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Author Topic: Approved Veryk [ 2569 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]  (Read 607 times)

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Veryk [ 2569 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]
« on: September 23, 2018, 07:21:30 PM »

Play By:
Date of Birth:
24.03.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection

Appearance: Veryk has two distinct "looks". If their family are present, they will keep their hair pulled back, don attire that can be deemed more masculine and, if the opportunity had presented itself prior, will attempt to let their facial hair grow out. Their mannerisms will lean towards those of a stereotypical male, with small gestures if any, and very few words lest their excitement lead to behaviours that wouldn't be deemed "befitting" of a holder. It also means they don't run the risk of losing their voice, since it takes effort to drop it low enough so as not to be mistaken as a woman's.

Veryk's day to day life has been a lot less rigid since officially moving into the weyr, and they're a lot harder to id from their appearance alone. They dress to suit what they plan to do for the day, and won't hesitate to don skirts and let their hair down - literally- when the festivities call for it. Their posture is less stiff than when their family is around, and a natural sway to their hips gives them a slightly more feminine edge than otherwise.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: As Fort natives, Veryk's family wasn't quite as disrupted by the influx of refugees from other areas as the refugees themselves, and having been born when it was basically the norm meant they didn't know any better lifestyle to worry. They worked hard to personify the perfect holder son ideal their parents held, despite their own feelings on the matter, wanting only to help make the hardship of the pass easier for them.

Response to dragon color mutations: Nothing to note really. While they know the mutations are new to Pern, they're healthy and despite a few quirks, are just another colour of dragon to impress. Veryk's opinion of the weyrleader and 2591 weyrsecond is on par with this, since they only prove the point that the dragons are just dragons. Since their appearance didn't result in weak clutches, there's no reason to resent it.

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes:
Exploring: The freedom that comes with setting out on your own to uncover parts of the hold or weyr that are undiscovered or, in the case of where they grew up, long forgotten is indescribable. So it's a pastime that Veryk is hard pressed to give up.
Climbing: One of those things that has only recently been discovered, and perhaps the most athletic of Veryk's pastimes, attempting to scale the walls of the weyr in the hopes of finding somewhere to sit and watch the going ons around them, or even just seeing if they can manage to go further than they previously had is a far preferable activity to whatever it is they're meant to be doing.
Fights: Maybe not so much physical ones, though Veryk will certainly do the best they can, but verbal ones. Arguments, whether validated or not are an excellent way to pass the time, and they will not hesitate to take the opposing view just to get a good match in. Perhaps with training  they'll come to enjoy physical bouts just as much, though for now it's not the case.
Routine: Veryk tends to want to do his own thing for his own reasons, and struggles to conform to the same structure that others may easily succumb to. They want variety, and the capacity to pursue their own goals without having to fit it into everyone else's timeline.
Pushovers: They like people with a bit of fight in them, and hate seeing someone rolling over to avoid confrontation. If you can't fight for what you believe in, why bother having an opinion?
Sooks: Sooks are people who complain without doing anything to change their situation. Such a person has no place in Veryk's life and while they understand the need to vent you're not going to find them emphasising past the point where it could be considered polite. Deal with it and move on, or go sook to someone else.


* INTREPID : What happens happens and they're not going to not do something just because your experience was negative. They will do what needs to be done to achieve their goals, and aren't phased by potential roadblocks, no matter how dangerous they may be.

* TOLERANT : Not a push over by any definition of the term, but accepting of many things that just are. During the pass it meant accepting the holder ideals of his parents, the rations and the dangers they faced in and outside of Fort's walls. Now, it extends to having accepted the search. Accepting the risk involved in standing, and the risks being a rider may bring. They're not going to roll over and take the punches thrown their way but Veryk isn't going to fight about what is done.

