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Author Topic: Mature Flight lust [ 12.3.2591 // 3 PM ] || V'len  (Read 86 times)

Offline Ehrran

Flight lust [ 12.3.2591 // 3 PM ] || V'len
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:12:10 PM »
Today had been a rare day, perhaps it was the feeling of the impending gold flight in the air or just some kind of silly lucky but there was a chance for V’len and E to spend time with their small child in the comfort of their weyr. She had raced down to the Creche and collected their son along with some food and had hurried back up to their weyr to settle in for a simple meal with her love and their child.

things had been going splendid, but just as she was giggling and playing with a rattle  just out of their son’s reach she felt V’len get up and step over them to head towards the large bronze now impatiently waiting for his rider on the ledge. Her heart sank a little as her mate kissed her head and said good bye to their son in a soft way. Ehrran pulled their child against her chest and looked up at the bronzer, her eyes catching his for a moment.

She said nothing, just watched him as he turned from them and swung upon the large bronze. She sighed and looked back down at their handsome young son. He had said he would be back, but would he?
Redrenth had yet to catch a gold in all of his chances of gold flights but that did not mean he could not eventually win. E know what that would mean for her and V’len and she gracefully accepted her fate as a woman in love with a rider. She would have graciously accepted his fate should he win even if she hoped that he didn’t.

She knew she had some time before she would need to return their small, young child to the Creche and hopefully await V’len’s return. So she continued to stay where she was and sing soft songs to the small version of V’len laying in her arms. As the time slowly ticked by the heat of lust settled over the Weyr like a coat of dust she moved to take her son to the Creche and return before the flight was over.

Once she was with out child she moved to the ledge of the weyr and leaned against the rocky face, dressed only in a simple robe, her long hair floating about her shoulders and dancing down to her elbows and mid of her back. Blue eyes searched the skies, watching the dragons race after a golden bullet and she patiently waited, hoping her mate would return to her.

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Offline V'len

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Re: Flight lust [ 12.3.2591 // 3 PM ] || V'len
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2019, 07:39:15 PM »
The Flight had been a long one. V'len let Redrenth take the lead during the Flight, as he did for all Flights. While the big bronze was able to restrain himself when greens rose, he was a slave to nature when a gold dragon rose in heat. V'len and Ehrran had an understanding that if Redrenth ever flew a Queen, they would remain as lovers, even if his duty made him commit to which ever Weyrwoman was bonded to the gold. The sexual fluidity of the Weyr, which took V'len a long while to grow accustomed to, served in their benefit in such a case.

This Flight, however, was not won by Redrenth. Soon, Redrenth and V'len returned to their weyr. Both were not too displeased about the results of the Flight. The dragon stayed in contention for a long while and V'len did not have to leave his love. Redrenth settled gently on the ledge of the weyr and was careful to not buffet Ehrran with his down strokes. The rider loosened his riding straps and slid from the dragon's back. He wore a pair of wherhide breeches and boots, with no shirt. He landed with a softened thud and turned to face his hulking bonded. He patted the bronze on his flank. "You did good, my friend." The bronze huffed deeply and slunk into his weyr, though his eyes swirled a pleased blue.

V'len turned to Ehrran, his body glistened with a light sheen of sweat. "Valeren is back at the creche?" he asked as he closed the distance to her. He brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear and cupped her chin. He smiled gently as he looked into her eyes and saw the joy of his return deep in them.
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Offline Ehrran

Re: Flight lust [ 12.3.2591 // 3 PM ] || V'len
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2019, 07:48:24 PM »
E had waited patiently, the air around her growing heavy as the dragons raced on and their flight lust started to effect everyone in the Weyr and not just riders. She adjusted in her position against the weyr wall and licked her lips. An itch settled into her skin and soul that was begging for it to be scratched but she with held with an iron grip as her eyes watched the skies as gold, brown, blue, and bronze melded, mixed, and flowed together in the sky.

When the large bronze body of Redrenth finally loomed over the weyr and he slowly descended down upon the ledge she looked away for a moment as the wind from his down strokes brushed against her. She turned back to look at the bronze pair was the wind settled and she smile, her blue eyes dark as she watched V’len turn to look at his bonded.
”you did good Handsome” she said gently to Redrenth before turning to look at V’len as he moved towards her. She took in the look of soft sheen on his muscled body and could not held the soft tingle that raced over her skin in anticipation.

E bit her bottom lip and nodded her head at the question he asked ”Yes” she said breathlessly and sighed as his hand brushed a lock of hair from her face and his calloused hands cupped her chin. She looked up at him and smiled brightly, the joy of him returning to her. She reached her hands out and gripped at his waist and leaned up to kiss his lips.
She paused to pull away from him, a soft moan escaping her lips and she spoke ”I am so glad you returned” she said softly in a breathless tone before pressing her lips against his again and pulling him towards her.

The itch in her soul and her body pushing her onward to be scratched.

- all power play by Red and V'len is approved -


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