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Author Topic: Approved Gheinvrixic [ 06.10.2570 ] Candidate  (Read 369 times)

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Gheinvrixic [ 06.10.2570 ] Candidate
« on: December 23, 2018, 05:38:17 PM »

Play By:
Giaro Giarratana

Date of Birth:
06.10.2570 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Job Before Search:
Color Preference:
If he manages to Impress it will likely be to a Red or Green, but maybe to a Black also. Grix is something of a drama queen and is almost always bursting with some kind of emotion. These days, he isn't always angry, but rage helped mold him into the person he is today.
Future Rider Name:
Spouse or Weyrmate:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Gheinvrixic isn't hard to make look good. He has warm skin and his curly hair is an interesting mix of caramel colors. His eyes fall a little flat in a way that makes him hard to read, leaving him with a perpetually disinterested or sleepy appearance. He has a well built figure, on the taller side with wide shoulders and muscles refined by his work in the fishercraft.

He does look a little older than he is, which catapulted him to the natural "leader" of the kids gang that became his family.

Grix’s torso and arms sport various scars from knifewounds. His neck bears one big horizontal line of gnarled scartissue just below his adam's apple.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Grix's gang kept him alive against all odds. They were able to scrounge the resources to keep their people fed and healthy and they had enough power in the Hold to ensure things remained that way.

He knew other people had a harder time and certainly wasn't blind to their struggles, but his life came first and he'll never apologize for that.

Response to dragon color mutations: Grix never developed any kind of positive opinions about dragons until he was Searched. Raised with prejudice against the majority of dragonriders, he feels he can relate more to the mutations and their bonded due to their general ostracization.

Who are you...

Idle time isn't his favorite thing, and so Grix finds satisfaction in keeping busy. In particular, he likes to work with his hands which started first with his pickpocketing and then matured to other hobbies like knife and coin tricks, whittling, and even sewing.

Firelizards have always had a presence in his life and he learned early to appreciate their usefulness. He has a soft spot for them and is known to slip bits of his own rations to feed one of their hungry mouths.

Nothing puts Grix in a better mood than the smell of freshly baked bread. He figures it reminds him of times passed, perhaps of a mother he can't otherwise remember, but regardless it makes him smile. Mornings in the dining hall are usually a cheerful experience as a result.

Snitches get stitches. Nothing will lose Grix's respect for a person quicker than snitching, even if it isn't on him.

Stereotypes and expectations have chased and hounded him most of his life, and as a result Gheinvrixic does his best to distance himself from being anything too obvious. He likes proving people wrong and your first impression of him is never the same as another person's might be.

Despite his hoarding tendencies, there is an order to the chaos. He hates mess and disarray and anything put out of place will irritate him until it is corrected.

* CULTURED : His varied background makes it easy for him to slip between social barriers. Born to a holder, raised by thieves and turned into a crafter and now candidate, he has the ability to relate to just about anyone.

* SNEAKY : Grix is very good about not being seen. At times it seems he can blend seamlessly into a crowd. He is light on his feet and a good runner and he knows how to even his breathing so its near undetectable. He’s also accomplished with sleight-of-hand and is fun at parties as a result.

* STREET WISE : It would have been impossible for him to survive Fort Hold without developing some instincts. Gheinvrixic can smell a fight before its about to happen and is generally a good judge of character. It isn’t easy to get the jump on him.

* CONNECTED : With friends in many places, high and low, Grix has developed a good exchange system. He knows who to run errands for to gain their favor, and how to get the same done for him. A true tradesman, he would’ve made an easy profession of it back in the old days of Pern. As it is, if you ever find yourself in need of something, chances are he can get it for you.

* TENACIOUS : His slighter build means he probably won't ever win any strength competitions but Grix is nonetheless steadfast. He isn’t hampered by lack of sleep and his body takes a while to tire from physical exertion. This was one of the reasons he made such a good runner back at Fort. His steely attitude and refusal to back down has kept him ahead of the game.

* SNOB : Hunger never tickled Grix’s stomach, nor the chill of having too thin clothing or too few blankets during the hard winters of the Pass. This lack of struggle has lent him little empathy to people in worse circumstance and he generally avoids their company unless it is required of him. He lives by the idea that life is what you make it, and if you aren't making it then you aren't trying.

* PETULANT : Another result of his childhood and life thereafter, Grix is used to getting his way and if he doesn’t get it, he will sulk and pout and act so very childish. He is quick to anger and will remain angry unless things change in his favor. This also makes it difficult for him to interact with authority as his natural instinct is to go against regulation.

* XENOPHOBIC : While Grix can blend seamlessly between groups, it is much harder for him to truly let loose and be himself around strangers. He doesn't trust you unless he grew up with you, at least that seems to be the trend. This has affected his group work in particular, with him questioning judgement calls or not communicating as well as he could.

* FOUL-MOUTHED : Colorful language is his chosen dialect. He was never taught to speak politely to anyone, and finds it especially amusing when he offends those of a lesser constitution. It isn't so much that he is trying to be disrespectful, he just doesn't understand why his choice of words are worth caring about when there are far more serious matters.

