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Author Topic: Open Curiousity, thy colour is red [10.07.2591 9pm] OPEN  (Read 262 times)

Offline D'via

Curiousity, thy colour is red [10.07.2591 9pm] OPEN
« on: October 10, 2018, 06:14:32 PM »
She was going to be in so much trouble. Could today even get any worse?

First she overslept and hadn't had time for breakfast once she'd finished oiling and feeding Anedaith because of course her dragon came first. Lessons for the day were boring. Necessary, but boring, just recapping what they'd learnt in the week. That had really made her notice the missing breakfast as she knew the topics already and she'd just wanted to leave and go to the kitchens.

Then one of Anedaiths clutchmates had stepped on her tail as they all piled out to go for food, it was a total accident but one of the claws had caught and they'd had to detour to the healers for a bandage and some of the icky smelling paste. And then she'd had to convince Anedaith that the paste was safe to use so the long awaited midday meal had been rushed. Chores, well, they weren't so bad if one ignored dropping half the laundry and having to redo it all. Of course it had been the white and cream fabrics she dropped and in the dirtiest spot she could see.

The evening meal had been the only upside, until some one, she's not sure who, had the bright idea to go to the bathing pools. They were being social so they were even doing as they were told, so no problem yet. Except once they'd finished one of the dragons had the wonderful idea - she didn't know who, only that the red hide in the lead wasn't Anedaith - to go exploring instead of going back to the barracks. Anedaith had simply not wanted to be left behind and had charged off, leaving D'via to chase after her with a muttered curse.

They had said it would be a few months before the dragons got curious about their surroundings. They obviously hadn't met any red dragons. Anedaith was curious about everything already. At least when she was awake. Her attention span was still kind of small.

Which was why they were now standing in a tunnel with no idea which way to go to get back out. One direction looked like another and the floor wasn't a help, their dragons had explored every nook they could find so trying to backtrack using their prints hadn't had any luck.

I think. Anedaith said as she finally plopped down beside D'via. We might be lost. I'm also really, really tired now. D'via resisted the urge to bang her head against the nearest wall.

“We are in so much trouble.” She said as she gave her fellow accidental explorers a mournful look.

Spoiler for ooc:
Anyone want to get into trouble with me? Live your dreams. Also anyone to find them in a while.
« Last Edit: October 18, 2018, 03:24:30 AM by D'via »

Offline Zarenna

Re: Curiousity, thy colour is red [10.07.2591 9pm] OPEN
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2019, 01:40:54 PM »
How was one supposed to top a day full of lessons and chores? By going on an adventure. She doesn't remember how she got coaxed into this, but she did. As did Atissyth, who was expressing her displeasure every five minutes. I don't like this. This feels bad. I know love, but I can't do anything. Neither you nor I know how to get out of here. This didn't help keep the green calm, which wasn't keeping Zarenna calm. But that was when she nearly bumped into D'via, which was thankfully stopped by Atissyth. You're going to run into her. Stop or your cleaning me again when we get back home if I fall in all of this dirt.

There was that queen mentality of the green. Zarenna stopped though and she looked around D'via to see tunnels and no clear way out. "Oh please no. I didn't even want to do this..." She was lsightly panicked at the thought of getting into trouble for being dragged along. Atissyth on the other hand, was pissed. Alright, which one of you red hide tunnelsnakes dragged us all into here? That snapped Zarenna out of her panic and she looked at the floor. Atissyth was acting out because she was now stuck in something that was going to turn into a chaotic situation.

Zarenna started to focus on calming down the irate green.She started to sing calming songs that she knew through their bond and she was calming herself down as well to help out. "I am sorry about Atissyth, she doesn't like what this is going to turn into." She quietly stated her mind, her voice felt small, but she felt small herself. Her normally kind dragon, just kind of snapped. Whoever did this, I won't forget, and you can be sure that Zarenna won't let me forget. You won't live this down. With that the green curled up in Zarenna's arms and kind of just stopped talking, all while Zarenna was now sitting on the floor feeling like a very small child.
« Last Edit: January 24, 2019, 01:45:30 PM by Zarenna »

Offline D'via

Re: Curiousity, thy colour is red [10.07.2591 9pm] OPEN
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2019, 02:08:37 PM »
D'via blinked as Anedaith suddenly sat up from her slumped pose and swung her head round to stare at Atissyth, clearly listening to something the green was saying That's not very nice. And it wasn't me. I just followed because it seemed like fun. Her dragon said with a voice full of disapproval. I'm also not a tunnel snake!

D'via blinked again and scooped Anedaith up into her arms before she could protest and sat down next to her roommate.

“We might be lost but it's not like we can't get out.” She said quietly. “We just might have to call the weyrlingmaster and let him know where we are. A wher could track us down easily enough.” She sighed. “I just really, really don't want to have to call the weyrlingmaster.” They'd probably be doing chores for weeks for this and it wasn't even their fault.

Well, it kind of was their fault, once they'd caught up to the dragons they could have grabbed them and gotten back, but it had seemed like fun at the time, exploring and talking, she'd even spoken to a few of the weyrlings she'd not talked too before because they were all older and kind of scary to approach on her own.

Offline Zarenna

Re: Curiousity, thy colour is red [10.07.2591 9pm] OPEN
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2019, 12:17:20 PM »
Thankfully, Zarenna didn't have to hold Atissyth back. She knew that the green wasn't about to start a fight here in the tunnels, that would be a bad idea. I know it is mine, which is why I'm not. The green did slink back from the reaction that she got from Anedaith then. Well, what did you expect. Not that amount of chaos! Zarenna sighed and she watched as D'via came to sit next to them.

She listened to D'via and she nods. "I just don't feel like getting into trouble, as I am sure you don't as well." She looked down the tunnel and she started to wonder if there was a way to tell which direction they had come from. This was now the moment she wished that she had been a Miner instead of a Healer. Because a Miner would be able to find their way out, right? She sighed and she looked back at D'via.

"What do you think, keep trying to find a way out, or call a Weyrlingmaster?" She was kind of dreading the last option, but she knew that if they didn't find their way out and instead managed to go deeper into dangerous tunnels, things could go badly. Either way, this little adventure was the reason why she hated adventures.

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