* BIG PICTURE THINKING: Veryk has a good grasp on the end goal of things. They know that the end of year celebrations will have what seems a surplus of food, that the hold will eventually be a stronghold against hunters and the weyr will continue to be the defenders of Pern. They also have a firm understanding of the steps required to get there. Nothing can happen instantly and they're able to see just how they need to proceed to get where they want to go... they just wish there was someone else who could do the steps for them. It can be exhausting having to go the slow route, and though Veryk tends to argue about whether or not something is good (or bad) for the weyr, and the last people on Pern, they tend to already know (or believe they know) how specific decisions will affect the bigger picture.

* ACTIVE : Veryk doesn't like to sit around looking pretty... Well, at least not all the time. They want to be doing things, not necessarily constructive things either. They might be happy to sit down for a lesson the first time, but they're less inclined to sit through the same the second time around, let alone the third. Give them something to do where they get to move any day, it's the far more enjoyable option.

* CHARISMATIC : For all Veryk likes to argue both sides of the mark, Veryk isn't lacking in their capacity to talk, and talk well. While they may not have held a role of significance as a holder's son, they were still taught how to behave as one. They know how to blend in, and can choose to do so whenever they feel like it. They’re easily able to wear a different hat when it suits, and while they may have a tendency to just be themselves Veryk doesn’t mind being able to just blend when the mood suits.


* INDULGENT : A taste of weyrlife had Veryk eager to return when their family inevitably moved into the hold, and while they may calm down some when their parents are up visiting, they have embraced every aspect of living in the weyr with as much gusto as a child in a candy store. The freedom provided via that lifestyle is something they won’t give up willingly, and their desire to deviate from the bog standard can get them into a bit of trouble. It’s quite possible that untempered, they wouldn’t have lasted much longer in candidacy.

* AGGRESSIVE : In their affections, reactions and even behaviour Veryk is often over the top. They don't care much for tiptoeing around things and don't consider whether their attitudes may be intimidating or otherwise create a negative response in others. IF they have no reason to counteract their attitude, Veryk is either all in, or all out. There is rarely any in between, and it can be overwhelming when you’re not used to it.

* SECRETIVE : Veryk may not have any issues telling people what they were prior to being searched, but they’re not going to embrace the opportunity to merge their social life with their family life. The fact their parents didn’t choose to move back to the weyr after Veryk was searched meant they could maintain the illusion of perfect holder son while being visited, but still indulge in weyr life without worrying about shattering that illusion. Their not going to look kindly on someone trying to encroach on their family life more than what they may decide is suitable to share, and will outright ignore a person if they think they may be a threat to the image of themselves they’ve so carefully constructed so as not to compromise their parents more traditional views. It is not unlikely that Veryk will steer conversations away from questions that may lead to learning more about their life as a holder’s “son” and anyone insisting on hounding them for more than he’s willing to provide would likely be given the cold shoulder until they feel as though they deserve to be forgive.

* QUARRELSOME : Veryk enjoys arguing for the sake of arguing, never mind whether or not they actually agree with the point. There aren’t many topics they don’t want to argue about, and while they stay the course for one such quarrel, they may switch sides entirely on the same topic the next time round. Just for shits and giggles. It does mean they have a horrid tendency to ask “well why should I” when they’re told they need to do certain things, and their refusal to accept things just the way they are, either because they don’t want to or they just want to stir up shit can make it hard to pinpoint what exactly are their true thoughts on a matter.

* INSENSITIVE : It’s not intentional, but Veryk’s other wants often lead to them being dismissive of your own. The most attentive they’ve ever been towards another’s feelings on… well… anything… boils down to the majority of their life prior to being searched, where they chose to personify their parent’s ideals despite their personal feelings in the matter. Excepting the continued façade they put on in this regard, they’re far too occupied enjoying themselves and existing to worry about what anyone else thinks or feels. Sure they may try to show a little empathy, particularly when they genuinely care for someone, they’re still not very… practiced at it, and will put their foot in their mouth more often than not – most of the time without realising unless it’s explicitly pointed out, and even then not necessarily feeling the need to apologise.

