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Author Topic: Approved Narvia [14.12.2569 9th Pass || Weyrling ]  (Read 378 times)

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Narvia [14.12.2569 9th Pass || Weyrling ]
« on: February 04, 2019, 12:15:17 AM »

Play By:
Jang Ye Eun
Date of Birth:
14.12.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Dragon Color:
Brown, Blue or Green
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection

Appearance: Narvia stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs in at 118 pounds. The first facial feature you’ll recognise of her are those highly distinctive chocolate brown eyes that she possess. Her cheeks are round, her nose pert, and her lips a healthy shade of pink. In times of happiness, darling little dents of delight appears on her youthful visage, the dimples ever present whenever any form of smile or grin makes itself known. Her shoulder length bob is a lovely shade of jet black that complements her fair ivory skin very well. Her milky complexion boasts a hint of golden undertones and does have minor scars like healed scratches, cuts and bruises from her falls and accidents.

Focused and expressive, her eyes are like the windows to her soul, and tends to carry a message even when her lips doesn’t. Narvia’s body began developing early, and her budding breasts and hips began to separate her from the other girls her age who were still mostly flat and straight. She got plenty of attention because of it, mostly through teasing and bullying by both the younger and older boys, but she’d learnt to turn a deaf ear to those bullies. Over the years, She’s grown into a lovely young woman with a slender figure with nice curves. Narvia favours simple attire, and she tries to avoid fanciful dressing whenever she can. She is usually seen in a tunics or robes.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Sticking with a harper friend helped to keep her well despite the difficult situations that the family came across. With the her much needed help to the family, they were able to keep themselves fed.

Response to dragon color mutations: Some of the people she knew had some really negative opinions and prejudice against dragons, but Narvia herself never had any of those. She tries to keep an open mind and remains indifferent about them.

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes

+ Adventures: Narvia has a very curious mind and she always wants to explore something new or do an activity she has never done before. There are so many new things out there that she feels that it is a waste to spend any time idling. Her inquisitive mind makes her want to explore as learning never ends.

+ Food: She loves food, and eating in general, and is not a fussy eater. She eats whatever food is placed in front of her and sometimes even asks for seconds.

+ Activity: It isn't wrong to say that she is a very active person, and sitting still doing nothing is  incredibly boring to her. She will always be found engaged in some activity, big or small, doing whatever she can to keep the boredom at bay.

+ Singing: Singing was something she picked up after hearing the songs of harpers in the hold. She has often been told that she has a melodious voice and that she sings good. This is a skill she was taught, and honed finely over the years.

+ Dragonkin: Ever since she learned about the existance of dragons, she has loved everything about them. She loves everything about them, and if you're a dragon rider, she'll already have a strong respect and level of adoration for you.

- Being Interrupted: She hates it when people interrupts her in the middle of doing something, especially when it isn't for anything important. Being interuppted when she's talking is also something really common that she absolutely cannot stand.

- Arrogance: One of things that she can't stand is arrogance. Ignorance is tolerable but not arrogance. She especially dislikes people with a inflated sense of ego who believes that they are superior to others and is not afraid to show her dislike of it.

-Being underestimated: Another one of the thing she hates is being underestimated, either for being a girl or being small. People tend to pass of judgements just based on simply looks alone which annoys her greatly when she know she's capable of it. She is assertive enough, and not overly aggressive.

- Being lied to: Narvia hates lies of any sort. Even the ones told to her for her own good. She would rather face the hurtful truth rather than being lied to. She feels hurt and betrayed when she discovers that she has been lied to and can be upset.

- Bullies: Seeing someone pick on others, especially those that are weaker than her. She might say something, depending on how bad it is, and if it is bad, she will not hesitate to do something even if it means drawing attention to herself.


* OBSERVANT : Since young, she has always been observant to her surroundings and has learnt to trust her instincts and can usually sense something bad about to happen. She is smart enough to not throw herself in fights she can't win and is also usually a good judge of character. She is also not one that frightens easily.

* PERSISTENT : Once she decides on something, she doesn’t let go. Giving up is not something that exists for her, and she tries no matter how many it may take. She’s been referred to as being obstinate, and that isn't something she denies.

* LIGHT FOOTED : Quick on her feet and a great runner, she is good at remaining unseen within crowds if need to, and just as quick with her hands as she is with her feet. Being quiet and stealthy is something that just comes naturally to her.

* RESILIENT : She is known to be headstrong and often referred to as a tough and hardy weed, not one to cry or show any signs of weakness. She may not be physically strong but her mental strength and endurance easily outweigh that. She is a lot hardier than she looks and her refusal to back down keeps her ahead.


* BLUNT : She’s well known for saying what she thinks and is commonly known to have no filter for what goes out of her mouth. It is amazing that she does not offend more people with her brutal honesty. There are of course, still those that do appreciate that she will always be frank and tell them the truth.

* PETULANT : She is known to sulk and pout when things doesn't go her way and act childishly. She is not above throwing anger tantrums even though most of the time it does not change anything as those close to her usually ignore them.

