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Author Topic: I’ve got a piece of your heart  (Read 179 times)

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I’ve got a piece of your heart
« on: February 03, 2019, 11:21:07 AM »

"But I want the whole damn thing."

Catyra // Holder // 39

About the Character: Catyra is a many-times widowed Holder and Gold wher handler. Her brother is Head Peacekeeper, and her extended family has its roots dug thoroughly in the power grid that makes up the holder population.

She likes parties and socializing, but detests alcoholics and cruelty, especially directed toward the weak. Until recently, her life has revolved around the well-being of her children, but as they grow she’s found herself a little aimless.

Wanted ICly: Prietoran. He was a figure from her past, someone she shared true love with, until her family intervened and he was never seen again. Unbeknownst to Catyra, Prietoran was paid to leave her alone. He was a low-bred crafter and associated with the wrong type of people, an ill-suited match for their proper Holder daughter and they wanted him gone from her life before permanent damage was done.

He accepted the bribe, along with the sudden promotion in his crafthall, because he was playing for the long con. He thought if he could make something of himself he might be able to win Catyra’s parents over and court her the right way.

Things didn’t go as planned and his life was side tracked by the chaos of the Hold. Catyra disappeared from the public eye and he was left wondering if she was even alive.

Turns later, at the island, he’s hard at work reviving his craft. He still has the same crew of rowdy friends, and he’s had a relationship or two but nothing ever as meaningful as what he and Catyra had together. He’s caught mention of her here and there, but with so much time between them he’s unsure if she’d even still want him.

Wanted OOCly: I’d love a reunion between Cat and Prietoran. I imagine it will have a rocky start, Catyra is much more cautious these days and she’s afraid of getting into an awful relationship again despite how good things had been between them. Eventually, though, I’d like them to overcome all of their past stuff and be able to have a happy ending together.

Craftwise, I think it’d be sort of horrible and great for Prietoran to be a vinter or a brewer, or at least have close associates in that craft. Catyra’s family essentially paid for his crafter education, so he should be a senior journeyman at least, but is likely too young still to be considered for master. It’d also be fine for him to be a smithee or a miner, just preferably a craft that will keep him at the mining hall.

He can have some rough edges. She’ll be leary of them, of course, but ideally he’ll show her that there’s a lot of grey in her black and white world.

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