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Author Topic: Shalla [ 24.12.2572 / Candidate ]  (Read 134 times)

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Shalla [ 24.12.2572 / Candidate ]
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:06:43 AM »

Play By:
Son Na Eun


Date of Birth:
24.12.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Job Before Search:
Apprentice Cook
Color Preference:
She finds herself most intrigued by the reds and blacks.
Future Rider Name:
Spouse or Weyrmate:

Your Reflection...


With a soft round face accentuated by her distinctive facial features, Shalla presents a rather comely and pleasing appearance. Among the young women of Pern, she stands slightly taller the average female at five foot six inches. She possess a slim figure with slim arms and shoulders, a modest bosom and a nicely defined waist. She is naturally lean and athletic.

Just one of the many genes inherited from her mother, her expressive dark brown almond-shaped eyes are without a doubt her most recognisable facial feature. They twinkle with delight and excitement whenever she finds interest in something, and these brown orbs emote expressively in times of happiness, anger and sadness. She wears her heart on her sleeve, with her emotions out in the open, and her eyes are clearly evidence of that.

Her complexion is fair and likened to a shade of creamy ivory. Her dark jet black hair is an excellent complement to her pale skin which possess no scars or blemishes upon them.While she usually lets it down, she is not adverse to tying it up into a ponytail should she require more of a free of movement while engaging in any form of strenuous physical activity.

Shalla favours a simple and functional dressing type, and she tries to avoid fanciful dressing whenever she can. She is usually seen in a tunic and trousers but will be in a simple formal dress if the occasion demands something more formal than tunic and pants. Life in the hold has taught her the importance of both function and comfort.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:

Like most of the things that come her way in life, no matter good or bad, Shalla tries to handle them one matter at a time if she can afford to do so, taking things one step at a time. She believes that it is not how you start, but how you finish that matters, and taking things one step at a time towards achieving success is the best way to be victorious against adversity. She tries to stay optimistic and hopeful even through trying periods.

Response to dragon color mutations:

The fact that there were more different types of dragons didn’t bother her unlike some people. Some of the people she knew had very strong opinions about the colour mutations, but not her, no. Like her nature, she was easy-going and these mutations didn’t bother her. She doesn’t judge them or the dragons for their colour, but just decided that more dragons is always a good thing anyway no matter the colour. She just hopes to impress one eventually. Any one. Although to honest, she does have an strong interest in the reds and blacks.

Who are you...


HANDS-ON: Shalla is an extremely high energy person and loves engaging hands on rather cooped up in some harper hall listening to someone talk about something. She would rather experience doing the actual thing rather than listening.

FOOD: Don’t let her slim figure fool you. She is a great eater, and loves eating all kinds of food. The tastier the better, you would most often hear her say. She especially loves grilled meat and has an obsession for freshly baked bread and gravy.

COOKING: She loves every aspect of cooking, and a with a combination of both enjoying eating and cooking, it's certainly a wonder how she gets to maintain her slim figure. She also loves to share any food she cooks, and seeing the delight on other people faces enjoying her food makes her smile and all warm and fuzzy inside.

HAPPINESS: She loves happiness and being happy, and likes making others happy by sharing the positive energy around. She likes helping people, although she may not be very sociable person, she’s more of the the type to help someone silently instead of making a big deal about it. Getting credit isn't important for her if the person she is doing it for is happy.


INTERRUPTIONS: Shalla does not like it when someone interrupts her unless there is a good reason to do so. She doesn’t care if they have good intentions or purpose, she would still be annoyed about it even so. Call her ungrateful if you want, but that’s how she is. Blame it on those who used to interrupt her for the sake of interrupting that turned her out this way.

THUNDER & LIGHTNING: The loud clap of thunder has always scared her since she was a young child. She’d once seen the aftermath of someone that had been struck by lightning in the Healer’s Crafthall and let’s say she had nightmares for several days after, and she never really got any less scared of them even as she grew older in age.

INDECISIVENESS: One thing she hates the most are people who can’t make up their minds and just are terrible at making decisions and sticking with it. Making bad decisions is a different thing because at least that is a decision instead of floating from one choice to another. She has no problems about letting her views regarding this be known.


