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Author Topic: Flight Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight  (Read 226 times)

Offline Jossekayne

Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« on: January 31, 2019, 05:03:15 PM »
When Jo first woke, she was assaulted by the familiar sensation of her long hair nearly wrapped around her neck and face. Wavy and untamable even at the best of times, it had only gotten more so since the move to Fort Island. The humidity played merry havoc with it, making it frizz and spread out like a spinner’s web, and the monsoon season in their new home was the worst of it. Clawing it out of her face and sitting up groggily, she was struck by just how warm she felt. Given the cool breeze that had started to whistle by outside late the previous night, and the comparatively colder temperatures at this time of the turn, it was unusual.

Trying to shake off the vestiges of sleep she’d risen out of so suddenly, she stared blankly toward the exit of her weyr. Slowly, shapes started to form as her eyes adjusted; she’d shielded the glows the evening before, and dawn had yet to even creep up toward the horizon in anything more than a vague greyishness to the light from outside. But as her mind slowly spun up into actual wakefulness, she realized that her Green was not curled up in their weyr—rather, she was outside it, visible through a gap in where the sheltering curve of the opening revealed the ledge beyond.

It was far too early for her to be sunning herself, and there was no promise that the weather of the day was going to be nice anyway.

Oh right!

//Almost time?// she asked simply, and ran her hands through her hair more determinedly in an attempt to smooth it. Jo wanted to look at least a little presentable, though she wasn’t going to bother getting dressed at a time like this. Instead, she remained nude as she had for sleep in the relatively warm weather, her sheets pooled around her hips as they had done when she sat up. Absently, she tugged it back up to cover her chest too. She might not be skinshy, but her mind wasn’t fully ready to disregard all decorum.

The Flight had yet to begin, much less be won, after all.

Soon, the Green purred, with an uncharacteristic sense of focus. She seemed to be staring at the sky, as though waiting for some kind of sign that this was the right time. Whatever she was waiting for, Jo didn’t bother to ask. They’d been doing this for a lot of turns, and she’d long since accepted that Lyrisiveth would do as Lyrisiveth saw fit for her Flights. And if she wanted to wait a little longer, Jossekayne wasn’t going to command her otherwise. Even though she was warm, and want was steadily creeping over her like a fever.

After what felt like an age, but was in reality only a scant, small fraction of a candlemark, Lyrisiveth spread her wings and pushed herself upward into the sky. It was a simple thing, born of long practice, to deny her desire to blood one of the herdbeasts below. No, this was a Flight she’d have to do without the extra energy. But early in the day as it was, she’d have the full of her own reserves, having spent none to do any work or drills.

Her smooth voice sounded delighted as she called, Come join me, darlings!

Spoiler for OOC:
A Green Flight! 8D This one’s a Force Catch. Good luck, and don’t forget to fill out the little form in the OOC thread if you have someone chasing.
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Offline Kaladesi

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Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2019, 08:38:20 PM »
Kaladesi was stirred from her light slumber by a peculiar warmth in her core. It took her a second to realize that it was not her lust rising, as her dream was not provocative in the least, but rather her dragon's lust rising. She sat up right in bed and rustled a hand through her curly, red hair with a pleased sigh. She stretched her arms wide, causing the sheet to fall from her bare body. She stood up from bed and pulled on an almost sheer wrap. "Who is it, Rodey?" she asked her blue. Lyrisiveth, he replied, his husky voice almost hungry. Kaladesi paused at the entrance to the dragon's weyr. She chuckled and shoo'd him off. "Go, go. I'll be fine. Jossekayne's weyr is not far from ours."

With a rumble, the blue took off and hovered near Lyrisiveth's ledge, where she sat perched. When she finally took off and called for the males to follow, Rodeth launched himself after her with all abandon. He knew that he was fast, but could not keep up top speeds for long. He called back, Darlings? There is only one darling tonight, and that is you, my aquamarine gem of the morning sky.

