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Author Topic: Event [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course  (Read 202 times)

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[ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« on: September 21, 2018, 06:45:07 PM »
Skycourser Eggs!

30.06.2591 / 08AM

Calling all Herders, Farmers, and Holders of that life calling:
A well kept secret from the day before reveals that an crazy expedition was made to go out and collect skycourser eggs. Thaaat’s right. And it was successful. No dragonriders necessary here! Crafters can do it without. That’s not to say it was easy. Everyone that went sustained a lot of superficial wounds, at the very least, and one apprentice, Inviditar, lost his life procuring these eggs. This is still a big deal! Reviving the Beast Crafthall is pretty much the sole focus of a lot of people in that hall – it’s an exciting morning.

The number of eggs is left intentionally vague because we don’t really want to limit the amount that can be passed out. What we are asking is that there be one per player to start. <3 Then we’ll do more clutches of these – or more egg runs – as people want them.

A couple of things to remember!
Skycoursers are very territorial and aggressive once they have imprinted – and the crafters know this. One egg per person and only after whomever has already had a wher trained up. You cannot bond to a wher once you have a skycourser – they’ll fight, and the skycourser is likely to win. They are not friendly to fire lizards – seeing them as prey animals and food – so if you have a fair of flits, you’re claiming an egg at their own risk. Most skycourser can grow accustomed to fire lizards if they’re trained proper, but accidents happen and they are still, even once adults, wild animals.

Those that went egg hunting:
Inviditar - died during
Sr Apprentice Tayvelle
Sr Apprentice Cinnacai

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Offline SirAlahn

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 06:54:33 PM »
I'M SO EXCITED! :faint: Like the Beastcrafters, keeping this under wraps has been an endeavor since this is quite a big thing for us. But I hope everyone enjoys our new skycoursers. :3 A template will be put up soon, though we have a moment since the eggs won't be hatching just yet.

On the IC front, I'm going to be having Kindolin step forward to claim an egg if possible. Whether or not she's allowed is up for discussion, but she would try anyhow. ^_^
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Offline Kyya

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2018, 08:13:47 PM »
I'mma be selfish... Because i am so fricken excited!

Tayvelle Will be claiming an egg (If that's OK?) If she's lucky, her firelizard won't die while she tries to train it.

Also... If it's not too much, could I claim one of the apprentice slots for her? As in one of the apprentices that helped retrieve the eggs?

And 'cause i need more threads, Testhinia is going to get involved but only as someone watching. She's not gonna do much more than watch. But I'd like to explore her reactions to it

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: September 21, 2018, 08:33:41 PM by SirAlahn »

Offline Jarakrisafis

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2018, 02:37:54 AM »
None of mine fit this. Though Kyrrin will be watching with interest.

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: September 22, 2018, 10:04:39 AM by SirAlahn »

Offline SirAlahn

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2018, 12:58:02 PM »
The Skycourser template has now been added in with the critter section of character applications. :happy:
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Offline Spiffy

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #5 on: September 23, 2018, 05:22:58 PM »
None of mine fit this, but now I find myself tempted to make a beastcrafter to join in with it :roll:

Added : SirAlahn
« Last Edit: September 23, 2018, 09:01:20 PM by SirAlahn »

Offline Inki

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #6 on: September 23, 2018, 09:30:46 PM »
I'm hoping to post Elrost ICly soon when I get out of this... slump.
But he's basically of a mind with Keassa: With no craftmasters he couldn't say no, but now that he can see the eggs in person he can't help but think of all the possibilities. Howeeeever he also can't help but think of all of the things that could go terribly wrong. Cause he's a worrier.

Since this is a Farmer thing too, I'd like to claim the other trekking apprentice position for Cinnacai, it's definitely something she'd be up for. However, she's not interested in raising one herself, it doesn't really fit her role in the craft. But if there is an unspoken stipulation that those that went on the trek were all people who wanted to claim an egg, then that's cool too. I'll just have her be excited :3

Added : SirAlahn

Offline SanctifiedSavage

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #7 on: September 24, 2018, 08:33:50 AM »
Added Cinnacai and Tayvelle to the apprentices that went along. ^_^

There are still 3 journeyman that could've went.

@SirAlahn I'm not sure Kindolin would be eligible since she is not a farmer or herder - or a holder who works in that field. Just having interacted with them wouldn't really be enough, ya know? They'd be a little more selective about handing out eggs. If you wanna chat about it, we can though.  :love:

Offline Drewliet

Re: [ 30.6.2591 ] A Rocky Course
« Reply #8 on: September 27, 2018, 07:30:48 PM »
None of mine are really eligible.

Nealros is curious about it, but it sounds like a bit too much work for little reward and he'd probably be expected to participate more with the weyr than he's comfortable with.

Penderton, intrigued by all creatures, values his Green flits too much to risk their lives. He'll still inquire where he can, and maybe make it a future goal as the craft is revived and new methods are exercised for the safety of all.

Nieve would love to get her hands on one, but she'd never be allowed. She feels a little weird about it, like having a skycourser might betray Lovely's memory, but also that her deceased flit might see them as a suitable replacement since they bested her, after all. Regardless, she is just a drudge without a wher to her name and no plans on joining a craft at this point in her life.


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