Describe Yourself:

* SECURE: They know who they are and they don't need outside validation to feel good about themselves. Insults technically roll off their back, unphased by such pointless remarks as they can change little about how Veryk acts, behaves and is, but they’re not going to just walk away from such things either. In this way they handle criticism well, and can utilise it to better themselves – after deciding whether or not they need to. It can very easily manifest into an outward confidence or arrogance, but for the most part it’s pretty much something they understand for themselves.

* PUNCTILIOUS: Specifically with regards to their past Veryk will try to appear one way so as to maintain the sanity of their parents. It's of little harm to their own sense of self worth, and particularly now that they are able to embrace more of the weyr values and ethics for the majority of their waking hours, defining themselves in such a way that their parents are comfortable isn't any skin off their nose. Less importantly, they have paid some mind to their lessons, and can apply weyrfolk and rider etiquette to a situation should they feel the desire to do so. Surprising, when it happens, but well within their capabilities. 

* DIRECT: If Veryk wants to know something, they're going to come right out and ask it, very rarely taking into account whether or not they should. Despite being secretive, they’re not shy, and so long as the conversation steers away from certain topics, Veryk is unlikely to hesitate in responding to questions, nevermind whether they are personal or not. They don’t fancy beating around the bush, and can get irritated by others who tend to do so themselves, particularly if they feel as though they could be doing something more entertaining if they were able to just… leave. Which, to be fair, is something they’ve done before, and will do again if they feel like it.

* INTELLIGENT: Veryk’s parents would have been hard pressed not to educate their children, but Veryk’s  natural intelligence certainly helped them along somewhat. With a knack for grasping concepts with little fuss, and a decent memory to boot, even obscure references can help them reach an approach to solving things that would be acceptable. It does result in them being rather bored, particularly during refresher opportunities, but they’re usually bold enough to just… disappear when they’re growing tired of the same old, same old.

* CURIOUS: With their capacity to get bored easily, a curious mind is of great benefit, helping to fill in those idle hours with questions and enough of a follow through to demand answers, either from the person or comments that have piqued their interest, or by going out and experiencing something for themselves. They like to know how things work, why they work, and what effect they will have on them, as well as having a healthy interest in just enjoying themselves as they explore everything and anything.

The Magic Touch: They absolutely love having someone run their fingers through their hair. One of the reasons they like it long is to encourage such a thing, with a focus on making sure it’s clean and tangle free as much as possible so the motion can be smooth and uninterrupted. Absolute bliss.


Mother: Whessaarian Holder, Handler of Brown Saarsk, b. 2553

Father: Vaaryk Journeyman Harper, Handler of Green Rysk b. 2547


Vahessryk b. 2567
Vasaian b. 2570
Whessyk b. 2572
Saarian b. 2573
Saaryk b. 2578

Rank & Gender has been left blank in case someone wishes to pick up a relative.

Mother: Khybeiara b. 2569
Khyvaar b.2587
Bevyara b.2588

Tell Us a Story

* 2569, 0 Veryk is born the second child of Whessaarian and Vaaryk, a match arranged by their parents in the hopes of securing a more stable position in the wake of Pern's destruction. With two turns to get used to one another, despite not having had the opportunity to meet, and with Vahessryk to mop up the usual fumbles first time parents go through, Veryk has it a little easier getting their head start in life.

* 2570, 1 Veryk's younger sibling Vasaian, the affection between their parents growing with each month that passes. As a harper, Vaaryk is able to provide for them better than some other families, and manages to scrounge up a wher egg for his wife to help with the chores now that they have three children, and an extra one that he claims for himself. A blue, Saariansk hatches and bonds to Veryk's mother, while the second egg reveals a green who calls herself Rysk. Both of them take to the rest of the family as if they'd been there the whole time, and Veryk and their siblings grow up knowing them as a constant presence in their home.

* 2571, 2 They aren't old enough to remember it, but Fort Hold becomes the last hold standing in their second turn of life. Veryk never knew the places their parents spoke about, but with a harper for a father, they're not left in the dark about Pern before the catastrophe, often, together with their siblings, being told of the events before they were all stacked into the one hold. There is no doubt about the traditional mindsets of their parents, but there's also a calm appreciation of what exactly sort of role dragonriders played in protecting them. It's not enough to start idolising them by any means, but it certainly livens up storytime.