Kaladesi could hear Rodeth's response as she padded her way down the corridor to Jossekayne's weyr and smirked. He was ever poetic and loved to compliment the green dragons of the weyr. Kaladesi could not blame him, the dragons were gorgeous and reflected the beauty of their riders. She slipped into Jossekayne's weyr and gave the other woman a kind smile. She's a pretty one, alright. Kaladesi would not mind sharing furs with this rider, that was sure. She stood at a respectful distance to the woman, her shawl scarcely hiding her form or features.

Offline K'eeda

Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2019, 09:28:30 AM »
Sleep didn’t always come easy to K’eeda – either in the evening, or in the morning. Insomnia in all its various forms was a close friend of hers. What sleep she had gotten had been fitful, so eventually she’d given up, slinked out of K’rez’s bed, and up to her own breezy, open weyr.

Not that she’d found sleep there, either. She just liked how open it was when sleep wouldn’t come to her.

Aeleroth was sprawled on his ledge, his attention turning from either his Rider on the weyrbowl. Lazy but not asleep. It was difficult for the Blue to drift off when his Rider was so active. A sort of comradery in wakefulness. He normally whined and complained, but that was when K’eeda wasn’t presently having difficulty sleeping. That’d come later, when they were both in a better state of mind.

Neither could tell, really, what time in the morning it was but Aeleroth remarked, Lyrisiveth takes to the sky... It was suggestive. He didn’t know if K’eeda would be in the mood, so he wasn’t investing in the chase just yet. His rider’s well being would always come first.

K’eeda sat on the edge of her own bed, legs dangling and kicking some as she stared off into nothing, eyes a little glazed over. Tired but unable to sleep. Harried but unable to do anything about it. Restless but not. When she ‘heard’ Aeleroth, she glanced up at her dragon and nodded a little. A moment later, she climbed up on him, strapless, and was carried down to Jo’s weyr.

Aeleroth didn’t have to land for K’eeda to drop off of him. She yawned as she walked in, ran a hand through her mussed hair, and idly glanced around to take note of who else might be participating. She could use the distraction, even if she didn’t win. Maybe she’d get a nap before duties for the day?

Aeleroth thrummed as he took wing after Lysrisiveth, wordless interest being transferred to the Green. He wouldn’t ever be a charming Blue, but what he lacked in words he certainly made up for in bulk, speed, and strength.

Length: 30M || Height: 5M || Wingspan: 51M
20 weeks pregnant as of 1.3.2590 // Powerplay allowed by K'rez

Offline R'ael

Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2019, 06:50:06 PM »
What was it with some Greens and choosing to fly so early? R’ael shrugged on a loose shirt and pants, hoping they were clean but knowing they probably weren’t. She was scowling at Uramaeth as she strolled toward him, barefoot, and watched him nearly tapdance with impatience. “Calm down, you doe-eyed weyrling.”

But she rises, and she is lovely, and I want to chase. The Brown lowered his body for his rider as she used his elbow to get herself up onto his back. Straps be damned, she knew he wouldn’t wait for her to fasten them and she also knew that stumbling around in the near-dawn light, struggling to loop and latch each piece would only irritate her further. “Alright, let’s go get you a lady.”

He swung himself down from the ledge as she wrapped her legs tight against his back, her arms hugging his neck. His claws barely tapped the lip of Jossekayne’s weyr before R’ael slid free of him and he was again airborne. A little late to the party, but he was here nonetheless and his great wings could make up the space between him and his Green. We’ll rally Pern with our glory, he said, in lieu of a simple “Hello, I’m here”.

R’ael found a wall to lean against and made some effort to fix her hair. She realized her shirt was stained (definitely not clean), and her trousers were, of course, an old pair that had seen better days. Whatever. She felt herself caring less as her dragon paced further away into the clouds.

Offline Y'tol

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Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2019, 07:54:50 PM »
Bayorth was moved to wakefulness by Lyrisiveth's call, and his desire to chase slowly woke Y'tol, leaving him unsure what was dream and what was real for a few moments before Bayorth's unspoken impatience penetrated the haze of sleep enough to bring Y'tol fully awake.

