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Author Topic: Private Looks Red, Tastes Blue [29.06.2591, 8:34 PM] R'kan  (Read 169 times)

Offline Droissa

Looks Red, Tastes Blue [29.06.2591, 8:34 PM] R'kan
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:12:51 PM »
What are we doing?

//We’re looking for Rinokan.//

Oh, the Blue trotted alongside Droissa, his head tilted as he tried to make sense of her sudden desire to be social. We’ve never looked for anyone before.

//Don’t you think it’s time we started?// Saebrith’s silence meant he accepted this turn of events. Any excursion into the world of friendship was a welcome one, in his opinion.

The new group of weyrlings made the barracks feel crowded. Kalestath, as ever, had produced a large clutch. Add the late hour and it meant the halls and commons were overflowing with still-awkward dragonets and their still-new-to-all-of-this riders.The pair of them were quick on their feet though, sidestepping unaware hatchlings and Droissa herself going so far as to smile at the new faces she passed by. She’d been in their place not even a turn ago.

While she was sure that her new peers were full of a new-found hope, she wasn’t sure where that put Rinokan. Was he out here, mingling? That didn’t exactly sound like him. Neither did she think he’d be actively avoiding everything in his new room. Maybe somewhere in between?

There are many Red dragons here, Saebrith noted as they rounded a corner. That was about as much as she knew about Rinokan now, that he had Impressed one of the Reds. Dro’s fear of the mutations had long since been lost, and all that remained of the Kalestath 2590 clutch was the occasional nightmare. She had tried long and hard to forget the events of that day, and that task had gotten much easier with Saebrith’s birth.

Sitting in the stands the following year had been nerve wracking, but seemed to mark a turning point in dealing with the mutations that Rinokan had benefited from.

//He’s here, see?// And he was there, involved but not, which meant Droissa could approach him without feeling like she was interrupting something. Saebrith, ever social, stayed fast beside Dro and trilled a greeting to Hisketh.

“Hello,” she said.

Hello, he said.


Offline R'kan

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Re: Looks Red, Tastes Blue [29.06.2591, 8:34 PM] R'kan
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2019, 07:06:45 PM »
R’kan was glad, at least, that Hisketh wasn’t demanding that he be social. As much as he might know that he was going to have to get to know the people in his class—and there were so fucking many of them!—the idea of doing so all at once was… overwhelming. He’d never been a social butterfly, and that had never bothered him; it was a relief that HIsketh didn’t seem fazed by it either. He’d gotten the impression that all she wanted was to make sure he knew who the others were, because it would be important information.

That was something he could understand. But as hyperactive as some of the other Reds were, R’kan figured he’d lucked out. Hisketh seemed to have hatched with a surprising amount of maturity, and even his restless energy had its limits sometimes.

So though he wasn’t hiding in their room like some hermit, he was content for the moment to just let the others’ antics move on around him without his participation. Like a stone anchored in a swift riverbed, he’d claimed one of the ratty couches situated around the periphery of the Commons and settled in it—laying on it, really, with his head on one arm and his feet propped on the other.

Hisketh was curled up on his stomach, half asleep, and Scoria draped over the top of the sofa. Fascinated as he still was by her dark red hide, R’kan had just been running his fingers over it. But as someone approached, first his firelizard and then his dragon woke more fully. The former recognized who it was, and it was Scoria’s polite hum of acknowledgment that first made R’kan look up just as Droissa spoke.

An actual grin broke out on his face then, and he sat up hurriedly—snagging Hisketh and easily shifting her to his lap as he did so. Graceful and composed as ever, she simply moved with him rather than flailing about at the abrupt position change. Her eyes, previously an easy blue, became a green-hued teal in wakefulness and curiosity.

“Dro! Hey.” Part of him had worried what this meeting might be like. Awkward? But now that she was there, he was too excited to feel any of that. Scooting to one side of the small couch, he indicated the space he’d made if she wanted to sit.

They hadn’t seen one another as much since she’d Impressed, and he’d missed her company.

Absently smoothing his dragon’s wings against her sides to make sure they weren’t out of place after he’d moved her, he half presented her, shifting her more forward on his lap. “Meet Hisketh.”

Hello, she purred in response to the older Blue, and folded her front feet beneath her like a feline might. The greeting was extended to Dro as well, a brief and polite brushing of their minds. Then, just to the other dragon, she commented, You must be Saebrith. I’m Hisketh. She’d picked up the name from R’kan’s memories; Droissa and P’ar were the two people he thought of most beyond his family, and she’d already met the latter. His thoughts had indicated he didn’t know Saebrith as well; she supposed that meant it was her responsibility to fix that.

Hisketh | 1 month old | 1.9M Long | 0.4M Tall | 3.154M Wingspan
Family for R'kan

Offline Droissa

Re: Looks Red, Tastes Blue [29.06.2591, 8:34 PM] R'kan
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2019, 06:17:43 PM »
She wasn’t sure that she’d ever get used to the size of the Red dragons. Her flit, Wander, was nearly Hisketh’s equal. She didn’t voice these thoughts, she knew enough weyrfolk said it with more sinister undertones, but she did let her eyes linger on the small dragon as she was resettled with more grace than expected from a hatchling. Hisketh’s presence of mind was a gift after they’d just struggled through the waves of lesser-developed weyrlings.

Rinokan looked pleased to see her, though she felt a bit guilty for stirring him from what had looked like a very comfortable position. He inched over and gave up the space for her, and she inclined her head in thanks before climbing onto the couch and sitting cross-legged, facing him. Saebrith sprawled out below her, his limbs lazily relaxed but his head held up with polite interest.

“Hisketh,” she greeted, bowing forward as best she could. “It’s lovely to meet you. This is Saebrith,” her hand made a casual flourish toward the blue. Dro then straightened her posture and looked back up at Rinokan with a wry grin, “She’s a very healthy shade of red, isn’t she?” Like wine, or blood. “And not a black dragon like I’d guessed, guess I lose that bet.”

Yes, he said back to the red, his tone bright. I am Droissa’s Saebrith. It’s good to meet you, I hope we will be friends. His knobby head tilted to the side and his tail swung this way and that with long, lazy strokes.

“She suits you, though,” she added, her voice just a touch softer. That he’d Impressed a mutation still fit what she knew of him, however her own previous prejudices had her feeling a bit of guilt. Saebrith touched her mind briefly, soothing that remorse until she stopped frowning.

“So, are you still Rinokan?”


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