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Author Topic: Event It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event  (Read 969 times)

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It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« on: January 27, 2019, 06:29:13 PM »
Riders were hardly the only people in the Weyr that started early. With the pale grey sky overhead starting to light up, turning to a faint, powdery blue, people began to leave the tunnels along the weyrbowl and head toward the beach. A light, misting rain fell - but it was warm. Almost pleasant. It'd take several hours before the mist would actually make clothes damp and uncomfortable. If anything, it helped cool down what might've otherwise been a hot and muggy morning.

As people neared the beach, crowds began to split. Some for the docks, where small boats were flipped up on the shore and the larger one was tethered to the pier. Others toward a sheltered work space where more fish would be cut up and salted, where later haulings would be cut, gutted, and prepped for the next day. Riders were landing dragonback, or walking alongside. Beach and Prairie Wing were scheduled to be present. Green and Blue riders paired up with crafters and bleary eyed candidates, helping to get nets situated and boats ready to push off into the steel grey, calm water of the ocean.

Bronze and Brown dragonpair landed in the deeper shallows, ensuring if there were snakes about their number and presence would send them slinking deeper into the ocean. It was too light, too nice a day to expect an attack. Salt water sloshed up around the dragons as they set about their morning patrol.

Another day on the beach, another morning of work starting up. Conversation started as a murmur between groups of workers or pairings of Riders amongst the shifting of boats and the occasional shouted order as the fisher's larger boat was getting ready to ship off for a day of deep sea fishing.

Spoiler for OOC:
Not every event has to be full of tragedy, right?

Bring your Candidate, your Fisher, your Beach and Prairie Rider. Time to have a nice, misty morning on the beach. As always, there is an OOC thread. <3
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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2019, 04:49:50 PM »
For the rainy season, this weather is good enough that T'veck wishes they could stay out here all day, unfortunately only their early morning is here, they've got to head back to catch up on their weyrling duties later on. He definitely envies his clutchmates who haven't had a dragon brilliant (and deep in his own mind he adds, stupid) enough to fly a Queen. He can't wait to graduate so they'll have some free time.

Instead he's standing here coordinating the movement of anyone needing a lift, for them or for their equipment so that they can get out onto the water sooner. Baleth is curled up behind him, a solid black rock that he's leaning against as he marks things down on his slate. Having no records will no doubt make for an angry wingleader and yet another complaint about how the weyrling isn't capable of doing anything right. He's sick of overhearing whispers like that. He's older than the Weyrleader for Faranth's sake. Just because Baleth hasn't officially been told he's old enough, they both clearly don't have enough experience or reasoning skills to even learn what's needed. Bah. Clearly this job is leaving him too much time to think about this as he has to grab half the chalk from the sand at his feet when he presses down too hard and snaps the one he's currently using.

I could accidentally land on Jenrath His dragon says helpfully, a tinge of dark amusement coming through, enough to know that it would be anything but accidental and T'veck mentally laughs at the idea.

Outwardly he makes another mark with his chalk, smiling (entirely fake, he can assure you) at yet another fisher. That wouldn't help. So no. He says with no amount of chagrin. Though he would love to see the look on Z'tai's face if Baleth did land on his dragon. It would be priceless.

Pity. Is all Baleth says, only the twitch of his tail betraying his disappointment.

T'veck sighs and eyes the next person striding towards him. He can feel the echoing sigh from Baleth, his dragon has been relaying the requests as if he's just a big message runner. It's rather demeaning for a dragon of his strength and size, they should be out in the water with the bronze and browns doing a proper job. Maybe T'veck could have him land on some fishers instead... Accidentally of course.
Baleth is 19 months old.
Length: 36m, Height: 7.2m, Wingspan 59.76m

Offline Ehrran

Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2019, 08:42:07 PM »
Ehrran was glad to be given the fisher duties that day. It meant she could get out of the inner confines of the Weyr and be out and about in the overcast Pernese day that was the usual for the island during this time of year. She loved the dreary weather and fog that rolled about from the sea to the beaches. She knew it could hide dangers but there was too much beauty in it for her to let the fear of something happen dim the light of the beauty.