Feeling like a flight was definitely a worthy reason to be awake so early, Y'tol threw pants and shirt on, before making his way to Bayorth, who was standing looking out from his ledge, front claws grasping the very edge of the platform.

While Y'tol muttered, "Good luck," as he slid of Bayorth's back at Jossekayne's own Weyrledge, Bayorth didn't waste any energy on formalities with his rider. Dropping him off was always such an inconvenience to the bronze. Instead the bronze called a compliment to the rising green - Joining you would be the perfect way to greet the day. Causing Y'tol to snort at the dragon's potentially unintentional innuendo as he entered Jossekayne's Weyr.

The bronzer grinned happily at the other riders who had been awoken early by their dragons for this chase, giving a few that he'd chased with before nods and waves of greeting. It seemed a few female riders had been brought to the chase as well, even if the greenrider sitting alluringly wrapped in the sheets of her bed wasn't going to be his prize, he might be able to encourage a few other losers to enjoy the morning with him.
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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2019, 09:59:38 PM »
As Lyrisiveth’s did, Jossekayne’s attention turned to those entering her weyr as their dragons joined hers in the sky. She smiled at each, welcoming them how she could given that speech seemed pointless at a time such as this. The fact that they were there said enough—likewise that she had allowed such, rather than holding a closed Flight as some with weyrmates did. But since she had none, there was no reason to deny her bonded the full banquet of those who might chase her.

Lyrisiveth might not choose her mates as some Greens did, but Jo knew she still appreciated the variety, the thrill of the mystery in each Flight, not knowing who was going to emerge the winner.

The dragon herself laughed in delight at Rodeth’s words, appreciating the verbal wooing though she was no poet herself. Let’s see if you fly as well as you talk, she teased, but without any ill intent. She exchanged a purr with Aeleroth then, recognizing and welcoming the familiar Blue of her rider’s friend. The others each received a greeting as well, her wicked amusement brushing against Uramaeth and Bayorth in turn too. Good mornin’, boys.

Can you catch me before the sun is up? she challenged them all, and shot upward into the open air. The wind buffeted around her, but with no rain in the sky, it was at least a clear morning:  good for a chase.

There was little finesse to a Flight such as this. Lyrisiveth would not be swayed with displays of playfulness or acrobatics. Instead, she wanted her suitors to work for their victory. Scooping great wingfuls of air, she shot up and away, intent only on fleeing from them and racing the wind. If they wanted to grab her, they’d have to outlast her, or draw near enough to snatch her from the air before another did.

Offline D'zel

Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #6 on: February 09, 2019, 04:06:05 AM »
“You going to chase her?” D'zel asked, well attuned to Rohbarth's thoughts as his dragon swung his head round to look at the green dragon that was staring upwards on her ledge. It was early enough the weyrlings wouldn't miss him and it had been a while since Rohbarth had decided to chase anyone.

Yes. I will. Rohbarth replies as he turns his head back to D'zel, pushing his rider towards his neck. D'zel huffs, patting his muzzle before climbing up with little grace and a curse. He doesn't often ride without straps, and he's getting older, getting astride a dragon with only one arm isn't as easy as it used to be.

They have to twist out of the way as Lyrisiveth takes to the sky, Rohbarth swinging aside without upsetting D'zel's balance before Rohbarth drops him off at the ledge, making sure he's upright before pushing off for the sky. He's a little way behind, but he's not at all bothered by that. He's chased a lot of greens, he's happy to stay at the back and fly steadily and conserve his energy, no use exhausting himself with flashy manoeuvres and silly acrobatics so early in a flight.

Good morning. He replies, as he pushes himself a little harder, Lyrisiveth doesn't seem to be looking for acrobatics anyway as she wastes no time in speeding away.

Rohbarth is 5.2M tall, 29M long, with a wingspan of 48M

Offline R'ael

Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #7 on: February 10, 2019, 06:00:48 PM »
The early hour wasn’t enough to deter the flock of dragons and riders that were taking to sky and weyr. Uramaeth’s chances were never great in force catches, and with so many suitors the odds were not in his favor. Good thing he wasn’t the type of dragon to turn away from a challenge. As Lyrisiveth brushed against his mind he fed her warmth in response, and then actually abandoned any notion of continuing his usual routine of sweet-talking. He wanted full concentration on his wings and the air and the wind, and how best he might take advantage of the situation.

