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Author Topic: Private There’s no reason to be nervous... [ 14.01.2590 / 7:30 ] Syrena & Velatha  (Read 267 times)

Offline B'nyn

B’nyn could easily count on one hand the number of people that were really important to him, that had meaning to him in his life. His early childhood was a time he preferred not to remember, or think on too long, and the only person he’d ever minded was Syrena. Everyone else had turned out to be... quite the disappointment. Fort had been full of the selfish and those only out for themselves.

B’nyn had been determined to grow up to be a person quite the opposite of that. Helpful, kind, and dedicated to his duty. While he’d never been looking for anyone to become important in his life, he’d quite literally stumbled upon Velatha. She was sweet, kind, and far too innocent to have a selfish or malicious bone in her body. She was everything that B’nyn hoped he could likewise emulate. She inspired him and reminded him why there was such a duty to the weyr and the people in it. For her, he’d do just about anything.

Though the same could’ve been said for Syrena. When he’d told his sister that there was someone important that she should meet, it was no small wonder she might be confused. B’nyn didn’t really have friends. He was quite reserved and generally kept to himself – preferring extra chores or tasks to hanging out as others were inclined to. Having something to do was key to the Rider.

As of late, he’d been spending more and more of his time with Velatha. As it was beginning to turn quite serious for the Brown Rider, it only made sense that he introduce one of the important women in his life to the other. Dinner seemed to be the best way. They wouldn’t be pressed for time, it was in a relaxed, public place, and he could relax and be present.

Even so, B’nyn was still a bit tense and quieter than normal as he escorted Velatha to the table he knew he’d find his sister. She was a candidate – she ate with other candidates. While there wasn’t assigned seating, there were still certain places that groups tended to sit. Wings together, candidates in the same area, crafters together, and holders in their own space. People mixed and mingled, but it was still easy to find someone – or find someone who knew where they might be.

He’d already collected a tray of food with Velatha, so they wouldn’t have to meet his sister then immediately leave. Once he saw Syrena, he smiled a little smile and sat the two trays down he was carrying. With his hands now empty, he put one on the small of Velatha’s back. “Syrena... This is the person I wanted you to meet. This is Velatha.” He didn’t want to say that she was anything in particular – because that was all still... undefined. She mattered to him, he liked her, and that was enough for now.

Never mind that B’nyn felt like his stomach was going to crawl up through his mouth.

You’re adorable when you’re nervous, his dragon teased, hoping to distract his rider some from his own nerves.

It helped just a little as B’nyn mentally scoffed at his dragon.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Wren @Phoenyx
Lemme know if I need to adjust the time. This is after B'nyn and Velatha had been 'together'ish for 4 months. A bit of time for him to be quite serious, but he's not said as much to Velatha, though she could probably guess with his actions - B'nyn is not a subtle man. XD

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Offline Syrena

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Syrena had been very happy when B'nyn contacted her out of the blue, saying he had wanted to have dinner with her. But that happiness had been dulled when the rest of the message had said that he had someone important that she needed to meet. Needed to meet? B'nyn did not really have friends that she knew of beyond some of the riders in his wing that he had a passing relationship with. When he had begun to be less of a presence in her life the last few months, she had figured that his rider duties were just taking more of his time. She was still a candidate, and riders really did not interact much with them unless their chores involved assisting the riders.

Was this 'important person' the reason B'nyn had less time for her now...?

Nope. Not going to go there. I think B'nyn has just been busy with his duties. Besides... It's good if he made friends. He needs to have people other than just me looking out for him... She thought to herself as she headed down to the Weyr Hall to eat. She greeted a few of the other candidates as she passed them, chatted with the kitchen workers as she collected her tray and moved to one of the smaller empty tables to eat. Willa popped in to circle and sit on her shoulder she she usually did at meal times to beg. She idly scratched the beasts neck ridge as she waited for B'nyn and his mystery visitor.

Syrena could not help but smile brightly as she saw B'nyn and waved, ignoring the fact he held two trays and could not wave back. As he set the trays down, she greeted him with her normal pep. "Hello B'nyn! It's really good to see you!"

She then looked to the woman beside him, internally smashing the tiny flare of jealousy at how casual he was touching the small of her back. Despite this, Syrena will give her big trademark smile and offers a hand. " Hello Velatha, It's a pleasure to meet you!" She will try to make her voice light and positive as it usually was, trying to keep her tidal wave of questions from springing out... They had all of dinner to talk, right? No sense rushing to firing squad of questions just yet...

Offline Velatha

When the suggestion had been made in the first place, Velatha had been surprised and excited; that had started to change as her mind ran through the possibilities of things going wrong.

After all, the last time either of them had brought family into this had resulted in her ending up almost completely isolated and outcast from her whole family. Velatha didn't regret any of those choices. They had been the right ones to make. Even if they still occasionally ached with the effects of the sense of loss connected to what was otherwise the best thing she'd ever done.

It was this more than anything else that allowed Velatha to be confident in being here, part of that was because B'nyn was here with her as well "And you as well! I'm really glad that B'nyn arranged this; I guess because I wanted to get to know the people in his life" because as lacking in definition as things might be between the two of them, at least she trusted in B'nyn and his importance to her own personal happiness.

