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Author Topic: Approved Nikota [ 15.07.2560 / Green Rider ]  (Read 975 times)

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Nikota [ 15.07.2560 / Green Rider ]
« on: January 27, 2019, 03:16:13 PM »

Play By:
Lights Poxleitner
[ nih-CO-tuh ]
If you dare.
Date of Birth:
15.07.2560 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Delta Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingrider

Your Reflection

Appearance: Nikota is a petite woman, barely topping 5’ and without much bulk to her. Nevertheless, her life as a rider has made her wiry, with a strength that most wouldn’t expect of her. With very little to speak of by way of breasts or hips, her build is almost waifish. Her eyes are as dark as her hair, and she prefers to wear the latter loose, or in a braid if she must. Given the limited options of clothes on Pern at the moment, she is almost exclusively dressed in either her immaculate riding leathers or loose shirts and short, tight pants.

As far as scars go, she has only minor Threadscores on her arms and legs -- and far more that are resultant from fights she’s gotten into in the past. With her opinionated nature and fearlessness, Nikota doesn’t know when she should back down from a conflict, and her willingness to commit to a physical altercation means that she’s littered with the remnants of past wounds:  though she’s been lucky enough not to come away with anything major.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Born into a world already well on its way to being destroyed, Nikota has never known anything else. If anything, the crucible of such hardship has just made her harder and tougher, able to cope with just about anything that could be thrown at her. Nor does she lose sleep about what things were like once upon a time; all she has is the current way of things, and she’s determined to live as long and as well as she can under the circumstances.

Response to dragon color mutations: Nikota thinks that the Reds are scrawny abominations that should never have been allowed to hatch, and it will take a lot to convince her otherwise. On the other hand, she thinks it’s hilarious that the Black dragons are now rivaling Bronzes for their place in the Weyr -- and watching all the Bronzers get upset about it amuses her to no end. She has no love lost for S’bok, since he’s a fucking child and shouldn’t be in charge of a damn thing, but she has nothing against Black riders as a whole. She may be one of the few Green Riders in Jungle who wouldn’t be horrified if her dragon is caught by one. Their aggression appeals to her.

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes:
Large Men : Nikota is petite, and that’s never been a sore spot for her -- but she has a particular taste for men that are larger than her, and who can pick her up and throw her around… if they dare. The taller and bulkier, the better.

Drinking : Definitely one of her vices -- Nikota hasn’t met an alcohol she doesn’t like, and she’ll jump at any opportunity to drink it, even if maybe she shouldn’t. To her credit, at least, she can hold it well and it takes quite a bit to get her drunk.

Losing : Nothing sets her off more than losing to someone at anything, except maybe when the winner rubs it in her face. That’s a good way to have this tiny but surprisingly strong woman launch herself at you for a fight.

Pretension : She has no use for people who put on airs and pretend they’re better than everyone else without anything to back it up. And while Nikota might not be self-conscious, she hates the feeling of being judged, especially for things outside of her control -- like the circumstances of her birth -- so she has a particular chip on her shoulder about those who pretend at loftiness.

Being Desired : Though she would never admit it, there’s a hole deep in Nikota’s soul that she can never seem to fill. Whether it’s because she doesn’t feel like she’s enough, that she thinks the world is set against her, or whatever other reason, who can say. But there are a few select things that can make her forget it for a time:  alcohol, a good fight, and being the object of someone’s want. The more passionate and borderline-violent the exchange, the better.


* SELF-ASSURED : Nikota doesn’t really know the meaning of self-doubt. She’s of the opinion that she knows best, and anyone who disagrees with her or is critical of her will go ignored unless circumstances are such that she’s forced to listen to them. (And in those cases, she will be less than thrilled about that fact.) Anxiety is a foreign concept to her.

* FEARLESS : She may actually be incapable of feeling fear. This makes her a good dragon rider, in the sense that she won’t hesitate to throw herself into danger to do her job. Nor will she waste time fretting about her own safety or the repercussions of hard decisions that need to be made in an emergency or tense moment.

* ENERGETIC : No matter the situation or time of day, she’s raring to go. Nikota always has the energy and drive to do more, to pick a fight, to have sex -- whatever. The woman scarcely ever seems to get tired, and she doesn’t need much sleep either. When she does rest, she’s usually out before she hits the bedfurs and springs up a scant few candlemarks later as though she got a full night’s sleep.

* INDIVIDUALISTIC : Ever since she was a little girl, this rider has formed her own opinions and refused to let others think for her. She’s well aware that not everyone is going to like her, and she’s never lost sleep over that. Nikota would much rather be true to herself, even if it’s controversial to be so, than bend or conform.

