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Author Topic: Event [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights  (Read 350 times)

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[ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« on: February 09, 2019, 03:18:52 PM »
Red Lights

36.07.2591 / 10:45 pm

Cassaval, the gang leader and proprietor of the Last Gambit, has expanded his holdings. With the success of the gambling den and the consolidation of power it has brought him, he’s been eager to extend his influence before a rival gang can snatch up a niche in the market. This then, is the grand opening of a subsidiary business attached to the den. Though both are run out of the same larger cavern, a secondary one has been hollowed out and turned into private rooms available for patrons who are after a slightly different type of entertainment.

He and his lieutenants have blackmailed, threatened, and cajoled a small group of women—and a few men—who were once whores back at Fort Hold to become such again. Some didn’t mind returning to their previous way of life, while others were less willing:  but all of them are properly motivated and on their best behavior for the evening while they circulate on the gambling floor and charm potential customers.

To further entice patrons on this occasion, the Last Gambit is also offering discounts on drinks and buy-ins for the betting tables. Whether you want to make a gang member, one of the whores, or just toss in a character that shows up for the cheaper alcohol and gambling, you’re welcome to it all. :3

All we ask is that if your character does visit one of the Gambit’s new employees, you take it to a private thread appropriately marked as ‘Mature’ so that all players can enjoy the more community atmosphere of the gambling floor in this main event thread.

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Re: [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 12:43:25 AM »
I'll throw Kyrrin into this I think.

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Re: [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2019, 12:34:24 PM »
Weyrfolk R'ael, C'dus, F'erro, T'rel, Saviavi, Gheinvrixic and Nieve are all unaware of the underground workings of the mine hall. R'ael might wander in one day, if she hears about it, but only to reunite with old buddies who have a place they can safely gather finally.

At the Hold, only Penderton is caught unawares. He'd be too shy to even consider an evening at the brothel, anyway.

Catyra will have heard of it, just as she's heard of the gambling ring, but it isn't a place she wants herself or her children to end up in. She remains aloof about the whole thing.

Nealros has never cared for whores, but association with them isn't really avoidable considering he likes to dabble in all of the other underground activities. Still, he won't be there tonight, and probably not for the next few nights until he figures appetites have slowed down and he won't be accosted at the door.

And then there's Bekareni. Finally she has her home back. She willingly enters service under Haleene and is in full decor for the evening. She'll be dancing mostly, but would never turn down an offer for some private entertainment.

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Re: [ 36.07.2591 ] Red Lights
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2019, 06:09:44 PM »
Eldessen knows that Fort Hold had an underground. Her eldest brother was (is) a gang member. So while she is still unaware of the underground goings-on in the Mine Hall, she won’t be surprised if she does eventually hear of it.

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