* DAUNTLESS : It is known that she is afraid of very few things, and she is also working on conquering the few fears she currently has. She’s not afraid of trying anything and usually will be one of the first into the unknown, taking charge to see what the unseen might bring.

* RESILIENT : She is known to be headstrong and often referred to a tough and hardy weed and she is not one to cry or show signs of weakness. She was brought up to think that showing any weakness was bad and she tries to hold her own in a fight. She knows she is  no trained fighter, but you can be very sure she’ll try her best in whatever way she can.

* PERCEPTIVE : Known to be very observant, she picks out little details that most people usually miss and tends to read really well on social cues and behaviour.

* EASYGOING : She is a friendly person who gets along well with most people, and she rarely gets angry. It takes alot for her to really get angry, but when she does she can stew for days. She does tend to hold grudges. But otherwise, she loves meeting new people.

* PERSISTENT : Once she decides on something, she doesn’t let go. Giving up is not something that exists in her mindset, and she tries no matter how many tries it take. She’s been often referred to as being bullheaded, but she simply wants to finish what she starts.


* IMPULSIVE : She’s never been known to behave in a cautious manner. Known to be bold and reckless, she engages in plenty of impulsive behaviour, and simply can’t stand waiting for things. Sitting around doing nothing is one of the most agonising things for her.

* TUNNEL-VISION : Her persistence and stubbornness when it comes to doing things and completing what she has started often results in tunnel vision. She tends to ignore her surroundings as she focuses on the singular item she is doing, and needless to say she is terrible when it comes to anything that requires any form of multi-tasking whatsoever.

* SHORT-SIGHTED : She’s not one known to plan for the future or the long term. She’s very spontaneous and is very much about short term planning and very much on enjoying on the present and the now. She’s the enjoy now, suffer later type and is a horrible planner.

* OBLIVIOUS: : She’s naive and oblivious in plenty of matters, especially ones regarding romance. She’s never really known what it is really like to be in love Perhaps, she might mature in her later years, but for now, she’s likely to continue to be oblivious.

* TACTLESS : She has always been one to speak her mind, with little thought to filter her words. This has over the years made her said plenty of things she does not mean and always ends up apologising for, and is currently working hard on keeping her mouth shut whenever possible.

Describe Yourself:

* PASSIONATE:: ----- Shalla in general, is a really fun loving and passionate individual. She loves having fun, and she works as hard as she plays hard. Once she finds interest in something, she usually keeps interest in that particular something for a long time before switching her attention away.

* SPUNKY: ----- She’s as feisty as she is spunky. She’s known not to take any nonsense for anyone, and fully capable of standing up and fighting for herself.She’s got plenty of fire within her and anyone to gets to face her wrath will get a taste of her for themselves.

* UNBALANCED: ----- Shalla is horrible at multi-tasking and managing her life. Plenty of improper management of time has led to her doing an extra amount of work rushing out her the work she was tasked to do, only because she didn’t plan her work and play time properly.

* PERFECTIONIST: ----- She does not anything halfhearted, no matter how much she hates the thing. She believes in putting in a 100% all the time, and does not accept shoddy work. This coupled with her mismanagement often sees her having to put in more time than usual.

* EARLY-RISER: ----- Shalla is usually one who finds herself getting tired early in the night from a usually long and tiring day, and falls asleep so that she can rise early.

The Magic Touch:

She has a real weakness as far as tickling is concerned. She is real sensitive to them, and jabs in her sides is guaranteed to send her into bouts of giggles of laughter.


Mother: Shalaha - Journeyman Weaver b. 2548
Father: Mavik- Journeyman Fisherman  b. 2541


Mavor b. 2568


Although Shalla has experimented sexually with a few men, she has never had a child.

Tell us a story...

* 2572, 0

Born in Tillek hold and raised together with her brother and parents, a Journeyman Weaver and Fisherman.

* 2576, 4

She begins to take general lessons on the hold, Pern and just about anything and everything in the world they live in. She finds herself forming a good friendship with a boy by the name of Ravik. He is talkative and exploding with energy, and why he would pick someone as quiet as her to talk to, to begin with is a mystery to her. However, the two managed to click.