 Her long dark hair was pulled back into a braided knot at the base of her neck and her rather usual looking clothing helping to assimilate her into the working crowd. E had never been a big one for skirts or pretty prints. She tended to wear clothing more similar to the males and in rather boring colors. Her bright blue eyes were a stark contrast against her rather pale olive complexion as she spied a rather bored looking Weyrsecond and his handsome black dragon.

She could recall a time when her and T’veck had been candidates together. Their time together had been rather fleeting so she had not gotten the chance to really know him but that did not stop the rather social female from wandering up by him as she moved to travel past him to help with her duties.

”Someone looks rather bored?” she said in a soft tone and a bright smile. She looked from T'veck to Baleth before giving them both a small bow as an acknowledgement to their new status. She looked at Baleth and chuckled softly. It was not that the dragon was given an true particular tells it was merely an assumption from E that prompted her to say her next words, and also her personal opinion ”Not exactly the job a handsome black Weyrsecond is looking forward too hmm?” she asked and smiled back at T’veck before shifting the nets she held in her hands.

As she adjusted the nets in her arms and her sleeve rode up just slightly, exposing more of her upper arm than her usual ¾ length sleeves did and extremely pocked, scared flesh could be seen. She did not notice and made no attempt to fix her sleeve as she adjusted the nets she had been bringing from the Weyr to return to the fishers for their daily fishing.

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Jarakrisafis, I hope what I wrote was ok. If not just let me know and i can change it
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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2019, 03:17:46 AM »
T'veck was stopped from asking what needed shifting and where to when the fisher got closer. He thought he recognised her. It took a moment before her name came to him, Ehrran, and yeah, candidate. Not a fisher. Unless she's decided not to be a candidate, he has to look for her knots just to be sure that she hasn't gone back to a craft.

So I don't get to land on her.

T'veck snorted as Baleth swung his head round, apparently intrigued for the first time today. “He's bored. Doesn't like sitting still when it's not good sunbathing weather.” T'veck said as he gave the black a thump on the neck. Baleth rumbled agreement before shaking his head and giving a very audible sigh.

“Not really.” He says with a wry grin. “And here I thought we might get to do some extra flying, instead we're on supply coordination.” He's amused at being called handsome and he has to confess if he wasn't currently taken he'd think about trying to flirt back. Badly no doubt, but he'd at least try.

I think she was calling me handsome, not you. Baleth says firmly before his attention shifts. Also one of the Prairie browns says that he's picked up the big cask as requested and left it where it was wanted. Baleth reports, disinterest oozing out of his tone and T'veck quickly marks it down before looking back at Ehrran.

“How are you anyway?” He asks, it's rare enough that he finds old acquaintances from his time as a candidate, even less that he finds time to speak with them.
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Baleth is 19 months old.
Length: 36m, Height: 7.2m, Wingspan 59.76m

Offline Z'nel

Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2019, 03:53:58 AM »
Z'nel hummed happily as they soared over the beach. It was a lovely day given some of the downpours they've had to go out fishing in and it seemed that everybody was having the same thought. There were certainly more people on the beach than usual. Or maybe it was just her imagination because they were spread out more instead of huddling together to avoid the rain.

I think there are more than normal here. Allieth says as they veer round a group from prairie wing coming in to land, her head scanning from side to side as she looks down at the activity.

Land over there love, Z'nel says, leaning into the steep bank as Allieth immediately spirals down, neatly landing beside one of the boats.

“Morning.” She shouts over to the fishers assembling. “Need a dragon to watch for shoals from the sky?”

Allieth is 20.2M Long, 3.8M Tall and has a 32M Wingspan.

Offline R'ael

Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2019, 04:14:39 PM »
R’ael, carried by Uramaeth, settled into the straps of her riding gear as they made a well practiced landing. The Brown’s claws sifted through the sand beneath them, stirring silt and seaweed and temporarily marring the otherwise aqua-blue of the water. Crustaceans and small fishes fled before him, seeking better hiding places. This was their post for now, assuming the morning began normal. Uramaeth would lock his legs but let his wings stretch now and then to alert local wildlife that there was still a very large object in the water. The idea was to disrupt the water itself as little as possible, so that it’d remain clear and visibility stayed high. The great shadow of his wings provided further defense, for it made his entire shape that much more intimidating.