* CRITICAL : Gheinvrixic has high expectations for himself and those around him. He has an eye for detail and will speak up if he feels something is substandard, especially where his shared duties and living quarters are concerned. It can be hard to make him happy especially if he sees others getting what he feels is more than their share.

Describe Yourself:

* Passionate: ----- Grix is guilty of feeling too much too often. He is wholeheartedly devoted to the task at hand, or his current opinion, or his current lover. When he is angry he will launch into exhausting rants that leave him red faced and often the winner of the argument just because he won’t stop until he is breathless. When he is in love, he has and will continue to put himself in harm's way to protect that person.

* Hoarder: ----- Grix likes shiny things. He has absolutely no use for pretty gems or stones or sashes made of tulle but he takes them anyway. His rooms eventually adopt an organised chaos of objects that come and go as he’s gifted or traded them, and then remain there until he stashes them off in some secret corner of his world.

* Pirate: ----- A blend of swagger, sass and kleptomania as well as an affinity for sailing has lended him a reputation for being a bit of a scallywag. His stolen goods are reportedly buried somewhere in the cove, or perhaps sunk in the underground lake, but they’re trivial pieces of questionable value that won’t soon be missed. Rumor has it, Fort Hold is a trove of stashed goods but you’ll never hear him confirm (or deny).

* Capricious: ----- Grix's mood is subject to frequent change. He can be smiling one second and the next have his knife out, ready to gut someone. It isn't without cause, generally speaking, but has taught most people close to him to step lightly. This applies to his love life, too. His attraction to someone can be all-in one week and completely exhausted the next.

* Nonconformist: ----- Gheinvrixic follows the beat of his own drum. He’s never wanted to settle into the lives offered to him, especially if that is the popular option. He does his best to avoid the common thing and purposely seeks things out of the norm, whether they’re his associates or his hobbies.

The Magic Touch: Gheinvrixic isn’t usually comfortable in the company of strangers, especially if they’re bigger than he is. He makes friends with those younger and shorter than him much easier as a result.

His sexuality isn't something he really cares to label. He enjoys sex with all sorts of people for many different reasons and has never given it much thought.


Mother: Ghriaraola, Holderwife, b. 15.03.2548, d. 06.10.2570
Father: Evindexric, Holder, b. 03.09.2540, d. 23.01.2575

Gheviara, crafter or weyrling/rider b. 2567
Rianaxilari, crafter or weyrling/rider b. 2565
Grivelica b.2564, d. 2564

Probably a bunch! But he doesn't see them as his responsibility to know or raise, thanks Weyrlife.

Tell us a story...

* 2570, born Gheinvrixic is born after a difficult labor. His mother succumbs to the trauma of it some precious hours later. He adds a needy mouth to an already struggling family, and his father turns to desperate means in order to keep his family afloat. His sister Rian becomes his primary caregiver at the tender age of five, but he doesn't seem to find anything peculiar about this as young as he is.

* 2575, 5 Small wins and larger losses has spun Grix's father onto an unfortunate path. He is deep in debt and can only sink himself further into it in a feeble attempt to climb out. If only gravity worked in reverse.

Gheinvrixic is none the wiser, though his two elder sisters seem worried. He's also noticed that one of his aunts has become a common presence in their household. She is a strict woman without patience for a toddler, though she is kind to Rian and Evia. They are fed and kept clean by his aunt, and though Rian brings him scraps and left overs, her attention seems strained.

* 2578, 8 At eight, Grix is already sprouting like a bean. He's gained height on his sisters and this seems to make their desire to care for him lessen. He has lost that baby cuteness. He isn't mad about it, though, he craves independence and thinks himself very clever when he secures meals in any way that he can.

He's a bit unruly and rough around the edges. His dad hasn't put much effort into raising him a gentleman and running wild is all too easy with the world's current situation. He's relatively harmless, though, colorful words and unkempt appearance aside.

One late evening the family is awoken by shouts and a man crying out in pain. Grix and the girls rush out of their beds to find their father doubled over, bleeding and beaten, and get to watch as a final lethal blow is dealt to his head. His gambling debt was greater than his worth and he was given an appropriate end.

Eyes turn to the three siblings, but then their aunt is there. "Come quickly," she told them, and ushered the girls out as Grix stayed hot on their heels. With a crowd already drawn by the noise, the men don't risk further drama. Their father is left in his shame and Grix, too, is kicked to the curb. His aunt told him she couldn't afford to feed three mouths, not on top of her own children. She tells him his sisters will have bright futures because she sees potential in them, but that he was a lost cause.

He collects what belongings he can salvage and then joins the many urchins that haunt the tunnels of Fort Hold.

* 2579, 9 These last months have been difficult for Grix. He hasn't made many friends and has taken his share of beatings. Often a wife will take pity on him and feed him, only to be discovered by an irate husband. He learns that running quickly is the best way out of these situations. As his trust falls in those around him, adults especially, anger seems to take its place. The lack of policing, the rampant corruption, and the disregard given to kids like him is so frustrating.