* 2580, 8

Discovers that she loves learning and eating. Somewhere along the way she also finds herself amazed about the various culinary delights the cooks produce daily. She finds herself spending more and more time at these kitchens, especially during the planting and harvest seasons. The cooks and kitchen staff did not mind her presence there so long as she did not get in their way. Between her lessons in the Harper hall and watching the cooks, she has her hands full.

* 2582, 10

Ravik becomes an apprentice baker and finds himself to be quite the talented cook. Shalla reaps the rewards of his success as she is often treated to the many savoury and sweet delights that he offers to her on a frequent basis. She is happy for him and glad he enjoys what he does. She hopes that once she gets old enough, she too will find & enjoy doing what she likes.

* 2584, 12

Like most children, Shalla would never say no to a good tale, and would begin to spend more time listening to the harpers and their stories. The ones about the dragons and their riders were her absolute favourite. She begins to dream that hopefully one day, she gets the opportunity to become like the famed dragonriders and get one of her own. She finally convinces one of the journeyman cook takes her under his wing officially, and she works hard at absorbing whatever she can from him, starting from the simplest of basics such as waking up at dawn, to learning simple recipes.

* 2586, 14

Shalla gets in her first fight. She’s not one to usually get involved in fights, but this one was different. She was getting picked on by some bullies, and Ravik stood up for her, protecting her, but that only caused a fight as they picked on him too, and angered by that, she joined in and gave them a fight they would never forget. She picks up a rock and begin hammered away at them and struck one them a little too hard that blood began flowing down his forehead. That freaked them out and sent them running. They never bullied the two of them ever again.

* 2588, 16

Her best friend Ravik falls gravely ill to a sudden sickness that leaves him bedridden. She now devotes most of her free time visiting him, and making trips to the healers hall to fetch whatever medicine she can for him. She is distraught to see him a husk of his former energetic self and secretly hopes that he will get better. Shalla spends more time with him, afraid of the worst as she secretly heard two of the healers talking the other day about how little chances he had.

* 2589, 17

Ravik loses his fight to the illness and passes away, leaving Shalla depressed and even more quiet than before. The boy had been her closest friend and the best thing that had ever happened in her life, and now he was gone. She was alone and poured all her time and effort into her work and studies before she got searched, the only one bright ray of light in an otherwise terrible period for her. Ever the optimist, she sees it as a fact that Ravik is now watching upon her from the afterlife and this was a blessing he had given to her. She takes up her candidacy with pride and dedication, committed to the only thing left she had in the world.


As Shalla turn around the corner and approached the area that she was supposed to meet Tori for their hotspring scrubbing duties, she could already hear the sounds of scrubbing going on. Seems like Tori had already started without her, no doubt wanting to get this punishment done as soon as possible. As soon as she came into the springs, and he noticed her presence, he’d asked if he she thought that whether the two of them were in deep trouble or not-so-deep-trouble. As far as she saw it, they were only scrubbing the floors and walls. It could have been far, far worse. “Being saved from latrine duty must have a sign of good behaviour of our part, I’d say. That would have been way worse.”

They could have been ordered to scrub the latrines instead, and now that was when they knew they’d really done it, and were in deep shit. Pun intended. Like her companion, she was dressed in old clothes that could simply be thrown away later if they were too dirty to be washed clean. With her shoes neatly placed beside his, she was similarly barefoot as she lugged her own bucket filled with water before going back to retrieve her supplies.

Grabbing a wet cloth, Shalla went to work on the same wall Tori was working on. The sooner the two of them could get this done better, lest good ol’ Eidey change her mind, and get them to the latrines after all. She had no problems with cleaning in general, but that didn’t meant that she enjoyed doing it. That made Shalla wonder, did anyone really truly enjoyed doing cleaning? It was a necessity that needed doing yes, but to get ones enjoyment and pleasure from cleaning anything, that was incomprehensible to her.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough'em Up
Anything Else:

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Re: Shalla [ 24.12.2572 / Candidate ]
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2018, 12:23:23 PM »
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Re: Shalla [ 24.12.2572 / Candidate ]
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2018, 09:58:03 PM »
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