* STRONG-WILLED : Nikota is neither indecisive nor easily cowed. She knows what she’s about, what she wants, and how to get it, even if it may be difficult or time-consuming. With no issue in standing up for herself,she’ll fight back against anyone that seeks to push her around or think she’s a simpering, submissive Green Rider just because she’s tiny. Her mental fortitude and determination leave nothing to be desired.


* PRICKLY : Standoffish and waspish, Nikota is hard to get to know. Her confrontational nature and loud mouth make her an acquired taste -- and one that most people don’t actually acquire, or don’t care to. She seems to perpetually have a chip on her shoulder about something.

* UNREPENTANT : Nikota not only has difficulty recognizing that she’s made a mistake, but also in admitting to it even if she does acknowledge that it’s happened at all. She categorically refuses to apologize for things she’s done, regardless of how they might affect other people, because she sees it as a sacrifice of her character. Don’t expect her to ever say sorry.

* UNSATISFIED : She’s never quite happy with the way things are, and always seems to be looking for something more. Some would just call her a selfish bitch with impossible standards. Either way, Nikota is never content with the way things are -- she can always find something to complain about.

* DISLOYAL : Loyalty and faithfulness don’t mean much to Nikota. If she desires someone, she’ll actively pursue them even if they’re in a relationship, and not give a single fuck if she’s a “home wrecker”. By the same token, she’s also highly mercenary about pretty much everything, and will change allegiances at the drop of a hat if she thinks it will get her somewhere.

* HAUGHTY : Perhaps typical of someone with her other negative traits, Nikota thinks very highly of herself. She has quite a large dose of narcissism; there are very few people that she regards as worthy of her attention, much less as equals.

Describe Yourself:

* AGGRESSIVE: Not assertive: aggressive. Nikota pulls no punches, moderates herself for no one, and will tell you exactly when, why, and how she thinks you’re an idiot, a coward, or any other thing that sets her off. Along the same lines, she’s a physically violent person, and won’t hesitate to throw herself into a fight regardless of the amount of opponents or how much bigger than her they might be.

* JUDGMENTAL: No one is without fault in Nikota’s eyes, and there’s at least one thing about most people that pisses her off. Her trust is hard to keep and even harder to get in the first place; after all, you’re bound to fuck up eventually. Everyone does eventually. It’s just a matter of when and how badly.

* MEAN: There’s nothing soft, nurturing, or compassionate about this woman. She’ll tell it like it is (at least, how she sees it), and is prone to lending her opinion even if it’s not asked for. Most softer personalities will probably see her as a bully, since she has a cruel streak a mile wide and enjoys putting people in their place.

* BRAZEN: Shame is also a foreign concept to Nikota. Her reputation matters to her not at all, and she’s far from being a prude or a shrinking violet. She’ll fuck who she wants, when she wants, often wherever she wants; has no issue with being naked in front of whoever; and makes no effort to water herself down. To many, it’s undoubtedly abrasive and off-putting, but she has no use for those people either.

* IMPATIENT: Delayed gratification, even for a greater payoff, is a hard concept for this Green rider. Nikota is a person of action, and she’d much rather contend with the complexities of a situation in the present rather than plan for them ahead of time. Getting her to sit still, stay in one place for any great length of time, or any other matter involving waiting is quite an undertaking.

The Magic Touch: When she’s thinking or impatient, Nikota tends to run her hands through her hair.


Mother: Katelline. Holder. Born 2554. Died 2567.
Father: M’zir of Kazzetath. Born 2531. Impressed 2546. Died 2564.

On her mother’s side, Nikota has none. As far as on her father’s side, she isn’t aware of who she may or may not be related to. I’m open to developing PC connections later on. :3

Nikota was terrified of getting pregnant when still at the Hold, so she took great pains to avoid it, spurning relations with anyone. Once she got to the Weyr, while she embraced her sexuality, she sought out riders to take her Between so she could keep Standing, and has continued those trips since Impressing Bellarith. She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body.

Tell Us a Story
* 2560-2565, Birth-6 Nikotaria is born of the ill-fated union between a Bronze rider from Southern Weyr and an unmarried Holder maiden he had a tryst with while on assignment with a tithe and Search squad dispatched to Delta Hold. Her mother was easily charmed by a dashing rider, but had little thoughts of the consequences of such a decision; when she falls pregnant out of wedlock, her family dissolves her betrothal to a respectable Holder man and disowns her, casting her out. With no trained skills she finds work among the other drudges as a washer woman, though many of them feel no kinship with her due to her privileged and spoiled background. For the early parts of Nikotaria’s life, it’s largely just her and her mother -- but at least she’s not resented by the woman who bore her, and Katelline tries to provide as best she can for her young daughter.