* 2572, 3 At three, Veryk earns their third sibling. It's not exactly comfortable in their home, but they've managed to secure a small space just for them, where they don't need to share with anyone else, in part due to their father's status in the harper hall. It's cramped, but they're a family unit without a doubt and the seeds of loyalty are already sewn before Veryk is old enough to understand the implications of such a thing.

* 2573, 4 As a housewife Whessaarian can't do much beyond caring for their family. With Saariansk by her side though, she's able to offer a tiny bit of freedom in the way of exploring the hold near their home. They weren't long jaunts, but with peacekeepers regularly patrolling it was usually a safe venture. Except peacekeepers could change, and not all of them for the better. Hard times made people trafficking more common, and a pregnant woman, who would easily fill some of the more... unique fetishes in a whorehouse, as well as four children, young enough to groom for any number of careers... to the right buyer.

Saarinask is the only reason they managed to get home safe, but the blue himself didn't get so lucky. The window of opportunity for kidnapping disappeared the moment they got back to their home, but where meet was a reasonable enough payoff that they ended up safe until Vaaryk came home. It was the end of their jaunts outside their home, though another wher egg was obtained that hatched into a brown called Saarsk.

Saarian is born a month later, and despite their young ages, Veryk and their siblings are provided with tales of the wher that was Saarian's namesake, as well as cautions about leaving without protection. The problem peacekeeper had been reported to their squadron leader, and another, less... well... corrupt took their place, but leaving their home was now only allowed as it was needed. At only four turns, it wasn't something that concerned Veryk yet.

* 2578, 8 Veryk gets themselves another sibling in Saaryk, though they would be their last. Meanwhile, Veryk takes quickly to their harper lessons, as well as the more private ones that happened at home. There is a focus there on understanding their history, and the role holders, and to a similar extent crafters, played in the good running of a hold. They've picked up quickly the nuances of holder etiquette, and are under no delusions as to how they are to act and behave to maintain the reputation their parents had worked to build. This turn marks the first time they actively work on playing the part of son to their parents, though also sparks the point in their life where ditching class to explore the hold and enjoy the freedom such an act provides becomes a semi-regular occurance.

During one such escapade, they bump into Khybeiara, a classmate who turns out to be just as interested in doibg their own thing as Veryk themselves. They quickly become close, and while they don't do anything scandalous they do tend to spend a good deal of time together, rarely ducking out of classes without eachother. While the friendship is not unknown to Veryk's parents, it's not interfered with. She's the daughter of a peacekeeper, and as long as they don't get into any trouble there doesn't seem to be reasaon not to let them have this little bit of freedom.

* 2581, 12 At 12, it was an easy decision to seek an apprenticeship with the Harper's. They didn't care much for blood or tending to a person, and the Harpers offered more variety for... well. less effort on their part really. It was quickly apparent that the melodic specialties were not for them, and they leant towards the more mental aspects of the craft, their affinity for the craft helping them out where raw talent could not. It was at least more exciting than lessons... At least that first turn, and for a while, it felt as though they'd be perfectly comfortable following in their father's footsteps.

* 2584, 15 The Harpercraft is becoming tiresome, but Veryk continues to push themselves to learning and embracing any part that could hold their interest longer than a mark or two. Oddly it's the solitary practices that they like the most, but it's difficult to land those assignments when they tend to avoid the ones they don't like. They're trying though.

Harper lessons aren't the only thing Veryk has to deal with, however, as their parents inform them it's time to start a family. They ask if they can choose their own wife, and after some deliberation, their parents agree, adding a few conditions to who Veryk would be able to consider before leaving the matter alone. They were not cruel parents, and Veryk themselves weren't appalled at the idea of finding a partner if it's what their parents wanted, but they'd rather hoped that part of hold life would be ignored or forgotten in light of their other siblings being able to fill that niche.

