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Author Topic: Private To What End? [24.06.2591, 8 PM] K'eeda  (Read 159 times)

Offline Saviavi

To What End? [24.06.2591, 8 PM] K'eeda
« on: September 28, 2018, 01:09:09 PM »
It was several hours after the hatching. The late afternoon sun had faded to dusk, and then to darkness, and Savi had soaked for the majority of that time in the hot springs beneath the weyr. Her firelizards accompanied her, their eyes interchanging between a muted yellow and then shifting to a more playful and natural green as they tried to win her over with their antics. She was smiling but it didn’t meet her eyes, and they seemed to understand this.

When she finally pulled herself from the water they followed still, as close to her person as they had been this time last year. As she dressed they arranged and rearranged themselves around her, dodging her arms as they lifted for sleeves, scampering wide away from her hair as it was tossed this way and that and the subsequent water flew off of it. Stitch and Pip were slight enough that they could loosely attach themselves around her shoulders and neck once she was fully dressed, but Russet had to be content with twining about her legs as she walked back up through the tunnels.

She wasn’t sure where she was headed until she was there, and even then she was a bit dubious about the choice. Most of the Weyr still had the day free, but would K’eeda even be in her weyr? “Russet? Could you find K’eeda? Don’t be annoying, it isn’t urgent, but I’d like to see her sooner rather than later.” She hoped her Bronze flit was memorable enough for the Blue rider to make the connection.

Without further ceremony, and once her firelizard had sprung himself between, she entered the rider’s lair.


Offline K'eeda

Re: To What End? [24.06.2591, 8 PM] K'eeda
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2018, 10:55:03 AM »
It wasn’t like they were going to resume normal weyr activities after a hatching. Many Riders were excited about the new batch, some knew those that had impressed, and there was a small celebration going on down at the WeyrHall. K’rez was being the dutiful Wingsecond that he was and playing nice with all the riders and weyrlings, which meant K’eeda was likewise having fun and hanging around.

Since K’eeda’s normal sleeping spot was inaccessible and far too high up just to walk to, she’d told Saviavi that her weyr was more or less K’rez’s. If the candidate she was mentoring ever needed her, that’s where she could always ask to meet K’eeda – or was apt to find her. K’eeda only slept in her own when she wanted space or was having a bout of insomnia and didn’t want to bother K’rez with it.

As the candidate walked in, Goldie perked up on the bedfurs and watched her. The fat gold flit regarded the newcomer lazily, with deep blue eyes, before relaying the information to K’eeda, and going back to sleep.

Just as Russet likewise showed up to let K’eeda know her presence was requested.

The Blue Rider rather liked being a mentor. She was young enough to remember candidacy, though it was vastly different during the Pass, and certainly enjoyed helping those that wanted it. With a parting grin to K’rez, she made her way to their weyr. K’eeda chose not to bother Aeleroth, who was sprawled next to Denoth on the ledge, deep in sleep.

Saviavi didn’t have to wait long for the spry Blue Rider to enter the weyr with a smile. She didn’t want to assume what this might be about so she started with, simply, “Evenin’” and left it open for Saviavi. K’eeda claimed a seat on the edge of the bedfurs since she wasn’t in a hurry to be anywhere else.


Length: 30M || Height: 5M || Wingspan: 51M
20 weeks pregnant as of 1.3.2590 // Powerplay allowed by K'rez

Offline Saviavi

Re: To What End? [24.06.2591, 8 PM] K'eeda
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2018, 11:06:40 AM »
Her head was a mess of thoughts. Never one for strict order, her casual lifestyle had ultimately left her with a case of the scatterbrain. Today was especially bad, but then one couldn’t really blame her. Those minutes spent waiting for K’eeda’s arrival contained the most concentration she’d ever attempted in her life. Her forehead wrinkled, her brows knit together, and she muttered this and that until she seemed satisfied with the rant that was nearly bursting to come out.

K’eeda’s actual appearance brought this all to a stop (although, much like an old dam beginning to crumble, the fidgeting of her fingers suggested not all was well in her structure). She followed her further into the weyr, with her firelizards finding their own stations somewhere respectfully distant from Goldie. The bluerider’s greeting garnered a quiet, “Hey,” from Savi as she picked a place to stand and planted her feet firmly.

“Thanks for coming so quick,” she said, first of all. “I was driving myself crazy with my own thoughts, I thought maybe some feedback might help?” She knew this was technically what K’eeda was here for, but she didn’t just want the rider to stay because of obligation. The idea of doing a task solely out of the duty of it felt laughable at the moment. “I just don’t know how to proceed, if I should proceed.”

She knew she was beginning to babble, something she’d tried so hard to avoid. Savi pursed her lips and looked apologetic.

Offline K'eeda

Re: To What End? [24.06.2591, 8 PM] K'eeda
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2018, 03:10:02 PM »
Goldie was oblivious to the world and Saviavi’s ramblings in the span of moments it took K’eeda to arrive. When the flit wanted to sleep, she did. Nothing would wake her up.

K’eeda leaned back on one hand, casual as you please, while she let the candidate figure out what she wanted to say and sort her thoughts. There was obviously something wrong but K’eeda wasn’t going to speculate. It could be any number of things and she wasn’t the sort to start leaping hurdles when Saviavi was going to tell her. Seemed like an exercise in frustration.

The Blue Rider nodded a little when she was thanked, but didn’t remark otherwise. It was her job, and she had signed up for it because she wanted to, but the candidate didn’t need to hear that. Not when there was something more pressing. Instead, K’eeda responded to the last of what she said. “I’ll do my best to help you, but you know... Everything I end up saying is definitely colored by my own opinion of things.” K’eeda smiled just a little. “But if you want it, I’ll certainly give it.” Most knew that K’eeda wasn’t shy about telling people what she thought. “Did you wont to sit or...?”

Length: 30M || Height: 5M || Wingspan: 51M
20 weeks pregnant as of 1.3.2590 // Powerplay allowed by K'rez


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