* 2567, 7 This turn proves a one-two punch for the young girl. Early on, her mother succumbs to an otherwise routine disease contracted among the crowded population of the Hold. But such things prove deadly in the South, and Nikotaria is left on her own with little hope of being rescued. Though she knows her father’s name and the fact that he rides a Bronze, she has no way of contacting him and no real expectation that he would swoop down on Delta to take her in regardless. Shortly after, though, she’s swept up into the efforts made to move everyone from the Southern Continent to the Northern one, and is transported with the rest of the helpless refugees to Fort Hold.

This at first seems like a boon, since at least she isn’t left behind… but Nikotaria soon discovers that as bad as things were in the crumbling South, they’re far worse here. It’s pure luck that her narrow build and lack of proper nutrition make her frame one easily mistaken for a boy’s. It’s an identity that she embraces quickly, realizing that disguising herself in such a way prevents her from being pressed into service as a whore -- or at least she’s less likely to be. Chopping off her hair, she dresses as a man and falls in with one of the gangs in the dregs of the Hold, performing menial errands in exchange for scraps of food.

* 2568-2570, 8-10 Though Pern is continuing to die outside the walls of the Hold, Nikotaria is far too preoccupied with just surviving. A quick learner, she rapidly learns how to defend herself, eking out a hard-scrabble life among the other thugs in Fort, leaving broken fingers and knife wounds behind her on those other children who would seek to take what she has, and eating whatever edible thing she can get her hands on, including flit eggs when she can get them. She keeps largely to herself, living in perpetual-wariness of the future, knowing that when she hits puberty, her life will probably change for the worst. For now, she goes by Nikotar and continues to perpetuate her false identity as a mechanism of safety.

* 2571, 11 By now, having spent the last handful of turns observing and learning how life works in Fort Hold, Nikotaria has come up with a plan for her future. The greatest locus of power that she can reasonably expect to obtain is that of Peacekeeper; once she becomes one of their number, she’s convinced, it won’t matter that she’s a woman, and she’ll never have to worry about the pimps and fleshmongers of Fort ever again unless she’s cracking their heads.

In order to join the Keepers as soon as possible once she’s of age, then, she knows she needs to bond to a wher sooner rather than later… but no one is going to give a street rat a wher egg, and she knows it would be even harder to keep it. So in her arrogance and youthful assurance, she decides the best plan is to opportunistically bond to a wher that might be meant for another. Sneaking in to a quasi-open hatching deep in the Hold, she slashes her knife across the side of her hand and stuffs it into the mouth of a bulky Bronze baby that bonds to her as Nikosk.

However, she’s unable to make good on her escape before the Peacekeeper bonded to the clutch’s mother catches her. Furious at her presumption, he kills Nikosk and beats her nearly to death. Only the Queen’s almost-mauling of another, sanctioned hopeful creates enough of a distraction for Nikotaria to get away. It’s the first time she’s cried since the death of her mother -- and for her poor wher that wasn’t meant to be, rather than her own injuries.

* 2572, 12 She has to lay low for a long, long while afterward while she heals, and to avoid getting spotted by the Peacekeeper that had tried to kill her, or any others that might recognize her. Nikotaria grows the most desperate she’s been around her twelfth birthday, knowing that she’s now too old to keep up the charade of being a boy for much longer. Having lost much of her errand jobs while she healed and hid, she’s driven to actually venture into the Dining Hall, with the intention of nicking someone else’s ration to feed herself. Instead, she quite literally runs into a visiting rider -- and when they tell her that their dragon thinks she could be a Candidate, she seizes the opportunity without a second thought, knowing it’s her one chance to change her future and escape the worst of the Hold.

Life in the Weyr is almost laughably easy in comparison, and it’s the first time in a long time that she’s been able to relax. She grows her hair out again, no longer afraid of admitting what she really is -- though beyond satisfying the requirements to stand, she initially refuses to be involved sexually with anyone for fear of having a child. (After a time, when she learns it’s not hard to get a rider to take her on a quick trip Between, she’s far more adventurous and exploratory on the matter). While she might not Impress for the first several clutches she stands for, she hardly cares:  because she’s still being fed, taken care of, and knows she can stay at the Weyr for a good, long while until she ages out.

