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Southern Winds has plotted events roughly every OOC week. This means our story is ever evolving and Southern Winds is changing. Events for the current month are listed here, once you've registered for an account.

Our roleplay time is pretty fluid. We allow you to play anything that may have happened in the past, but not in the future, as events that may affect the entire weyr may ruin futuristic plots.

We list Flights, Clutches, and Hatchings for both Dragons and Whers here, though not for firelizards.  There are Candidate events, Weyrling classes, Holder plots, and Crafthall developments -- a little bit of something for everyone.

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Hello and Welcome!

http://southernwindsweyr.net/Images/news icon copy.png We are a mature, 9th Interval AU Pern. We've destroyed almost the entire planet in a catastrophic event. While we feature 2 new mutations, we stick pretty close to canon. We've Ranks, roles, and positions for just about anyone who wants to get involved, with a relaxed community. Play and post at your own pace. Swing by and say hello!

Southern Winds uses a subaccount system to distinguish between Players and their Characters. So REGISTER with your Player Account Name and the admin will assign you your Character Subaccount once your character is approved!

Southern Winds is a Mature Roleplay. This means we allow for sexual, violent content that would be found in a struggling, 9th Interval Pern. Sex is common place in the Weyr and terrible deaths are no stranger here. As such, our players should be 18+. These themes are to be handled maturely at all times.

Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: News January Overview  (Read 205 times)

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January Overview
« on: February 02, 2019, 10:31:31 AM »
Recent Events

02.07.2591 Drinks All Around - OOC Thread
Even during the apocalypse, life goes on. As things (ostensibly) grow more stable at both Weyr and Hall, the Pernese attempt a return to normalcy. Recently, a small cavern set off from the Mine Hall’s main dining area has been hollowed out for the Brewer and Vinter Crafthall. Despite the dangers, they have elected to base away from the Weyr so that they can make a more concerted effort to grow crops in the cleared land.

Now that the transition is complete, they are hosting a small soiree for interested parties to drink, be merry, and see their new base of operations. While officially it’s limited to their cavern, odds are it will spill over into the dining area if enough people attend. As far as the Brewers and Vinters are concerned, this means their Hall has been officially reformed, though their numbers remain small and not everyone will see it that way.

14.07.2591 Tilioth's Maiden Flight - OOC Thread
Tilioth’s first flight happens a little before dinner at C'dus’s urging. She is a fast Green, but she lacks the stamina most dragons have. However, her desire to be caught by sheer skill means she will push this flight to her limits. The day is cloudy and a little windy, meaning our inexperienced Green might have to fight against the gusts ahead of her, as well as worry about what is behind. M'lan, W'sar, and Z'ryr are the notable chasers.

18.07.2587 Strike from Below - OOC Thread
This date marks the first attack upon the survivors, which means they won’t know what to expect. All characters who could reasonably be present are invited to participate—which extends across most walks of life, given that it was all hands on deck this early in the settlement of the Weyr.

20.07.2591 Oriath Clutches - OOC Thread
Unlike Kalestath, Southern Winds' younger Queens are laying clutches more in line with Interval sizes. In Oriath's case, she yields 15 new eggs this turn. Candidates are welcome to take a curious peek – so long as they don’t touch – and Riders are encouraged to come and pay their respects. Weyrfolk are likely to swing by, if only out of sheer curiosity.

29.07.2591 A Day in the Life - OOC Thread
It's a nice, misty morning that's looking like it's going to turn into a nice, misty afternoon. It's the rainy season on Fort Island, so everyone is just sort of thankful the sky is sort of bright and there's no heavy rain or fog. Less chance of snakes. Rather, this is a morning for everyone to get together and get some work done. Fishing, candidate chores, chopping up the catch of the day, escorting the ship out to sea - possibly encountering some tasty sharpfish - and hoping for one of those 'normal work days'.

32.07.2591 Lyrisiveth's Flight - OOC Thread
Early in the morning before riders get a real start on their work for the day, Beach Green Lyrisiveth calls for suitors to chase her. She’s not a picky lady, but she is a Force Catch, so your dragon will need to be wily, fast, or agile to catch her! Good luck. :3 So far, D'zel, Kaladesi, and K'eeda are caught up in the Flight.

Post in the event thread or OOC Thread with just a sentence or two as to what your character might be doing for the various events. If you miss 5 events in a row, your account will be deemed inactive. If you are posting elsewhere but skipping the events, remember : we do not require IC participation. Simply post there under your Player account and let us know what's going on with your character.

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New on the Forum

Half a Decade!!
One of the most notable things from January. Southern Winds is now 5 years old!

Upcoming Weyrling Graduation!
The end of 2591 is rapidly approaching, which means that the weyrling class of 2589 will be graduating and being placed in their Wings at the close of Month 10! We'll be having another graduation event for this that will coincide with the End of Turn celebrations the whole Weyr participates in.

Updated MNPC Rules
In light of being more relaxed about matters on the forum, we've decided to make some slight alterations to how MNPCs can be made and used -- with the intent of hopefully making everyone's lives easier!

Event Suggestion and Input
As most of you know, Southern Winds is a plotted Forum. We have a story we're telling and happily dragging all of your awesome characters along for the ride. Our events are listed on the side bar for the current IC month. For now, we have roughly 4 days between events though we're always willing to adjust if the needs or requests in the Event Pacing Poll ever change. So let us know what you think about the events, or if you have suggestions of your own. Full details in the topic.

The votes are reset. So we’d love for you to vote every day for us. <3

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IC Rumors and Gossip
The Weyr is like any small town. Shit gets around. Contribute to the IC rumor mill!

Event Pacing
This is going to remain an active poll to judge how we should space events here at Southern Winds. Input greatly appreciated!

Character and Thread Appreciation
Let the people you play with know how awesome they are!

Recommend a Thread
Read a great thread recently? Think it's important to a character's story? The site plot? Suggest it here for those of us who just like to read the site!

Comments, Suggestions, and Feedback
We here at SWW love feedback. Let us know what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, what you'd like to see more of, less of, or anything else!

It's crazy to think that SWW has been around for five years! The site has come a long way, with new looks, new arts, new faces, returning friends, and plots galore. Thank you doesn't begin to express... And really, it's all about being able to have fun in the midst of how crazy RL gets, eh? So cheers to fun RP, the hundreds of characters we all keep makin', and to more years to come. <3 We don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Enough of lookin' back, now to look forward. We're going to continue our rough idea of event a week-ish. Not all the events will be doom and gloom, ideally, since the 'day in the life' seemed to be so well received. We're also pretty excited to explore the planet now that it's starting to get bigger. Fishers exploring farther out, mountain finding fun things. Minath is getting older and one small weyr is a bit cramped for four, moody Golds. We're gonna need to do something about that eventually, eh?

On that note, have a lovely Februray and happy posting! Try to stay warm where it's cold, and try to stay cool where it's too warm.

SanctifiedSavage & SirAlahn
P.S. We’re sitting at 35,138 posts as I type this with 4894 topics. Here’s to the foreseeable future!
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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