The weather was refreshing but R’ael found herself tempted to strip off a top layer or two so that they might be preserved from the fine mist. Experience told her that it would be a futile gesture regardless, not to mention how stupid it’d be to give up the stiff protection of her leathers. It might not be beach snake weather but dear Rukbat would certainly make an appearance at some point during the day, and she really couldn’t afford another sunburn.

The beach was busy and it was tempting to watch the weyrfolk gather and break off to their respective tasks. T’veck was easy to spot, their fearless new weyrsecond. It seemed to be a habit of those riders, to claim queens when they hadn’t even graduated weyrlinghood yet. R’ael had to respect the cunning ferocity of their dragons, despite how much she hoped that X’kis and Maelboroth might’ve defied all odds and hung on to Imyth a little longer. But who knew, maybe the drive of the Black dragon would shape Imyth into a more respectable creature herself.

Or maybe it’d just make her more reckless.

R’ael sighed, stretched her arms up, and figured that way enough daydreaming for now. //Let’s take a walk, hm?//

Uramaeth rumbled his agreement and broke from that statuesque pose. His thick legs waded through the deep water and his tail lashed about, stirring the waters and causing more small creatures to evacuate the area. He moved with a sweeping motion that, they hoped, would herd some of the tasty critters closer to the shore where the tidal nets could trap and gather them. It wasn’t as exciting as going toe-to-toe with a sharpfish or using the Brown’s brute strength to haul in a heavy cache of fish, but they were still contributing and that made them both happy.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Ehhh fairly uninvolved post. If any fishers or folk need Uramaeth to move stuff around or if any other perimeter guards wanna strike up a convo go for it!

Offline Gheinvrixic

Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #6 on: January 30, 2019, 07:12:05 PM »
Fishing duty. Huh.

Grix mulled over the irony of it as he headed down to the cove that morning. He’d joined the fishercraft to make something of himself, and then abandoned it to be something even greater than that. It felt redundant, but as he thought on it more he supposed he should’ve realized it was just another candidate thing, being that he’d met and interacted with a few over the short months of his fishing adventure. Hell, even as a rider he’d probably find himself back at the beach.

At least he knew what to expect and was dressed appropriately. Hair tied back, strong soled boots on that had been slathered in oil and wax to keep them as waterproof as possible, laced high along his calves. They’d work for the morning, but eventually he’d trade them for barefeet. Given his experience here, he let himself onto one of the small vessels and got to work prepping it for a trip in the shallows. They probably wouldn’t let him stay on board, they didn’t have room for a candidate no matter how well versed he was, but he was tolerated for now.

A Green dragon and her rider dropped out of the sky and landed next to them. Here he was, full circle. Past, present and maybe future. Up close to the dragon, he admired it through new eyes. She was small which he didn’t mind, and her wings looked like a forest canopy. It took him a moment to realize the rider had asked the lot around him a question, and longer still to see that no one had immediately replied.

“Uh, yeah, if you want. This skiff should be ready soon, just gotta look her over and make sure she’s seaworthy.” He ran his calloused hands over the reed-and-wood frame of the boat. It had seen better days, but when one made a craft from such material it could only be expected. He grabbed a rag and dabbed it into some wax and began to run it over the grooves and notches, smoothing rough edges and sealing faults in the build. “Y’ever sail?”

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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #7 on: January 30, 2019, 08:24:02 PM »
As always, B’nyn was on time. He’d already made one run to the Mine Hall, dropping off a family for the day. They worked down at the Hall, but as the older woman explained, her heart and home was the Weyr. For whatever reason, that had actually made the Brown Rider smile. It was nice to see that not every Holder had come to think of the place as tyrannical.