Now among riders, she idly asks after her father, not entirely sure what she’s expecting -- simultaneously hating him for not caring enough to return for her and her mother, and wanting to meet him and find out he didn’t know, that he hadn’t meant to damn them, that she might be able to forgive him. But that dream dies when she learns that he died when she was still quite young; known for being hot-headed and frequently duelling other riders, he perished in 2564 when an opponent left him with an ultimately fatal wound. But Nikotaria does take some pride and solace in the fact that he killed the other rider first; she suspects that she and he were cut from the same bolt of cloth.

* 2573-2575, 13-15 Several clutches later, Nikotaria is surprised to find herself laid claim to by a haughty, vicious little Green named Bellarith that dubs her, simply, Nikota. She hadn’t really expected to Impress this fast, but knows that together the two of them will be unstoppable. The dragon suits her far more than she could ever have imagined, and it’s during this time that Nikota really comes into her own. The physicality and demands of weyrling training suit her, and neither she nor Bellarith are afraid of Thread. Rather, upon their graduation, they are eager to throw themselves into the fight and prove that they can perform and exceed whatever duties are expected of them.

* 2578, 18 While she’s never had a serious, long-term relationship, this was the turn that Nikota came the closest to one. During her time in the fighting Wings, she’d struck up a friendship with a Bronze rider named S’ban. Though they’d already been sleeping together for some time, the two began to see one another in a more romantic sense. Before they could really begin to develop their relationship, however, S’ban and his dragon perished in a Threadfall. Though outwardly, Nikota dealt with this with the same strength and resilience she did everything else during the Pass, it’s a mark that she’s borne since then, missing him and still a bit in love with him.

* 2583, 23 During much of her life, Nikota has been lucky enough to be incredibly healthy. During the winter of this turn, though, she contracts winter fever and refuses to go see the Healers about it until she can scarcely function. She’s laid up in bed for nearly a month as she fights off the illness -- during which time both she and Bellarith nearly go mad. It still takes several months after that for her to regain her strength, and the weyrling duties she’s stuck performing for half the turn are enough to make her actively relish returning to duty fighting Thread.

* 2587-2591, 27-31 The end of the Pass leaves Nikota feeling hollow for a long time. Without Thread to fight, what is there for her to do? Frustrated due to Bellarith’s lack of stamina, she’s doomed to simply stay at Fort Weyr while other riders venture out to survey the planet, and she thinks she must be bound to go stir crazy waiting for whatever comes next. At least the move to Fort Island gives her something to occupy her time with. But it’s with the discovery of the Hunters and Snakes that she really feels at home; this is the kind of world she understands and can thrive in.

The appearance first of Neisoth and then of Reds and yet more Blacks adds even more excitement to her life. And while she agrees with the rest of her wing that S’bok shouldn’t be in charge of shit, the colors themselves don’t bother her. Sometimes, you have to be a bit ferocious to survive, and it’s no surprise to her that their dragons might become more so too -- particularly given Bellarith’s own violent personality.

When it comes to politics between Weyr and Hold, Nikota simply doesn’t care. She remembers what it was like to be a Holder, and the out-dated attitudes that many of them have. But rather than resent them, she just couldn’t give less of a fuck if they go die in the mouth of a Hunter or not. Just leave her out of it.

Perched on one of the huge branches of the behemoth jungle trees, Nikota and Bellarith held absolutely still while the bulk of their Wing hunted above. Every now and then another Green or Blue would plunge below the surface of the canopy to flush wherry up into the air, the thrum of the creatures’ wings muffled weirdly by the thick cover in ways that the noises of the dragons were not. Underneath the luxuriance of the leaves, the scene might have almost been peaceful if it weren’t for the danger that might wait in the dark beyond.

Bellarith was not a Green built for extended Threadfall, which had been a point of frustration for both her and her rider during the Pass. With her limited stamina, extended flight was not her strong suit. But lurking in the jungle, blending in with the shadowy illumination between the trees, and being fast and agile enough to escape a Hunter at short distances? That she could do, almost like she’d been built for it long before the people of Pern even knew the creatures existed. Asking a rider pair to simply sit in one place and wait beneath the broad tropical leaves was a nerve-wracking thing for most, but not for them. With the peculiarly asymmetrical dappling on Bellarith’s hide, she blended in with the deep shadows better than most. Such as it was, unless the wind shifted and managed to carry their scent to the Hunters, they were all but invisible in the gloom.

Nikota had been leaning back in the straps, scanning the area behind them while Bellarith paid attention to the front, when they both caught telltale movement that could only mean one thing.