Being with him was the best thing. It really was and so she missed any of the subtle clues that might have made her wonder about Syrena not being happy about this and just relaxed into the touch of B'nyn's hand against her back.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

If B’nyn thought this was a bad idea, that quickly disappeared when the two actually saw one another. It was nice to have the two most important people in his life in the same space. Not having to keep parts of himself separate were important to B’nyn. Since he cared so much about both of them, it didn’t occur to him, at that point, that anything could go wrong.

Why would it?

Smiling because both women were, he finally slid into the seat across from his sister. It wasn’t like B’nyn could introduce Velatha to any other family – he didn’t have any – and it had been upsetting when her family had reacted so poorly to the sheer idea of him. So, this was rather important to B’nyn. There would never be any making up for how upset her own family was, but he wanted his sister to at least be happy.

B’nyn took a moment to take a bite of a roll and sip of his water before he started with, “I’d met her one of the days I took some things for the Wing to the weavers to get repaired. Funny how these things work out, hm?” He smiled a little at Velatha. He’d damned near made a fool of himself that day, stumbling over all his words and being quite inarticulate. She was just... so very pretty. And sweet. And kind. Everything he’d gotten to know about her had only made him adore her more. He’d never thought he’d meet someone so wholesome, able to see past any sort of stereotyping and just like him for the person he was.

Velatha already knew that Syrena was the only family he had, so he didn’t need to reiterate any of that. So, content, B’nyn returned to his meal so they might... say whatever it was girls said to one another.

Niskyleth thrummed his amusement into his Rider’s mind, but had nothing to offer. The Brown’s experience with women were as limited as his Rider’s.

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Offline Syrena

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Syrena settled as the other woman greeted her back before she sat down at the table again. She seemed nice enough, and the way she kept making googoo eyes at B'nyn made her think that he was more then just a friend...

Syrena took her focus off the pair across the table and started in on her greens, taking care to eat neatly as she felt they eyes of the other girl across the table on her. This is so awkward....Stop being awkward, Syrena! She chided herself before B'nyn started talking. She listened intently, internally rolling her eyes. He must have been a complete dork when he first met her. B'nyn was all thumbs when it came to meeting people... She was sure whoever had sent him on that trip was looking for a good laugh.

When he finished, she would glance between them before taking a sip of her water. "So... How long have you two been...a thing?" Might as well be blunt about it, since B'nyn seemed to be happy to leave things awkward, as usual. She, being the more direct and personable of the two, would yet again save the island from his mountain of awkward... And get rid of the main question that had been floating in her mind.

Offline Velatha

While she didn't really know all that much about this woman, something felt tense between them and Velatha couldn't really think of a valid reason for why that was "umm I guess thinghood has been about three, err four months now. I guess I hadn't really thought about it" which was true, Vealtha had been a little bit lost in the moment or at least wanting to be able to enjoy it as much as she could.

"I remembered a shy smile; which was why I decided I could think about talking to him and not worry he would think me daft or just ignore me" she had always been curious as a child and now she was older that had evolved into being interested in having that curiosity sated as much as possible. Still, she was anxious sometimes when it came to the risk of asking a question and being told it was a dumb one, no one liked to be mocked after all and Vealtha was no different in that regard "How ...umm long have you and B'nyn known one another?" she wasn't really sure where the whole thing had come from but she avoided saying the same ...well, thing.

She wanted Syrena to like her.

Any and all powerplay by B'nyn allowed.

Offline B'nyn

B’nyn was characteristically oblivious to anything that wasn’t outright obvious to him, such as any sort of tension that may or may not exist outside of his own head. He was nervous, sure, but it was his own nerves and not those he thought might exist between the two women in his life.

For the life of him, he couldn’t think of a reason they’d have to be nervous. They both already knew him, and he liked both of them – obviously – and they didn’t have a reason not to like one another. So. It was simple, right?

He had no idea. Neither did Niskyleth, though the Brown promised he would let his rider know if he happened to get one.

When Syrena asked how long they’d been a thing, B’nyn wasn’t surprised, but he didn’t really have an answer. What was a thing? And, how could be even quantify it if he had no idea what she was talking about? In a relationship? That was...

Thankfully, Velatha saved him because she had an answer. Good. That was good. B’nyn took a drink of his water and glanced between the two women in his life with a small, happy smile. When Velatha mentioned that he might think her daft, he actually coughed a little on his water and studied her a moment. “I could never think you daft,” he clarified. Which was certainly the truth. She was sensible and talented, neat and organized. Generally more so than he was.

When she asked about Syrena and B’nyn, he actually did have an answer to that. “Since I was roughly... Seven? Syrena was Six. We... grew up together.” A part of their lives that had been far less than pleasant, and not something B’nyn generally offered unless Syrena was comfortable talking about it. Now that he was a Rider, and she a Candidate, there was no reason to bring up the rougher, sometimes unsavory things they’d had to do to get where they were.

Life had not been kind to them when they were younger.

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