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Author Topic: Event Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event  (Read 409 times)

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Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« on: February 09, 2019, 03:18:39 PM »
‘Proper’ Holders might call them nothing but criminals, but both Haleene knew that she, Cassaval, and the others had worked hard for what they had. None of this would have been possible without it, even if some of that hard work had included bribery, political maneuvering, and intimidation. That aside, this was still an endeavor that she was proud of:  just as they had successfully started up the first gambling den since the end of the Pass, it hadn’t taken long for support to flow in and be translated to something more. Things just wouldn’t be the same without a brothel too.

And as straight-laced as the Holders liked to pretend to be in the daylight, Haleene knew that this aspect of their business would be just as lucrative as the tables were proving to be. Perhaps even more so. Men that might not otherwise sleep with some waif of a drudge would pay good marks for the ‘legitimacy’ and ‘discretion’ of a proper whore.

Not only men, she supposed. But with the state of things for Holder wives, she’d bet most of their clientele would be.

They were already doing a brisk business even this early in the night, and not only in flesh; offering lower prices for commodities they already sold—alcohol, betting, and smokeweed sticks among them—seemed, at the outset, like an idea bound to lose them money. But with patrons already feeling like they’d won something through it, they’d stay longer, drink to greater excess, bet higher, and be more easily swayed by the charming attentions of the whores moving about the betting floor.

For the moment, things were calm. Loud, but calm. And tucked away this far from the residential areas of the Mine Hall, safeguarded by Peacekeeper patrols that would keep people away from ‘unfinished tunnels’, Haleene was confident the night was already beginning. Cassaval seemed to agree, as he flashed her a smile from his place near the bar.

Spoiler for OOC:
Along with a gambling den, the Mine Hall now as its very own brothel attached. :3 Haleene, like Cassaval, is an unranked but adoptable NPC. As ever, anyone is free to make a member of their gang or one of their employees, either as an MNPC or PC. You’re also welcome to check into the OOC thread or go there for additional information!
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Offline Ryneppa

Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 12:59:25 AM »
Ryneppa didn't particularly like the idea of supporting someone who she would've once considered competition. One of her siblings would probably say something like 'A little healthy competition is necessary in business' but Ryn had never really got that. Hence why her other siblings were in charge of operations. Ryn had been in the business of getting rid of annoying things.

However, she did know, that should Cassaval succeed, it would certainly open the gate a little wider for her family to re-enter if they chose to. And so she didn't feel too guilty at all giving a nod to the Peacekeeper patrols who had been strategically placed down the more and more rough corridors of the Mine Hall, and making her way into the den proper. Eppask and Ynesk were back at her quarters, not wanting them to disturb her should the night turn out to be a long one.

She had no real plans, although on her approach towards the bar to start her night the right way, she noticed the few women and men interspersed through the crowd. Ryn was familiar with the scenario, and could spot the particular kind of socialisation. A few caught her eye. A few might make for a more interesting night.

Slightly more cheerful at that thought, but keeping it on the backburner for now, Ryn got her drink, leaning her back against the bar, and kept sizing up the room.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Ryn is open for whatever tonight <3

Offline Kyrrin

Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2019, 01:08:03 AM »
Kyrrinsk chuffs, her head swivelling to watch everybody coming and going. -Excitement!- is bleeding through the bond as Kyrrin leans casually against the wall. One hand resting on her knife hilt and the other gripping the loose chain connected to Kyrrinsk's collar. Not that it's necessary, Kyrrinsk knows better than to move without permission, unless of course she spots a threat. She's taken down a couple of knife weilders Kyrrin hadn't even noticed until they were on the floor before now.

Still, it reassures the patrons to know that the Wher is clearly under control, and a happy, relaxed customer means they'll spend more marks. More marks coming in means she gets a better cut. Simple and easy, the better a job she does, the better she gets paid.

They both enjoy door duty, it's easier than patrolling and she was happy to see their names down for the first part of the night when she checked in for their shift. She enjoys people watching, guessing what's brought everyone here. Cheap ale for some, others are clearly here for the whores, some just seem curious. Plus side though she's not spotted anyone who looks like they want to cause trouble. Kyrrinsk will be disappointed but Kyrrin would quite enjoy a nice relaxed night.