* SHORTSIGHTED : She’s not one known to plan for the future or the long term. She’s very spontaneous and all about about short term planning and focuses on the present. She’s the enjoy now, suffer later type and is a horrible planner.

* SOFT-SPOKEN : She naturally has a soft and gentle voice, and the fact that she doesn't raise her voice often unless it is absolutely needed. She knows what people say and think about her quietness, and it does affect her, just not deeply.

Describe Yourself:

* PASSIONATE: Narvia is a naturally fun loving and passionate soul. She loves having fun, and she works as hard as she plays hard. It usually devotes all her attention to whatever she does, and she usually focuses all on it until something new comes along. She is devoted and committed to those she loves and befriends.

* SPUNKY:  Although she may be soft spoken, that does not mean that she is any sort of pushover She's more than capable of being spunky and being fully capable of standing up and fighting for herself.She’s got plenty of fire within her.

* STUBBORN: When she sets her mind to something, there's little chance of being able to persuade her to stop what she's doing. She’s as obstinate as they come, so once she grabs onto something, she doesn’t let go until she has achieved her goal.

* HARDWORKING: She acknowledges her weaknesses, and the hardworker in her makes sure she puts in effort and plenty of time and energy in the tasks that she is assigned to do. She does that so that she can stay competitive.

The Magic Touch: Her cheeks turn very red when she is angry or flustered and sometimes people think she is just simply embarrassed, which isn't always it.


Mother: Navari, Journeyman Fisher, b. 2546
Father: Vephan, Journeyman Fisher, b. 2548 d. 2578
Siblings: Tarvian, Candidate, b. 2571, Vassatiere, Red Weyrling b.2569
Children: Kavar - Weyrbrat. Born 14.02.2584

Tell Us a Story

* 2569, Birth - Narvia is born to Narvari, wife of Vephan. Both of her parents were Journeyman Fishers who helped catch fish and other seafood for the hold. Both parents were delighted at the birth of the first child together, especially her father, whose eyes never fail to light up whenever he sees her.

* 2571, 2 - Her younger brother Tarvian is born, just two years ago her. Overjoyed of having a son, Vephan's attention was now split between her and his new son.

* 2572, 3 - Tillek Hold falls, and the family moves into Fort together with the rest of the refugees into the last remaining hold. Vephan and Navari do their best to take care of their children amidst the move, but life is with a young child and a baby.

* 2576, 7 - The family do what they can do survive with a large number of refugees competing for jobs. While her father is out working, and her mother is taking care of her young brother, Narvia goes out into the streets and discovers a harper singing for food, and she begins coming to listen to him everyday. Apart from singing, he also told stories, and her favourite were those about the dragons riders.

* 2578, 9 - Vephan grows ill because of how hard he works, and despite resting, does not recover from his sickness. He passes away in the middle of the turn, leaving his wife to take care of their two children. The only consolation is that Tarvian is no longer a baby and far easier to take care of than before.

* 2580, 11 - Over the years, she has befriended the singing harper and he teaches her all about songs and singing. She take turns to sing with him, providing some form of pleasure and entertainment to the people, and those more well-off donate food to them. He allows her a portion of what they get, and she brings it home.

* 2583, 14 - Her singing proves to be hit, and she becomes more popular than her teacher. They begin to draw bigger crowds and she begins to get more regular donors. The more popular they got, the more attention they got. A gang noticed them and threatened to make their life miserable unless they gave them a portion of what they received. They do so to as they did want to cause any trouble.

* 2584, 16 - Naravi manages to get a job with the Headwoman who served the Lady Holder, whom she befriends and their lives improves significantly. Tarvian comes an errand boy while Narvia sings and dance for the Lord and Lady holder.

* 2588, 19 - Returning home from an errand one day, she saw the lord and lady holder, along with her mother talking to a dragon rider. Narvia was shocked, she'd never thought she would see one in the flesh. What shocked her even more was when the rider told her that she could be a candidate if she wished. She looked to the Lord and Lady, before turning to her mother. The three of them simply nodded smiling. Saying her farewells, she left with the rider to begin her new life.

Life in the Weyr was very different from the hold, and once the Candidate Master found out that she had never undergone any real schooling, she was enrolled in the classes along with others. It was there that she found that she did well at reading and writing but struggled when it came to math. However, she still found herself enjoying doing the hands-on task more than any academic studies. Narvia ended up falling in love with rider during a flight, and got herself pregnant. She experienced childbirth, and through the pain of it all, wonders how her mother managed to go through this twice. Kavar is the result of the short-lived romance.

* 2591, 22 - Narvia has been standing for a few clutches now without impressing and her age is beginning to worry her. Despite the nagging feeling in her mind, she holds the hope in her heart that she will eventually impress.

Narvia had been so excited about hatching day that she had been having plenty of trouble falling asleep. The rest of the day had been a drag with little sleep, but when the loud announcement came from the Candidate Master and his dragon, she instantly felt energised. The hatching! It was finally here! It was time at last! The wait was over! This was yet another chance at impression for her. This might be it.

