whers by her side, absently resting one hand on the top of Kindolsk’s broad head while she considered the information. Imprinting to a skycourser… that was no small request, to be made of those in the Crafts. But like many other things during the Pass and even the Interval, it would be a necessary adaptation to survive and perpetuate what they had worked for, not to mention to protect the precious lives of the beasts they guarded.

And Kindolin was nothing if not an adaptive soul.

It took little consideration on her part to step forward. Whether or not the Journeymen would deign to grant her an egg, not being a part of the Craft as she was, she didn’t know. But she knew Keassa. She’d grown up knowing her as Auntie Kay. Maybe Kindolin could talk her into it. And if not this batch of eggs, then, well… she’d be the first to volunteer to climb the mountain to get another.
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