He didn’t want to exert himself just yet, allowing those that would to overtake him while he maintained an almost careless pace. He wanted minimal effort for this first part of the chase, gliding on the thermals that frequented the island and only flexing the sails of his wings when gravity became an issue. He did hum for her, a throaty noise that was the opposite of his mind-voice, but with distance between them it likely wouldn’t reach her ears.

R’ael didn’t direct him. His instincts had saved them both time and again, and he was an old pro at fights regardless. Flights weren’t just for his benefit, though. Being swept up into the head of a focused, flying dragon was discouraged normally. The exception, of course, was during a flight and R’ael lived for these moments as much as her Brown. Their worries faded, put on hold while this moment dominated every thought.

She gave the weyr a final glance over and then closed her eyes, settling into Uramaeth’s head like a tourist. His wings were her fingertips, and she flexed them with each downward stroke. She was annoyed that he’d chosen to fall back and she urged him, //Faster,// because though they were no Bronzepair, she at least wanted to give this a fighting chance.

He resisted, he knew these skies much better than she. Soon.

Offline K'eeda

Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #8 on: February 13, 2019, 04:30:54 PM »
Aeleroth could be as playful as any Blue, when the mood was right or struck. This morning, though, wasn’t one such morning. He chased after Lyrisiveth with a sort of predatory focus. There might be some hanging back, conserving their strength and stamina, but Aeleroth was not one of those. He was a powerhouse Blue and he, much like his Rider, didn’t know the meaning of waiting or patience.

If he could catch Lyrisiveth before any of the others began to matter, then their dawdling would be all for naught.

Tactically, that was sound. Not that Aeleroth was thinking strategically at all. Rather, the Blue saw his prize ahead of him and he pushed with all his speed and strength after her. As a Green, Lyrisiveth might be faster than he, but Aeleroth would be able to out fly her. He counted on it, counted on his powerful wings to bring him to her before any other. The rest of the dragons in the sky didn’t matter, didn’t exist.

K’eeda found a chill place against the wall to lean and was along for the ride. She’d never think to tell Aeleroth how to chase, and he wouldn’t listen anyway. As stubborn as his rider could be at times, he was caught up in the chase and K’eeda was naught but a sigh in the wind when it came to ordering him around now. K’eeda might normally be the authoritative one of the pair, but not when it came to chasing.

Now was Aeleroth’s time.

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20 weeks pregnant as of 1.3.2590 // Powerplay allowed by K'rez

Offline Y'tol

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Re: Dancing in the Sky [ 31.07.2591; 4 AM ] || Flight
« Reply #9 on: February 15, 2019, 03:39:23 AM »
Bayorth hadn't the kind of personality to truly give over into fun, but a green flight such as this was certainly interesting. Gold flights were a test of a true strength and power, only the strongest made it to the end of the flight, and only the strongest won. A feat of biology which surely was only flawed in its choice to include the black dragons in its decision making.

On the other hand, green flights such as this were an entirely different 'kettle of fish' as some humans might say. Sometimes the winner was the dragon with the most endurance, sometimes the fastest, sometimes the one with the best schemes, or the one with the most luck, occasionally the sweetest talker, but always the best at something. It meant piddly blues were in for a chance, and perhaps upon the maturation of reds they might be in for a chance too. The thought of that particular colour winning flights away from him definitely bothered Bayorth.

He rumbled angrily only momentarily before forcing himself to turn his attention back to the flight, but as Lyrisiveth shot upwards into the air. All his thoughts focused in on her, his plan at the moment was to toe the line between catch her from brute strength and wooing her into his wings. After all, Bayorth had to figure out the right tactic to catch her.

Speeding after her as fast as he could, although her smaller frame made her swifter than he, Bayorth took after her, no thoughts for where or what the other chasers may be planning.
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