-?...!- Kyrrin pushes herself off the wall, nodding briskly as Kyrrinsk huffs happily at the other Wher that's taking over their position. She hadn't realised how late it had gotten. Time to go stretch their legs.

It's crowded inside, but not enough that it's impossible for a small Wher to fit through and the crowds open up as they pass. Sure there's a few scowls aimed their way, but most appear happy that there's security around should things turn nasty. Cassaval is taking no chances with these projects and Kyrrin approves of his caution and tactics. He's a man that seems to understand the lay of the land and is using it well. Still, just one half of her shift to go now and then she'll be free to grab a drink herself. She nods to her Boss as she swings past the bar, attention mainly on the customers as she watches for trouble.

Kyrrinsk is 3.0M Long and 1.2M High

Offline Bekareni

Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2019, 04:30:30 PM »
The tentative drum beats of harper apprentices beckoned the holders into the depths of the tunnels. Beka followed them, too, swaying her hips with the rhythm and making do with the stuttering stops and uncertain starts. These kids probably didn’t remember the old life, they were easily distracted by so much skin.

Starting over usually meant a return to tradition. Upon moving to the island, most of the holders had clung to their laws and their morals, pretending the last few decades had never happened and that they hadn’t slipped so far into debauchery. Beka never had such illusions. She missed her sisters, even the ones that weren’t so friendly. She missed feeling valued and wanted, and knowing that she was in charge of her own destiny. Well, mostly in charge.

She cast a glance to where Haleene lingered over the proceedings. Not her old employer, but one she was familiar with, and now one of the first to step back into the underground. It was important for Beka to build new bridges and take advantage of every opportunity. The decision to work for Haleene was an easy one.

And speaking of work..

Bekareni was in full regalia, which in reality meant little clothing but a whole lot of accessories. Gold paint highlighted her skin, dark kohl rimmed her eyes, and her hair was threaded with wire and braided with yellow cloth. At her ankles, waist and wrists she wore delicate bells that announced her every move with the murmur of metal-on-metal. Sheer ribbons articulated the sweeping motion of her arms and fluttered around her with every twirl and step.

She danced her way through the gathered crowd, not lingering for long near any particular patron but making sure most of them did, in fact, see her. Her expression was coy, as if at any moment she might burst into a fit of giggles, or that she knew your darkest secret. Finally, she found a post somewhere near the harpers where their music continued to encourage the bump of her hips.

Offline Meyelthra

Re: Warm Bodies, Warm Beds [ 36.07.2591; 10:45 PM ] || Event
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2019, 05:01:47 PM »
It was so much like Fort that Meyelthra thought, for a moment, that she might be dreaming. The music, though faintly timid, was still reminiscent of one of the larger whore houses and gambling dens she’d visited. The tables, the conversation, and even the alcohol. All of it was like a fine de ja vu. Only little details set them apart, stark in contrast only because Meyelthra was looking for the differences.

The place was cleaner, the people more colorful. Not as gaunt, not as edgy. Not as sharp, though there was still that hint of danger in the air. Knives carried on belts and quick glances over shoulders. Being mindful of who was close to them and where hands lingered.

They really were slipping back into the darkness of the Fort tunnels.

Meyelthra had walked the rough perimeter of the room, a drink in hand, before she settled on a table near one of the gambling tables. Watching and content to sip her drink. Normally she’d have thrown herself into the drink and fun – not that she was much of a gambler on luck alone, she much preferred wher fights – but this was an occasion she wanted to observe. Would they really get away with it? Was there really a market for flesh still? Even now, with things not as desperate?

Men and women could simply live at the Weyr and find sex, easy and free. Why would they come here to pay for it? Was the need to be separate from the Weyr that great? The need for secretive and selective partners still a market in the Holders?


Meyelthra waved off one of the whores who drifted by her table. Normally she wouldn’t have shrugged off easy attention, but she wasn’t in the mood tonight. Instead, her attention continued to flit about the room. Picking out familiar faces.

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