The choice, in the end, was easy enough, seeking out Khybeiara and declaring their intentions. A friend would be a far better wife than a stranger, and the peacekeeper connection would improve the safety of their family. It was only a slightly easier endeavour than courting someone they hadn't known since childhood, her parents as critical of them as their parents were cautious. Friendship was one thing, but a union was an entirely different thing... But they got there, and blessings from both fathers were enough to allow them to plan for a ceremony. It wouldn't be until the next turn, but it was still something to be pleased about.

* 2585, 16 At 16 turns, birth Veryk and Khybeiara are on the older side of the spectrum for marriage, though still with plenty of time to start a family. Unfortunately space at the hold is limited, so Khybeiara moved to their family cavern, a fur acting as a privacy screen though little else was private. It was disheartening, to some extent that they weren't able to start their own life elsewhere, but the hold is overcrowded as it is, and better to stay with family than strangers. Khybeiara at least, proved to be as understanding of them as she was inclined to join them on their adventures around the hold when younger, and it is a comfortable relationship that blooms from the affection they held for eachother. It wasn't quite the mind numbing love and joy Veryk had imagined would come when they uncovered their life partner, but it wasn't difficult to care about her, realising a different kind of love instead.

* 2586, 17 The first product of their union, Khyvaar is born. It was a happy occasion for everyone, and Veryk fell head over heels for the babe. Their affection for Khybeiara increased tenfold, and they almost felt content with their life. If they could just find a cavern just for them, they would be able to let their hair down just a little and gain some semblance of their own freedom. Khybeiara wasn't their first choice for wife just because of the foundation of friendship they already had built, but she wasn't quite as... stubborn as their parents so far as tradition went, and they were able to be more themselves around them... When they were actually alone. Small matters they could not change, so Veryk didn't dwell on them more than they had to.

* 2587, 18 A day that no-one thought was possible came at the start of the turn. Shock and joy and a little bit of fear about what next all mingling in Veryk as news of the complete lack of threadfall reached them. The 9th interval has begun, and with riders seeking out a new home, there's plenty of hope for the future.  They move to the new weyr in month seven and get to experience their first hatching, to excited by what they saw to worry about what the black dragonet's appearance meant. The taste of Weyrlife is hauntingly tempting, and Veryk starts to slip away from their family to try and indulge a little. Flight lust fuelled sex offers its own intoxicating allure, and while only experienced with their Wife thus far, they’re eager to get caught outside to experience it with another instead. Black dragon hatched though the meaning behind it seems unimportant. It’s not really on their radar, however, and they aren’t concerned with watching to see what becomes of the black dragon.

* 2588, 19 Kybeiara is occupied with the birth of their second child, Bevyara, and while it wouldn't be said that Veryk was an absent parent, they didn't exactly hesitate to leave them at home while he went out and explored their new home. They do still have harper duties to attend, but have no delusions about being tapped that turn, and when they're home, there is nothing about the way they treat their children and their wife that can be critiqued. They may not always be around, but when they are they are there playing, helping, and generally making as much of their time together as possible.

Veryk does manage to stumble on a couple of firelizard eggs during one of their adventures, bringing them home with all the excitement of a young child. Only one manages to hatch, however, and bonds to Khybeiara, though Veryk seems just as happy that she has a companion of her own as they were disappointed that the egg they'd chosen had been a dud. At least the tiny thing would fill any gap created by their own tendency to disappear beyond standard apprentice duties.

*2589, 20 Neisoth catches Kalestath but Veryk’s time is occupied by the news that has their parents thoroughly pleased. Lord Maeron was working on establishing them a hold. Every meeting, every gathering where they could show their support, they were present, each step of progress leaving Veryk’s mouth dry with the reality of it all. Their parents wanted to move, to live amongst people with similar ideals holder ideals and none of the unsavoury ideals the weyrfolk held. It is only their own affection and love towards them that keeps Veryk from running away, from merging fully with the weyr life.

