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Author Topic: Event Drink and Be Merry [ 02.07.2591; 8 PM ] || Event  (Read 101 times)

Offline Cetorex

Drink and Be Merry [ 02.07.2591; 8 PM ] || Event
« on: September 28, 2018, 12:03:02 PM »
There was still a bit of summer left lingering over the island, which made Cet all the more thankful for just how cool the interior of the Mine Hall was. Deep enough in the stone that the absorbed heat of the day didn’t penetrate, it was a welcome relief from the more open and sweltering atmosphere of the Weyr. With only one opening to the outside world, this space was much easier to keep cool than the former.

But that was hardly the only reason he was appreciative of the Mine Hall. Despite its dangers, it felt more like home—a more familiar sort of place in comparison to the one where he and his family had been living for the last four turns. While Cetorex didn’t dislike riders per se, it was far more comfortable to be surrounded by like-minded people, away from situations that made tempers flare and relationships strained. Not to mention there was a fair bit of pride in the fact that Holders and Crafters could rebuild too, even without the express and constant help of dragon riders.

When other Brewers and Vinters had first started to toss around the idea of formally moving to the Hall, Cetorex had been all for it. The move would save him the daily trips to and from, which would mean more time around his family too. And it felt right in a way, since it meant less non-Crafter oversight to their activities. And that was saying nothing of the fertile land that had been cleared outside the Hall, some of which they would be allowed to claim for their own crops.

It would be good to really grow things again, rather than having to jockey for space with the Farmers and Herders. Not that Cetorex had ever held them any ill will.

Having an official event to celebrate was even more exciting, though. Their cavern had been cleaned and prepped for the guests that were already flooding in, everything as gleaming and polished as his Craft could get it. They might not have a large store of alcohol—yet—but they would be generous with what they did have. An excuse to mingle with other respectable Holders in a social capacity would be welcome too.

They so infrequently had things to celebrate. Cetorex appreciated it even more when the opportunity did arise.

Spoiler for OOC:
Who doesn’t like a good party? Especially when it means alcohol is going to be available in more abundance in the future? :3 Just bear in mind this is meant to be a classy affair, so anyone who crashes it or causes a ruckus will get kicked out. As always, you can check into the OOC event thread here.

Also, SanctifiedSavage was awesome and updated the map of Mine Hall to include the Brewers' new area. :3

10. Brewer Cavern
     This cavern has been recently carved out for the Brewers to set up their own, small Craft Hall. The brewers decided to set up in the Mine Hall to be closer to the jungle, despite how dangerous it is, and so they might start growing their own small crops outside the giant metal doors of the Mine Hall.
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Offline Kyohei

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Re: Drink and Be Merry [ 02.07.2591; 8 PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2018, 06:33:11 PM »
Kyohei woke with a start. There was more noise than normal in the Miner's Hall tonight and it had agitated his two whers. The Peacekeeper sighed and stood to his feet, his bed furs dropping to the stone floor with a heavy rustle. He cast a glance over to the dusty corner where Kyohisk and Yoheisk normally slept during the day or off duty. Both the older blue and the larger brown where on their feet, heads low, and were peering out of the little cavern that had become their home in the Mine Hall. Both sets of eyes were slowly whirling a greenish yellow. The Holder sighed and pressed the heel of his head to his forehead. He muttered a curse and stalked over to the pair, his bare feet padding softly on the stone. The alert state was most likely Kyoheisk's fault; the blue was aware of most things that was going on, whilst the brown, Yoheisk, was a slow as the stone floor his slept on.

"Calm down, you two. It's just the party that the Brewers and Vinters are putting on." He clapped the brown on the shoulder and scratched the blue's head knobs. A shudder ran down his spine; it was cooler in the Mine Hall than the Construction site, but he could not shake the habit of walking around shirtless. Kyohei turned from the two beasts and scuffed his feet over to the roughly hewn dresser that he had managed to piece together. He pulled out a loose fit, tan tunic from the bottom drawer and shrugged it on. He turned and looked about the room that he had to himself. It was small and all of the furniture looked like it had seen better days. Truth is, the dresser, table, and stool were all made from pieces of scrap wood that Kyohei had managed to sneak away from the construction site and the nails were sharp pieces of stone that he shaped from the rocks that were broken from the innards of the mountain during the excavation. He sat down on the stool and pulled a pair of weathered, dark brown boots on his feet and buckled a matching belt around his waist.

The man stood and made his way towards the doorway and called out to the two whers, "Follow, close." It was a two part command, but it was simple enough that Yoheisk should be able to obey it easily. The trio made their way from the living quarters towards the newly carved Brewer's Cavern, with the blue hugging closely to Kyohei's left leg, while the brown shambled a half meter back, to his right. It was only a few minutes walk from his quarters to the Brewer's new site, but it was a noisy one. Every step brought him closer to the raucous party. The sound of it made him think that it was going to be a pisser, but when he turned the final corner, he paused. He was clearly under dressed. He sighed and muttered, "I knew that a party for alcoholics would have been something to see...."

The Peacekeeper turned around to his two whers and whistled softly, a low, single note. He nodded towards the entrance of the Brewer's cavern. The blue beast understood the order. He took a few steps towards the side of the entrance before turning back to the brown wher. The dimmer beast did not quite understand the command. There was an exchange of images and the brown rumbled, before following the blue. The two of them plopped down to the floor with two heavy thuds. Kyohei shook his head. They were dim beasts, but he loved them all the same.

The man made his way into the party to make his presence known. He would not have drunken brawls on his watch. Kyohei made sure to find the man responsible for this shindig. He found Cetorex and approached him, arm extended for a firm shake. "Well met, Brewer man." He turned partly and waved his unburdened hand towards the two lounging whers by the entrance. "I am not expecting any trouble tonight," turning back to the man, "but we are here to help out if anything does occur." He chuckled, though internally he despised how fake he sounded. He would rather be a gruff shadow in the corner, but he knew that his presence was needed and he held the image of the Peacekeepers in his hands.


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