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Author Topic: Pending Ryuka - Dragon Candidate  (Read 187 times)

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Ryuka - Dragon Candidate
« on: March 06, 2019, 04:56:06 PM »

Name: Ryuka
Pronounced: Ryu-ka
Nicknames: Ryu
Date of Birth:
25.07.2579 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Job Before Search:

Color Preference:

Being new I don't know all too much about the colours and honestly, I am not really that picky. So I can happy with any colour.

Future Rider Name:
Ryu most likely if it is shortened.

Your Reflection

Appearance: We already know how your character looks from the image you’ve provided above. This section is for anything that makes your character stand out. Dressing style, how they wear their hair, distinguishing marks, etc. What they see when they look in the mirror on any given day. A paragraph suits.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Ryuka was born near the end of the pass so he has only heard of stories. He is glad that he wasn't born during those hard frightening times. Everyone moved to a new home, one that was much safer. Still, it wasn't all peaceful. Ryuka is just happy that he and his family didn't experience the worst of it. He was lucky and not a lot of people were able to say that.

Response to dragon colour mutations: Ryuka doesn't mind, he finds them interesting. He wants to learn as much about them as possible.

Who Are You

Likes & Dislikes: * Friends - Ryuka always likes making new friends whenever possible
* Pets and Animals - He loves all animals big or small.
* Having fun - He enjoys having fun whenever he can, he likes to be doing something
* Nature - Ryuka loves nature and often takes his time to take it all in.
* Quality Time - Ryuka doesn't like to be working constantly. Sometimes he just wants time to himself and his friends, to have some fun and relax.


* Boredom - Ryuka hates being bored and doing nothing. He has to be doing something to keep his mind active.
* Rudeness - Ryuka can't stand rudeness. He hates being insulted or having his friends be insulted.
* Cold - Ryuka hates being in cold weather. He much prefers the heat.
* Disrespect - Ryuka hates any kind of disrespect for absolutely no reason.
*  Stupidity - Ryuka understands when people doesn't understand something and he doesn't mind explaining something to someone but he hates it when people cannot understand the most basic things and concepts.

Strengths: 3+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Fun-Loving: Ryuka has always got something to smile and laugh about. He tries to have a good time and often makes jokes.

* Helpful: Ryuka tries his best to help whenever he can however he can. He likes to be helpful and likes to feel like he is needed.

* Observant: Ryuka is often very observant. He pays attention and takes lots of notes. He loves learning whenever he can and so he is always taking in what's going on around him.

Weaknesses: 3+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Nervous: Ryuka is often nervous during serious situations or situations he hasn't been in before. He doesn't like the unknown or the unexpected. 

* Weak: Ryuka isn't physically strong. He is long and thin and hasn't got any muscle.

* Forgetful Ryuka hasn't got the best memory. He often forgets important things especially dates and times.

Describe Yourself:

* Kind: ----- Ryuka is kind and considerate. He looks out for others and does what he can to help however he can.

* Curious: ----- He is curious, always wanting to learn more. He loves to learn and loves to know things especially if it is something brand new.

* Intelligent: ----- Ryuka is quite smart. He is always making notes when he learns something new and is always looking out for something to learn. He is a fast learner and likes to share what he knows.

The Magic Touch: If there’s anything else you’d like to add, like habits or an addiction, please add it here.


Mother: Rank, birthdate, deathdate if applicable. If she was a dragon rider, we need to know the turn she Impressed and the name of her dragon.
Father: Rank, birthdate, deathdate if applicable. If he was a dragon rider, we need to know the turn he Impressed and the name of his dragon.

Siblings: Name, rank, birthdate, and deathdate if applicable. If any were dragon riders, we need to know the turn they Impressed and the name of their dragons.

Tell Us a Story

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2587, 8 Riders are sent off in search of a new home. Ryuka had heard stories of what had happened, but never experienced it himself. Once a new home was found, everyone was moved to Fort little by little. Ryuka knew that one day he would want to be a candidate and in this new home where it was safe, he would have his chance once he was of age.

He grew up a relatively normal life. It was only a few years later that he was lucky enough to be chosen during a search. He was going to be a candidate like he had wanted to be for so long.  During this time Ryuka did the best he could to impress and learn as much as he possibly could howver he knew that there was a lot for him to learn still.

Ryuka was a new candidate. He couldn't wait to learn. He didn't know too much yet but he was prepared. He was going to take plenty of notes during the class. He sat himself down and laid his note book down on the table as well as a few pens then looked up to the candidate master. He smiled as he listened to the topic of the lesson and listened as the candidate master began to speak and teach the class. as he spoke Ryuka made sure to take as many notes as he could. The lesson lasted up to an hour and by the time it ended Ryuka had a few new notes in his book. He got himself up and grabbed his bag then walked out of the classroom. He had learned a lot from that class and he would soon learn a lot more.

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
NPC or Adoptable I don't mind.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up (I will go higher but for now since this is my first character I'll stick with this)
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make. If you would like your character listed as nonbinary, please note it here.
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Re: Ryuka - Dragon Candidate
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2019, 08:13:57 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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