* 2590-2591, 21-22 Their family is finally allowed to join some of those lucky enough to move to the construction site, and it is with a heavy heart that Veryk packs their things together. They loves their family, and hold affection for their wife, and their children, but the taste of living in a weyr, so close, yet so far away from actually being able to be participated in sits on his tongue like ash. Had they been a cruel person, they may have made a stand there and then, but they weren’t. And as they moved to pass their stuff to the rider who was to take them to their new home, they were stopped not by himself, but by the intense gaze of the blue dragon they were to ride.

The choice that came next was easy… or should have been, and had their parents truly held no respect for riders, it would have been decided for him regardless of what they wanted to say in the matter. But despite the clashes and the stark differences in lifestyle, it was Veryk’s wife who told them to leave. They’d been married out of necessity, but just as they had done what was right for their parents, their wife decided to do what was right for them. She chose to stay with their parents, to continue the move with their children and promised to keep in touch. But until their fate was decided by dragon or not, their marriage would be annulled. Dragon riders were the defender’s of Pern, no matter that Veryk’s family didn’t quite see eye to eye with their practices. And if a dragon had decided they would stand, even if it was only for a couple of years, they would not deny the request.

So Veryk stayed, while everyone else left, and while they keep up constant communication via their ex-wife’s Firelizards, and everyone tends to show up to the hatchings they attend, they were hard pressed to pretend that the joy of being a part of the weyr and free of the cage they’d built for themselves out of love, loyalty and respect. They make an effort to resemble the perfect holder son whenever their family are present, but Khybeiara has an uncanny knack for knowing the truth of the matter… and tries to limit surprise visits so they’re always prepared. Now that they’ve impressed a dragonet though there’s every possibility this perception may change, though at least there’s no longer any question as to whether they are going back to join their family at the hold. It was an… interesting development. But at the same time, the lack of a choice in the matter had a sense of finality that should have felt restricting, but really just made them even more eager for what the future is going to bring.

O'sir's announcement couldn't have come at a better time. The candidate who had been trying to give him his refresher course was horribly boring in his delivery, and had a candidate not been kicked out last turn for ignoring the rules, Whevaaryk wouldn't have hung around as long as they had. It was far easier to seek out something more entertaining without O'sir monitoring them all.

But none of that mattered now. Kalestath's clutch was hatching and they were just as invested in standing this time as they had any other. They didn't have many clutches to go before they'd need to reassess the arrangement with their wife and parents, failure to impress would mean returning to their old life... a difficult truth that made them eager to find a dragon partner.

It was early afternoon, which meant their family should be there. Early morning or late evening would minimise the chance of them making it without Saibrasoth's urging in their minds, but Prairie Wing was probably ferrying people up as they stood there with their candidate robes, tossing up what was best to put underneath. It was hot, and the rain was making it worse, so Whevaaryk chose a light dress to slip on. It wouldn't be too heavy beneath the robes, and offered more mobility should they need to dodge any reds this time around. All that was left was tying their hair back into a bun and they were ready.

They didn't rush to the hatching grounds, but Whevaaryk wasn't keen on being slowed down by twittering children, too concerned about getting hirt to want to get to the sands first, shoving past where necessary until they were standing in line with O'sir explaining the correct way to enter the grounds.

Four dragonets had hatched, the noise in Whevaaryk's head causing them to wince until they wwre used to it, barely able to identify the joyous statements the creatures made. At least there were no screams this time. O'sir finished speaking quickly enough and Whevaaryk was on the sands at last, bowing to Kalestath before finding themselves a suitable position near the eggs. One of those bouncing red babies might very well be theirs, and with impression, they would be honour-bound to remain at the weyr, family or no. Sure their parents may prefer that impression happened with one of the traditional colours... but a dragon was still a dragon, and there would be no questioning it when, and if it happened.