Now, his mood matching the misty, pleasant morning, he and Niskyleth made the short hop toward the beach where they’d be spending the remainder of the morning. While the dragonpair were always ready, should an attack occur, the weather wasn’t quite right. It was too nice, too warm, for the fog to linger in the air and the mist was warm and pleasant. The clouds were thin and the steadily lighting sky made it so even the steel blue water was almost clear. And certainly would become more so as the day progressed.

Not exactly ‘hunting’ weather for the large snakes that liked to slip up and attack unsuspecting prey.

Niskyleth landed past the small boats, into the deeper shallows where they were meant to watch over the beach. The water hit just below his belly, where it would slow his speed if he tried to run. Walking, though, would need to be slow anyway.

B’nyn remained atop his dragon while they idly made their way toward R’ael. Having worked alongside Beach for so long, and since B’nyn was a stickler for paying attention, he knew who the Rider was without having actually spoken to them personally.

Niskyleth, far more social than his rider would ever be, greeted Uramaeth. The salt is going to be so itchy later, he said cheerily. Never one to complain about a task.


Length: 34.7M || Height: 7M || Wingspan: 57M

Offline Nikadelli

Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #8 on: January 31, 2019, 10:56:29 AM »
Why, why, why, why? It was way to early in the morning and she was really not in the mood to be outside when it was threatening to rain. Who had this bright idea? She sighed as she walked over to the boat that she was paired with and she just stood there. Why should she have to do something that she didn't want to do? Why should she be forced to help fishers do their craft? Nikadelli just stared at the boat and she was starting to get extremely bored. She turned to go and find somewhere to walk, perhaps she would be able to find someone to talk to. Find out if there was any new and juicy gossip. Right as she turned, a gold flit appeared on her shoulder and latched on. Nikadelli couldn't help but smile as she rubbed the small flit's head.

"Well, your getting a late start this morning Mya." All she got was a happy chirp. Nika started to walk back down the shore. She was in no mood to do these so called chores, so she was going to walk until they were just magically done for her. As she walked, she noticed that the new Weyrsecond, T'veck, seemed to be talking with a candidate. She rolled her eyes as she walked. Now was not the time she was wanting to be in the center of all of the attention, mainly because that would get the question of, why aren't you helping, brought into her face.

Nikadelli found a rock though and she went to lean against it. From here, she had to perfect view of everyone working, and well, she was going to observe and see if she can figure anything out about people. She rubbed the gold head of the flit as she watched and thought. Things had to unravel soon, and she was going to enjoy the chaos when it did. Chaos was always fun and amazing to watch, so it was just a matter of time, right?

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Wow this post was just idk she didn't want to work with me

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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #9 on: January 31, 2019, 07:46:54 PM »
Wake up. The voice growled through V'len's head. He squeezed his eyes tighter, refusing to open them. I said. Wake. Up. With a huff, V'len opened his eyes and threw off his bedfurs. It didn't dawn on him right away that Ehrran was not in the bed with him. She must have left in the middle of the night or got up early to report to her candidate duties.

V'len sighed as he got out of bed. It was an early morning, that's for sure. He stalked over to the small bowl of water that he had poured the night prior and dipped his hands in the liquid. He ran his wet hands through his hair in an attempt to tame the bedhead that he was sporting. We're going to be late. the bronze dragon grumbled from the other room. Fine. I'm coming. V'len pulled on some loose, tan breeches, an off white tunic, and threw his wherhide jacket over his shoulders. He fastened the riding straps to Redrenth and picked up a long harpoon, before clambering up the bronze's massive hulk and buckling in.

With a few strong down strokes, the pair was airborne and rose above the Weyr. They angled for the beach below and slowly descended. It was misty but warm, V'len noted, and it was overcast. Hopefully, that would keep the beach snakes away. V'len and Redrenth had been assigned to stand watch in the shallows and to scare off the beasts with their presence alone. V'len spotted the unsightly black form of the new Weyrsecond's dragon. The abomination wasn't even cleared from weyrling training and the pair were now Weyrseconds. It was not as if V'len wanted the position, but it angered him that he had to submit to another black rider. He shook his head slowly, but steeled his expression to be free of his distaste.

