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Author Topic: Private Trying to Be Something You're Not [31.6.2591 l 7pm] T'veck, J'hal  (Read 143 times)

Offline Thrane

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"Did you really need to roll in the firestone dust...?" He asked his dragon as he hauled another bucket of oil outside into the waning sunlight. He had already brought out several buckets of oil to the other riders, who were still oiling their dragons. He put down his bucket of oil before going to get a wash bucket as the very dirty bronze dragonet sprawled out on the warm ground.

Yes, Thrane, I did... I am ashamed of the fellows that share my hide color... That showing last night made me want to change my hide color... So I did.

Thrane sighed, but could not reprimand the bronze. The older bronzers last night at the card game were way out of line. Thrane had regretted going to the meet up the instant the other bronzers walked in. First he was an outcast of this clutch because of his age, and now these older idiots had put a bad light on bronzers in general. He hoped that his fellow weyrlings did not lump him in with those bronzers, since Thrane was not so...colorist.

Thrane came back with the wash bucket and set it beside his dragon. "As much as I appreciate the sentiment, Theulth... We need to make a better name for the weyrling bronzes by being the shining example of our rank. That and you will not like how itchy your hide will become if you leave the dust there." He knelt beside his bronze and took the rag out of his bucket to start cleaning off the black soot that covered his bonded.

I guess you are right... Now, please clean me up. As much as I want to stand with my black bretherin, I want to be bronze again. Chop chop. The bronze will stretch to let his rider clean him up again, ignoring the muttered curses that the bronze just wanted to be cleaned again.

All in the days work for Thrane.

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@Jarakrisafis @Spiffy Have fun playing with Thrane
Weyrling of Bronze Theulth

Offline T'veck

Re: Trying to Be Something You're Not [31.6.2591 l 7pm] T'veck, J'hal
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2018, 06:42:35 PM »
T'veck wasn't sure if he was seeing things as he walked out of the barracks, surely there hadn't been anything in the klah D'zel had offered him. He stopped dead as he stared at the near black hatchling that had smudged bronze patches where, was that firestone dust? Had rubbed off. That certainly explained why his bonded was washing and oiling him out here. He didn't want to think of how much cleaning duty he'd be on if he tracked firestone dust through the barracks.

“What did you do, fall in the firestone pit?” He asked with a grin as he tried not to laugh. The little bronze was far too dignified for a small dragon that was painted a different colour. “If not for the fact he'll be complaining of itching, I think that's a good colour for him.”

Baleth winged down from where he'd been sunbathing, curious to see what had stopped T'veck's progress back towards their weyr. I don't think you can change the colour of your hide, though you did choose the best colour to try and become. He said to the young bronze before turning his head to look at his own rider. Since I am here now, you may as well oil me here.

T'veck went over to get another bucket of oil as his dragon settled down and he couldn't help the smile at how utterly ridiculous he looked compared to the tiny bronze. It was hard to imagine that only two years ago Baleth had been that size. “I'm T'veck, this is Baleth.” He introduced himself as he put the oil down and got started.
Baleth is 19 months old.
Length: 36m, Height: 7.2m, Wingspan 59.76m

Offline J'hal

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Re: Trying to Be Something You're Not [31.6.2591 l 7pm] T'veck, J'hal
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2018, 09:43:52 PM »
Take a look at this Lesserath prompted his rider, lifting his wing away from where it was obscuring J'hal's view of the spectacle the black had observed, pausing for the moment the act of having the underside oiled to a high shine. J'hal turned, oilcloth in hand, peering around and finally spotting the tiny little black-smudged bronze being wiped down by his rider.

J'hal, lacking the same level of restraint that T'veck possessed, expressed a very audible guffaw of amusement at the sight. What on Pern happened to him?

One would hope that he's merely envious of how fabulous and superior we obviously are, but I think it more likely that he tripped on a wing and fell into the firestone pit, Lesserath replied with an air of mistrustful amusement. He didn't exactly trust bronzes, even ones as young as Theulth.

This had better not be some cruel joke on our behalf, little bronze Lesserath rumbled to Theulth across the distance between the two of them as J'hal ambled over for a better look.

"Got a bit of colour envy here, have we?" he remarked, coming to stand beside T'veck, who looked to be holding back a chukcle of his own. J'hal wouldn't have considered T'veck a friend exactly, more of an ally in the somewhat ludicrous game some members of the weyr seemed intent on playing with them. Still, he was comfortable enough around the classmate-come-Weyrsecond to express his amusement at the situation.

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@Phoenyx @Jarakrisafis And I hereby present (probably) SWW's least refined blackrider. At least he's the same age as Thrane, right?
As of 5.2591, Lesserath is 19 months old and fully grown (37.3m).

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Re: Trying to Be Something You're Not [31.6.2591 l 7pm] T'veck, J'hal
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2018, 04:21:52 PM »
Thrane started as a voice broke him out of his focus. Looking up, he saw one of the older black weyrlings, their Weyrsecond to be exact, and sighed. " No... He willingly went into the pit of firestone... I wish he had not, since I'm the one who has to clean him again, but I guess I can't quite fault him for his reasoning." He will turn back to look at his little bronze before going to scrub at another dusty area that was particularly well ground in. "He was trying to make a point, I guess... Some of the other weyrling bronzers made a real ass of themselves last night and he was ashamed that he shared the hide of those idiots..." He said as he scrubbed.

Theulth looked up at the black dragon, poofing up a little in the vain attempt to make himself look bigger. He looked ridiculous, but the effort was at least cute, right? I did want to change my color for a little while, so I did... But now my Thrane and I have decided it would be better if I were bronze so we can show the other stupid male sparkle-butts how a real bronze should act! His voice was broadcast locally to include the riders in his proclamation as he rolled over, effectively caking dust to his just cleaned side.

Thrane sighed and stood, giving himself a break so that he did not yell at the bronze for just making himself dirty again. He turned and offered his hand to the other rider, eyes locking with his. "I do believe I remember you from our candidate classes. It's a pleasure to be introduced properly. I'm Thrane, and this little rebel is my bronze Theulth. " He will turn his gaze to the black and nods. "Likewise to you, Baleth. I apologize for never congratulating you both for finding each other."

Just when he was about to turn back to his dragonet to start cleaning him again, another rider turned up to put in his two marks about Theulth's comical appearance. Thrane could not help but smile a little at the laugh, admitting to himself that his bronze did look a little ridiculous. "A bit, but I think we have it sorted now..." He will wipe his hand on the rag he was using and offered it to the other blackrider. "Thrane of Bronze Theulth. I think I remember you from candidate lessons a few turns back, but forgive me that I don't remember your name." His voice is calm and honest, as he usually was with people. He personally had no issue with any rider, regardless of the color they rode. Gold-hazel eyes looked at the other man, wondering if his attempt at being friendly would be denied.

His bronze, on the other hand, had much less inhibitions. It is not a joke! Some of the other male sparkle-butt riders were being mean to my clutchmates and tried to make me sound mean too because I am bronze... The dragonet will sit on his rump and looks over at Lesserath with yellow-tinged eyes. I mean... Every dragon and rider has a place here, right? Thrane believes that all riders should contribute to the good of the Weyr, no matter who they are. I just don't understand why we all just can't do our best to help out the Weyr, each in the way we were born to. With all that said, Theulth will settle back, finally sitting still long enough to let Thrane finish wiping him down and start the process of reoiling him.

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Weyrling of Bronze Theulth


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