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable because black, but also able to be killed off if you’re leaning that way.
Mauling Permissions:
No-one lives forever [10]
Anything Else:
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Re: Veryk [ 2569 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]
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Re: Veryk [ 2569 9th Pass / Black Weyrling ]
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Dragon Details
Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
[ CARE-ih-mooth ]
Date of Birth:
24.06.2591 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35.8M
Mature Height: 6.85M
Mature Wingspan: 59.6M

General Appearance

Observed from above, Karrimuth looks like a mottled, smudgy Black, as dark as many of his siblings -- with a certain look to his hide that seems like billowing smoke or smudged charcoal. From this perspective, the only light areas on him appear to be the trailing edges of his upper wingsails, which fade to a tarnished pewter marginally lighter than the more concentrated darkness down his back. From the front or below, however, it becomes obvious that there's much more to him. His body lightens to a pale silver on the underside. His undersails, too, are much paler, though they mirror the lightening gradient on their other side. If such things existed on Pern, his coloring might garner comparisons to an orca.

In contrast to the sibling he clashed with so soon after hatching, Karrimuth's build is narrow and agile. He'll ever be on the smaller side for a Black dragon, with an average wingspan and less-than-average height for his size, but he'll make up for it in flexibility and finesse. Karrimuth will always be fast, both on his feet and in the air, and tight maneuvering will never faze him.


Mind Voice: Karrimuth's voice -- especially his laugh -- is wicked and thrilling. He doesn't see the point in concealing his emotions, so he doesn't bother, meaning that it's very easy to tell when he's angry, amused, bored, or anything else. Sarcasm is one of the hallmarks of his sharp baritone, and his presence is both strong and very distinctive in its almost stinging quality.

Likes & Dislikes:

Sharp Humor : Karrimuth appreciates people who can do more than put up with his unfiltered sarcasm, but answer in kind. He's not exactly a charitable dragon in his opinions of others, and someone that can give as good as they get will be the best kind of friend for him. Insults roll off his back, and he expects others to do the same.

Challenges : He doesn't want to skate by doing the bare minimum. Karrimuth might not personally care if he and Veryk ever end up ranked, but he does want something to do. Anything less is a waste of their potential.

Pessimism : This Black dragon isn't a shining paragon of optimism either, but dwelling on the negative -- or, more to the point, on the problem -- helps no one. Now get out of his way so he can fix whatever the issue is.

Invasions to his Personal Space : Perhaps as a result of how he hatched, almost immediately ending up tangled with his brother, Karrimuth won't tolerate others getting too close unless he invites them there. He'll snarl, hiss, snap, and outright tell you to go the fuck away if he doesn't want you near.


* BALANCED : Both physically and emotionally -- in contrast to some other Black dragons, Karrimuth is more of a strategist than an impulsive risk-taker. He isn't afraid of conflict, and won't hesitate to take things to a violent place if he judges that's where they need to go, but he's not consumed by rage nor committed to that being the only solution. In a physical sense, he always seems to land on his feet and is hard to either knock over or pin down.

* THICK-SKINNED : Karrimuth doesn't mean his aggression personally, and he won't take anything from others personally either -- even if maybe he should. He'll never be a sensitive or shrinking creature, and criticism as well as dislike will equally fail to bother him. He might not expressly ignore things that can help him and his rider improve, but he won't dwell on it or take hits to his self-confidence.


* RUTHLESS : People who earn his and Veryk's combined regard will be few and far between. It's not personal, but Karrimuth sees nothing wrong with climbing over others to get where he wants to be. He may be confused if this turns into a vendetta for someone else, but it certainly won't earn him many friends either.

* UNAPOLOGETIC : Along with the above, he doesn't understand that others might be more sensitive than he is. And even if someone does manage to convince Karrimuth that it might be the truth, he'll maintain that they should toughen up and get over it. He sees apologies as a sign of weakness or wrongdoing, and he'll maintain that he doesn’t make mistakes.

Dragon Speech Code:
This is what your dragon's voice will look like.
Gradient Code : Text: #393b3a; Left BG: #d9dadb; Right BG: #9fa3a2

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application.

We hope you like him! :love: I have no good excuse for why he took a while, but I hope you'll forgive me. Karrimuth is intended to be Black 003, the narrower of the pair that scuffled before Impression.
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