Redrenth grew closer to the beach and V'len could see that Ehrran was already present. Just like her to already be at work and, by V'len's reckoning, she was early. Redrenth settled into the water with a controlled splash and folded his wings back along his sides. Immediately, the hulking bronze fastened his eyes on the water, hoping to catch sight of a fish. The few that he did spot, he followed their movements and grumbled when they swam off. V'len chuckled at Redrenth's interest in the fish and patted the bronze on his neck.

V'len stripped off his jacket, tunic, and breeches, and rolled them up into a neat bundle. He wove them through the riding straps and pulled them tight, ensuring that his clothes would be dry after a day's worth of work. In nothing but a pair of short pants and his underwear, V'len took the harpoon's rope and tied it around his ankle. He let the harpoon hang loosely from the riding straps, so that he could pull it out swiftly and easily. Happy that the harpoon was attached to him, V'len stood up on the bronze's back and climbed up the dragon's neck. Once he was standing steadily, he opened his arms out wide and jumped off. In the air, he brought his hands together, above his head, and angled for the surface of the water. He slipped below the surface with a little splash and resurfaced a few seconds later. He hoped that Ehrran had been watching.

It made him jealous that his weyrmate was speaking with some other man, even if that man was a Weyrsecond. Why would she leave you for that other one? She's mated to you, Redrenth reasoned in his gruff voice. V'len shook his head, If only to have the logic of a dragon....

V'len turned swam back to Redrenth's foreleg and pulled himself aloft. He settled, once more, in the valley of Redrenth's spines and kept a lookout for beach snakes. Perhaps Ehrran was watching after all.

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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #10 on: February 01, 2019, 09:15:32 AM »
She looked up at the large black dragon as his head swung around. She smiled and looked back at T’veck as he spoke and nodded her head ”No, I don’t blame him either” she said with a soft chuckle as the dragon agreed and sighed heavily. Her eyes traveled over the large head before he lost interest, leaving T’veck and Her to their conversation.

Just as the new Weyrsecond spoke, the sound of a passing dragon pulled at the corners of her mind. She had left that morning rather earlier, like she did on nights she could not sleep well, and had left a rather handsome bronze rider alone in their bed. She had a silly feeling that the dragon passing by was Redrenth but did not turn away from her current companion so as not to be rude.

 When T’veck spoke again she chuckled and kept her inner thoughts to herself. She wondered slightly if the male thought her comment had been towards him? Did it really matter? No, probably not. E would have been lying if she said T’veck was not handsome. He was, he was just not her V’len.
”Yes, I can see how this can be a bit of a disappointment” she said with an amused chuckle and shift the nets in her arms. ”Well, if you need to take stock. These are from the weavers halls and freshly mended” she said holding them out slightly for him to see ”There are two of them” she added and chuckled.

When he spoke again she smiled and looked out to the sea. Just within her sight she caught vision of a rather handsome bronze (she was not biased at all), settled into the water and his rider disrobing himself, readying for a new day of work. She smirked softly and let her eyes return to T’veck ”Just the usual, waiting to see if I will ever Impress” she said with a chuckle and shook her head ”How are you doing? I mean I know you are Weyrsecond now.. but really, how are you doing with all this?” she said softly. Being a black rider and the new Weyrsecond not even out of weyrlinghood had to be rough.

With out being rude E’s eyes drifted slowly back out the sea to spy on her mate. She watched him as he pulled himself back onto his dragon and smiled before turning her full attention back to T’veck.

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- all power play by Red and V'len is approved -

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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #11 on: February 02, 2019, 06:23:33 PM »
Niskyleth of B’nyn, the Brown provided to R’ael, noting the pair approaching them before his rider did. The assistance wasn’t exactly necessary, despite their age difference he was still a Brownrider. Still, R’ael ran her gloved hands down the sides of her dragon’s neck, rubbing there briefly in a silent thanks.