Lost in his anger, he nearly stumbles into some unsavory business. A group of men have cornered a girl and then general gist of the conversation points toward a bad time for her. The men aren't many, but they are taller and bigger than Grix. Still, something about her reminds him of his sister Rian and he knows he can't just leave and keep a clear conscience. Just as he's about to dive head in to a fight he won't be able to win, another boy joins him. The pair of them offer too much trouble for their opponents to pursue their torment of the girl, and the men leave. Grix learns the boy is the girl's sibling, and they introduce themselves as Kryvelin and Qerilla.

* 2580-2585, 10-15 The three of them become their own little family. They adopt kids like them here and there and eventually find themselves a sizeable gang. Kryvelin and Grix become something like the leaders, but they put emphasis on fairness and no one is left with less than the next person. These are good years, relatively. They have the numbers and the fighters to secure meals and blankets and medicine as necessary but somehow stay out of the spotlight. They don't gamble, they don't force anyone into prostitution, and drugs and alcohol are forbidden. They are a family, and they are quite sure that that is enough to get by.

* 2586, 16 All good things must come to an end. This year's winter is hard. Desperation drives riots, drives murders and looting and their family is swept into it. Their friends and comrades succumb, one by one, to either sickness or starvation or to a methodological weeding of the weak. The harsh reality of the hold rears its ugly head and soon enough it's just Kryvelin, Qerilla, and Gheinvrixic against the world.

Without the security of numbers, they're easy targets. Healthy boys and girls are hard to come by, and the three of them have no one keeping tabs on them. Qerilla is kidnapped and Grix is wounded trying to save her, he avoids death only because Kryvelin takes the blow that was meant for him.

Kryvelin's death hits Grix like a ton of bricks. What's worse, Qerilla has disappeared into the many dark tunnels of the hold. Grix is left to recover from his wounds in a state of loneliness that he hasn't had to face in years. He sinks into a depression and what trust he had found in others crumbles like the society around him.

* 2587, 17 The end of threadfall isn't a marked occasion for Gheinvrixic. He's unmarried and unskilled, and moving into a weyr with dragonmen and their laws means that the life that he knew is fully over. He has a flicker of hope that the move might bring Qerilla back to the surface, but as the months pass and she remains absent, he decides to move on and let go of silly hopes.

* 2589, 19 As a general laborer of the weyr, Gheinvrixic's life becomes defined by his work. He is up before the sun rises and does not sleep until long after it has set. There is endless toil, whether on the beaches or in the stables. Eventually, when the routine reaches a breaking point, he figures he might as well join an official craft so that his life might progress.

Fond of the water, Gheinvrixic becomes a fisher apprentice. His life is much the same, but he starts to see a future. There's rumors of a boat to be built that can bring the Pernese further out into the ocean and that is intriguing. Of course, there are dangers, but danger is more familiar to him than anything.

* 2591, 21 Toward the middle of the turn, on a day like any other, there is yet another beach snake incident. The work day was nearly complete and the combination of tired workers and distracted weyrlings means the ocean runs red and green that evening. Grix avoids injury, somehow, but this is also some kind of turning point for him. Whether it was a change in attitude or a sudden bout of bravery, he does his best to assist everyone that he can off of the beach. The brief thought of how much easier this task would be if he had a dragon enters his head, and he remembers that thought again some hours later when a search rider approaches him.

Grix is searched just like that.

He'd never considered being a rider before that, despite working alongside them for turns now. He feels something like... hope, a renewed energy, and even though he is taking a new path in life he doesn't feel that his formative years have been a waste. They gave him a foundation to build on, and he is confident in the person he has become.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.
It was an active time to be a candidate. Kalestath's clutch had come and gone with him watching from the stands, being too new and too untried to be tested and trusted yet on the sands. It had been a learning experience, at least, and Grix didn't hold unfriendly feelings to the memory.

Now, it was Oriath's turn. The second most senior queen had laid her own brood and the news spread through the weyr like wildfire.

It was dark as Grix made his way to the sands. He wasn't quite sure what to expect out of this.. gather. He knew it was important to the weyr, to the riders and the candidates and everyone in between, but even still he couldn't quite gather his feelings.

Inside it was easy to settle on a mood. The atmosphere was light and assured. Despite being rather new to candidacy, it was no secret that this queen and her consort produced consistent and stable clutches. Grix offered them and their riders the customary bow and then followed the wave of weyrfolk gathered as close as they could get to the eggs.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Droissa || Nieve || Penderton || C'dus || Saviavi || Nealros || Bekareni || F'erro || T'rel || R'ael
Inactivity Preference:
Kill him barring a Red or Black impression.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On though preferably after he has Impressed.
Anything Else:
i think i have an obsession w/ long haired men.

also sry old app :D

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Re: Gheinvrixic [ 06.10.2570 ] Candidate
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