River Snakes were huge in their own right, but with no water directly nearby, there’d be no reason for them to venture this far. They were opportunistic predators, attacking other creatures that were drawn by the basic and necessary need of water to drink -- not beasts that would stalk their prey throughout the thick wall of trees. So there was only one other thing that could be that big, and moving that fast, when it wasn’t a dragon:  and as the smaller dragons constantly relayed to one another where they were, they both knew it wasn’t anyone in their Wing.

As yet perfectly still as the Hunters surged upward at the wherry so close by, Bellarith transmitted her position and a warning to the others in their Wing. She momentarily closed her eyes so the beastswould not spot the color shifting into a far more visible red, and thus relying on Nikota’s own vision to track where the creatures were. We’ve got company!

Until the Hunters moved on or were drawn away by other riders, the Green pair were trapped in their current location.

Created By:
Alany Balany Boops
Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
Non-adoptable NPC, no death
Mauling Permissions:
Rough ‘Em Up
Anything Else:

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Re: Nikota [ 15.07.2560 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2019, 03:16:20 PM »

Dragon Details
Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
[ BELL-arr-ith ]
Date of Birth:
2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 23.2M
Mature Height: 4.64M
Mature Wingspan: 39M

General Appearance

The majority of Bellarith’s body is a dark olive or army green, deep and mottled like the gloomist shadows of the jungle. It allows her to blend in with the canopy when her work with Nikota’s Wing finds her there, though it doesn’t make her a particularly attractive Green all-told. The outsides of her wingsails are largely the same color as the rest of her, but the undersides are far lighter -- a drab, speckled olive on the majority, though the areas closest to her body are a far brighter acid green. Down both sides of her body, she bears blurred blotches of a pale shade that look like dappling sunlight peeking through trees.

In terms of size, Bellarith is a relatively average dragon. Neither particularly large nor small for a Green, she’s also of perfectly normal height for a lady of her color. Along the same lines, her wings are proportional to her. The only notable deviation in her body is that she looks strangely long and gaunt, almost sickly or alien in her wiriness:  her neck and tail are both longer than average, and she has spindly limbs that look like they might easily snap. Similarly, her wingsails are narrow -- good for maneuvering but not for stamina. Bellarith is much better at quick bursts of speed and agility than sustained flight.


Mind Voice: Most probably wouldn’t find Bellarith’s voice to be very pleasant; it’s almost artificially quiet, like she’s always whispering, and her words come out as a hiss more often than not. There’s not a lot of inflection to it either, and she always sounds borderline annoyed or, at the very least, intense about something.

Likes & Dislikes:
Action : This lady gets bored easily, and she craves stimulation in her life to stay happy -- or as close as she ever gets to being so, anyway. Whether it’s Thread, Hunters, or even drills, she just needs something to do, or else she’ll be even more waspish than usual.

Red Meat : This seafood diet has got to go. She lives for the rare moments when she gets to eat something richer and more satisfying.

Non-Jungle Bronzes : Unless it’s during a Flight when all contenders are desired and hated in equal measure, Bellarith won’t even give them the time of day. She thinks she’s better than them by virtue of her Wing.


* VICIOUS: What this Green might lack in physical presence and force, she makes up for in tenacity. Bellarith will push herself to her absolute breaking point -- and does so especially during Flights, when she will outright fight her pursuers until they manage to subdue her and take her from the sky. And if she’s motivated to fight a female rival for whatever reason, she will ensure at the very least that the other lady is limping away with serious wounds before she goes down.

* TENACIOUS: Much like her rider, Bellarith is not a creature that backs down or gives up. When she sets her mind to something, she’ll see it through -- and all of her petty vindictiveness aside, she makes good on the promise when she says she’ll do something. ‘Quit’ is not a word that this Green understands.


* STRENGTH : Physically, Bellarith is not a powerful dragon. She’s not going to be winning any fights out of sheer mass anytime soon, though that’s belied somewhat by her combative and confrontational nature. Likewise, she can’t stay in the air long, and isn’t very useful as a beast of burden (though she thinks that’s below her regardless).

* ASOCIAL : Bellarith doesn’t really know how to make friends, and she has few acquaintances whose company she enjoys. It leaves her a bit isolated even among the rather clannish Jungle Greens, though she has no issue with them and is content to be around them. She just generally doesn’t lend her thoughts unless asked for them.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like.
Background: #232708 to #434A15; Text: #3FFF05

Anything Else:
Bellarith flies on 34.05 and 34.06. She’s a Force Catch, and her Flights are usually violent affairs even for the winner.

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Re: Nikota [ 15.07.2560 / Green Rider ]
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