Mine says it’s detoxifying. Not that Uramaeth was really familiar with that term, but R’ael liked to remind him of that whenever he himself mentioned the itchiness. And while he’d always been in top shape, the recent years and exposure to the water certainly seemed to keep his joints more limber. Before he’d been allowed back to duty following the last hunter incursion, the healers had recommended some ocean bathing on safe days, too.

R’ael offered B’nyn a wave. Names aside, she didn’t know too much about the Prairie rider. “Morning!” Of course, not knowing someone had never held her back before. “We’re just making a round here. Nothing much to report, looks like we’ll have a good day.” A part of her was disappointed with that, not that she’d wish beach snakes on anyone. Some drama always seemed to speed up the day, though. Maybe they’d bump a sharpfish. Wistfully, her head turned toward the open sea as if expecting to see a fin or two among the surf.

Do you like the rain? Ever dreamy, Uramaeth canted his head to the sky, I think it’s nice, but it makes me yearn for my ledge so I might nap.

Facing front again, R’ael gave the shoreline a brief check again. Things were still progressing smoothly, a few riders were even trying their hand at spear fishing. Maybe she’d try that when she was relieved of her post. She motioned toward V’len as he dove and then asked B’nyn, “Have you ever tried that?”

Offline Saviavi

Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #12 on: February 06, 2019, 03:48:06 PM »
The morning was refreshing in more ways than one. The calm sea, baby’s breath of a breeze, and fine mist all coalesced into something rejuvenating for the candidate. If she had to do chores, she was glad it was in weather like this.

Savi skipped down the beach, a small weaver’s toolkit in hand. She passed Nikadelli on her way to her day’s station, and gave her roommate a bemused, but still friendly, wave. “You can join me if you want!” She offered, though she hadn’t slowed her step and knew that the other girl probably wouldn’t take her up on the offer, anyway.

Her job today was mending nets and sails. Her hands itched at the thought and she knew later in the day they’d likely cramp- she was out of practice after all. Despite being fostered in a weaver’s household, the nature of this work was much more grueling and tedious than what she was used to. Plus, her end goal wasn’t as rewarding. Normally, Savi could push through the discomfort of needle pricks and repetitive motion if it meant she’d get a nice skirt or dress out of it, but no one wanted to wear fishing nets. Or did they?

She grinned and tried to picture Halirina in something so absurd. Maybe that’d be Eimerra’s next rebellious move.

The candidate was chuckling to herself when she found an overturned, empty barrel and scooted it up near the nets in question. She gave a brief wave to those milling about, or already working, and then opened her little toolkit to extract the large, hooked needle from it. She threaded it with a thick bit of fiber and then began the arduous task.

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@Tyriani for the mention, @Red if you wanted to get Calladren in on this exciting activity

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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #13 on: February 06, 2019, 07:31:35 PM »
Niskyleth let his tail weave through the water with more motion than was necessary, creating smaller waves that rippled out from his body. A dragon playing in the water, idly. Were he a younger dragon given to restlessness, this task would likely drive him mad. But the Brown was dutiful and didn’t mind the shallow guard. He didn’t need to be near the other Brown but it didn’t hurt to have two large dragons patrolling the area either. Company not withstanding, snakes would certainly keep away from the pair of them.

He hummed his amusement at the reply that it was ‘detoxifying’, a thing he had never heard from B’nyn. Must be a human thing, then. And a select human thing, at that. He wouldn’t bother his Rider with it. At least, not then. If he remembered later, he’d ask. I do like the rain. Flying in it can be a joy, too. Especially when it’s warm like this. he answered, peering up as Uramaeth did. The younger brown couldn’t really remember snow or cold, but B’nyn did. And he knew that his Rider did not like such things, so clearly he wouldn’t either. Do you like napping in the rain?

B’nyn was certainly one of those Riders who could exist in companionable quiet. He wasn’t even aware his dragon was being chatty – not that he’d mind. He returned the wave and kept a quiet vigil over the water. “I am hoping for a nice, easy day,” he added, sparing a look for his fellow Brown Rider. “A nice day for nice weather.” At least it wasn’t windy and pouring. They’d all likely be drenched from the day, but that was usually unavoidable this time during the turn.