The thoughts of the upcoming hatching had been bombarding her mind ever since the touching ended. She quickly dropped whatever she was doing, it was no longer important right now. Making a quick visit to the toilet to wash up and freshen herself, tidying her hair as neatly as possible before quickly throwing on the white candidate robes hastily and strapping on her sandals. She gathered at the assembly point and the group made their way to the warm hatching sands.

Narvia had plenty of hopes for this hatching, and was optimistically hopeful that she would find her life mate today in this hatching. The thought of not impressing was unbearable for her and she tried to do her best to not dwell on that possibility at all. Once they were there, O'sir gave them the instructions again, and she listened as intently as well, even though she had been to several hatchings by now.

They were reminded once again to walk slowly and try not to obstruct the path of any dragonets looking for their riders. Narvia kept her eyes attentively over the whole cluster of eggs as one by one they managed to hatch. Little dragonets of different of colours slowly began to hatch one-by-one and she watched them closely to see if she had any chance at all by first looking at the colours.

She made sure to give way whenever those she had no chances with headed towards her direction, and smiled as they found their counterparts with joy. She waited nervously and anxiously as more eggs hatched and her turn had not yet arrived. She continued to suppress the dark thoughts of not impressing, pushing happier thoughts to the forefront of her mind to keep those negative thoughts restrained at the back of her mind. She didn't want to jinx herself.

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC, or Adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Rough' Em Up!
Anything Else:
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Re: Narvia [14.12.2569 9th Pass || Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2019, 04:48:26 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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Re: Narvia [14.12.2569 9th Pass || Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2019, 08:30:47 PM »

Dragon Details
Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn.
[ KAY-dee-noth ]
Date of Birth:
24.06.2591 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 27.8M
Mature Height: 6.5M
Mature Wingspan: 58.2M

General Appearance
Kadynoth looks almost more grey or pale violet than blue, save for the points of a deep, oceanic blue on his throat, near the bones of his wings, and at the end of his tail. Beyond that, his hide is almost silver in hue, darkening only down his spine to a dusted tarnish like the texture of a river pebble. His wingsails are the truly most eyecatching part of him, a shimmering blue, grey, and silver that mimic the flash of a fish's scales.

Clumsy when he first hatches, Kadynoth will outgrow this some as he gets older. Nevertheless, he will never be particularly graceful on his feet -- far more suited to flight than running or ground drills. It will be a relief to him when he's finally old enough to take to the sky. Though he can put on bursts of speed when required, he's normally a slow-moving dragon. Tall for his length, which is about middling for a Blue, he also has large wings that it will take him a whie to grow into.

Mind Voice: Vocally, Kadynoth makes a lot of noise; as he did when he hatched, he tends to hum, chirp, and trill more to himself than anyone else throughout whatever he's doing. It's just a tic of his personality that he "talks" to himself this way. His mental presence, on the other hand, is usually quieter, though it is by no means cold or distant. Rather, there's a solid weight to it that will remain steady in Narvia's head even when he's asleep. His telepathic voice is a mid-range baritone, and easily nuanced by emotion.

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Work : He'll be the last to ever complain about a chore or responsibility required of them. Like a good working wher, Kadynoth appreciates having tasks to complete and thrives best in situations where they can just take their instructions and go.

+ Narvia's Singing : As far as he's concerned, she might as well be a siren. No matter how long the two of them have been together, he'll always be entranced by it -- and will love lullabies, if she sings any to him while he's still a weyrling.

- Unwinnable Arguments : Kadynoth just doesn't see the… point? If it's clear neither party is going to convince the other, and the discussion is not being had in good faith, then it's just a waste of everyone's time.


* RESOLUTE : This Blue represents the best aspects of having a steady heart, and this facet of his personality will compliment his rider's own stubbornness. He's capable of letting the little things go, but when it's something important and worthwhile, no one will work harder than Kadynoth -- except maybe Narvia. 

* UP FOR WHATEVER : Kadynoth might not naturally be the most spontaneous creature, but that doesn't mean he's a stick-in-the-mud. Any adventures or fun that Narvia might want to pursue -- so long as they aren't liable to get her hurt -- are something he'll throw himself into happily. He'll be a little more cautious if there's serious risk involved, but that's just because he cares about her wellbeing and her future.


* BOVINE : Perhaps calling Kadynoth dim is too much of a stretch, but he's a simple dragon and certainly slow-moving. Easygoing and gentle, he doesn't have a deceitful or conniving bone in his body, and he expects others to be just as earnest. In that, he can be naďve and easily hurt when other people prove to have ulterior motives.

* GULLIBLE : Along with that, he's a poor hand at detecting when someone is lying or manipulating him. This Blue is someone that could be easily taken advantage of by the less-than-kind-hearted. He will have to rely on his rider to be a better judge of people than he is.

Dragon Speech Code:
Gradient Code : This is what your dragon's voice will look like.
Text: #B4BAED; Left BG: #3b4dd6; Right BG: #4e5166

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

In Kalestath and Neisoth's 2591 Hatching, Kadynoth is Blue 001. We hope you like him! :love:

This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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Re: Narvia [14.12.2569 9th Pass || Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2019, 08:23:48 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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