When R’ael gestured toward the unnecessary display from the Bronzer, he shrugged a shoulder. B’nyn didn’t see the point. “No. I’ve always been assigned watch duty, not.... whatever that is.” Then, because it was only polite, he returned the question. “You?”


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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #14 on: May 10, 2019, 05:31:15 AM »
“Excellent.” Z’nel said, jumping down so she could give Allieth’s harness another look over. Not that it needed it, she was sure, but paranoia was always a good thing to have when working over the sea. The salt did corrode leather faster and being pitched into the ocean from a height wasn’t a way she wanted to go.

“Not really” She says, looking over at the fisher, wait no, the candidate, who had spoken to her. “Unless you count sitting on Allieth as she holds onto a boat and being dragged along?” It always seems strange to see candidates doing so many other jobs. Obviously her own candidacy was spent on things like emergency dragon healing, better known as the art of wielding a numbweed soaked rag. And firestone bagging, so much firestone bagging.

I like doing that Allieth mutters into her head.

I know you do, but it’s not very safe. Who knows what could creep up underneath them from the depths. Sharpsfish, snakes, so many dangers.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Allieth is 20.2M Long, 3.8M Tall and has a 32M Wingspan.

Offline T'veck

Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #15 on: May 10, 2019, 06:19:22 AM »
T’veck swept his eyes along the beach, pausing on a bronze as his rider used him as a springboard to dive into the ocean. They were clearly out fishing, a much more appropriate job for a strong dragon and rider.

I am much better than Redrenth. Baleth said smugly. T’veck let it slide, he had no clue who Redrenth or his rider were beyond names on the list of riders assigned to Prairie. They’d never spoken, which suggested the older bronze was indifferent, resentful or angry with them for existing.

T’veck adds the items down before he forgets them, as Baleth certainly won’t remember. “We’ll live.” He says absently, much of his new duties are a disappointment. This is just another thing in a long list that he needs to get by before he’s proven himself.


“I’m sure you will. Just got to wait for your dragon to hatch.” He says, how could a dragon not like Ehrran. “Did I hear that you had a son?” He thinks it was her. Possibly.

“I’m good.” He says before giving her a wry smile and a rather pointed head tilt at his black shadow. There’s some things that are better hidden, especially when Baleth’s response to anything bothering him is violence first and talking second unless T’veck is paying attention enough to reign him in. “Very busy with all the extra duties. And still figuring out things with Eimerra.” He can’t stop the smile at the thought of her, part fond and part pride.
Baleth is 19 months old.
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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #16 on: May 13, 2019, 06:54:53 PM »
Rain is safety, it gives me the deepest of sleeps. His tone was somber, and a little superior. Uramaeth would forever associate rain and the harsh, bitter cold with safety, because it truly had been the only time he’d been allowed to breathe in the many turns of threadfall. Mostly though, he was glad enough for the warmth of the island. It got enough rain to make up for the lack of cold. Something like pity flickered in his gut, followed by guilt. He shouldn’t mind that this younger dragon didn’t have the same associations. But flying in it is good, too. Especially if I’m flying after a green. Here his jovial self returned. Back to happier topics.

R’ael wasn’t privy to her dragon’s minor turmoil and instead was focussed on reading B’nyn’s character. Beach and Prairie mingled often enough, but she apparently needed to put some effort into it herself as she was drawing full blanks on this younger man. He didn’t offer much to the conversation but that wasn’t something uncommon when most of the weyr’s population had experienced a traumatic life. She leaned forward in her seat, scrutinizing him with a sort of vapid grin.

“I think it could be fun,” she said, again motioning to where V’len had disappeared beneath the water. “Certainly an interesting work out, we don’t often get to spear things and we’ll be drenched through by the end of the watch, so what’s a little more water?”

Uramaeth added his own two cents to Niskyleth, She doesn’t need to spear things when I can just catch them. I don’t know why she prefers the difficult method.

“Plus I’d love to bag a couple of those shelled critters. I think it’s a very practical exercise.” She wiggled herself back up, posture perfect and her arms crossed over her chest as if daring B’nyn to argue her points.


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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #17 on: May 13, 2019, 07:11:16 PM »
He let himself admire her business-forward attitude even as he continued to work over the small boat. If first impressions meant anything, and if this greenrider was an example of her people, dragonfolk were alright. Still, he figured it best to keep things professional, for now.

“It’s surely different, sailin’.” He motioned toward her dragon with his rag before dipping it back into the container for more wax, “They’re steady beasts, your dragons. The ones I’ve flown on.. Smoother than a baby’s bum.” Well, as professional as Grix could actually manage. He figured he was on the up if he hadn’t used a curse yet, so.

He slapped his rag back down to the wood and reed beneath him, “These beauties though, they’re fickle. They rock and they struggle over every wave, s’like their only reason for existence is to try ‘n chuck you overboard.” With a tender flourish, he finished that section he’d been working on and moved toward the front of the craft to begin anew. “But they aren’t so bad once you learn their language. The bigger boats are much kinder, but these have a personality t’be sure.”

“I’m Grix, by the by. I won’t be sticking around once this lass is put out, but I reckon you know what yer doin’ and you won’t let her go by the wayside.” He winked.

@Jarakrisafis !

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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #18 on: May 14, 2019, 03:10:30 AM »
It takes Z’nel a moment to work through his speech patterns, he has a strange accent she’s not used to. She is pleased by his compliment towards Allieth, even if it was more a compliment towards all dragons. It is a matter of pride, at least to her, to ensure passengers have a smooth ride.

She still isn’t sure about boats though. “They look a lot smoother than you say from up in the air.” She punctuates that with a wry smile. If he says they move a lot she’ll have to take his word for it.

“I’m Z’nel, this is Allieth.” She replies to his introduction as Allieth pokes her snout against the boat.

“Careful love.”

It barely moves and Allieth makes a huffing sound before turning her head away to sneeze.

He is oiling it? Will it be growing? He talks as if it is alive.

“It’s not alive and all boats are girls love, don’t worry about it.” She says with a giggle, thankful that Allieth won’t remember this come tomorrow.

“Sorry. We’ll keep our eyes on you, no waysiding today.” She says to Grix, making sure to apologise for her side conversation. "Want a hand with that?" She asks. Otherwise they're just going to be standing round till the boat is ready to go and she doesn't like being idle.


Allieth is 20.2M Long, 3.8M Tall and has a 32M Wingspan.

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Re: It's Just a Bit of Rain [ 29.07.2591 / 06AM ] Event
« Reply #19 on: May 21, 2019, 01:50:33 PM »
She adjusted the nets in her hands and chuckled softly as he spoke his words absent mindedly. ”yes, I have no doubt you will” she said gently with that bright welcoming smile and kind demeanor. ”One day the duties wont be so bad.. perhaps even fun” she said with a smile and another chuckle.

When he spoke of her impressing she smiled and nodded her head. That bright beautiful smile not exactly reaching her eyes ”I will… just have to be patient” she said with a laugh and shook her head ”Waiting just sucks” she said with a sigh and looked at T’veck’s handsome dragon. She could only hope one his kind would find her worthy one day.

When he spoke of her son she smiled, the delight reaching those beautiful blue eyes. ”yes, I did! He is very handsome. Although I am sad I had to return him to the Creche… but I know it will be worth it when I finally Impress a dragon myself” she said with a bright smile.

She chuckled softly when he said was good but made a gesture towards his dragon. She shifted the nets in her hands and nodded her head ”Well, I’m glad you are doing well” she said with another chuckle before looking up at the Black dragon then back at his rider.
When he spoke again she could not help the smile that crept along her lips as she spoke of the Weyrsecond he was now mated to. ”Yes, I am sure this has been a very interesting situation” she said. 

She paused for a moment and looked up at the Dragon and then back at T’veck ”I am excited to see two Black dragons and their riders amongst the Leaders of this Weyr… and I am even more glad it is you T’veck. While our candidacy did not last long together; I did enjoy it” she said with a bright smile.

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