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Author Topic: Private First Impressions are the Best [ 05.07.2587 / 7PM ] Essie / X'hos  (Read 2436 times)

Offline Meyelthra

It was almost surreal for Meyelthra that, while so many were working around the Weyr to make it habitable, no one bothered her. Whatever it was about being in a Rider’s Weyr, they seemed to assume she either had something to do or... there just wasn’t anyone that kept tabs on the mated weyrfolk.

Not that Meyelthra would say that’s what she was. But she did get to stay in his bedfurs for most of the morning, get up when she wanted, and roam about the Weyr. She pitched in the kitchens a couple of times, but that’d been out of boredom. Not necessity.

Whatever the reason, Meyelthra rather liked her new station in life and wanted to keep it. Things were comfortable. Relaxed. Coming from the tunnels and darkness of Fort, it was such a change that she considered it a vacation from her old life. A vacation that didn’t exactly have an expiration date since X’hos didn’t seem about to kick her out.

While Meyelthra wouldn’t say she had a routine down, she did know that toward the end of the day, most of the riders turned in for dinner. That seemed as good a time as any to collect X’hos. She was feeling a bit restless. With the Weyrhall full of tables, and riders slowly occupying them, it took her a moment to find him. Already seated with what she suspected were some of his wingmates. Meyelthra didn’t particularly care about other dragonriders. They weren’t X’hos, she didn’t know them, so they didn’t matter.

She didn’t even look at any of the others as her hand slid along X’hos’ shoulders and she said, by way of greeting, “Did you just sit down for dinner?”

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Offline X'hos

Re: First Impressions are the Best [ 05.07.2587 / 7PM ] Essie / X'hos
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2019, 06:29:45 PM »
Unless Meyelthra showed up after work and drills were over for the day—or sent Snap to collect him when she couldn’t be bothered—X’hos usually still ate with his Wingmates. He enjoyed their social cohesion even if he didn’t directly consider himself a part of it; of course, he was proud to be one of Jungle’s Wingriders, and he appreciated the others’ company… but he’d ever been somewhat outside of it all, basking in it instead by idly listening to conversations and just existing in the same place. That had long been enough for him, though of course there were some that occasionally coaxed him into talking.

Nevertheless, his relative lack of a social life had made Meyelthra’s entrance into his space a rather easy one. X’hos mostly kept to himself save for a few other riders, and even then he interacted with most only when they were performing Wing duties. Outside of mealtimes, he simply performed what he saw as ‘upkeep’ on his life—making sure his gear was in order, exercising to further keep himself in shape, or tending to Damerinth. Hobbies were never something X’hos had really felt drawn to.

Meyel, though… she was different. She’d quickly become the focus of his world, and the months after their meeting had only made that more true. So when he felt a hand slide along his shoulders, X’hos knew it must be her. Who else would touch him in such a way?

Leaning back into the contact, he looked over his shoulder at her with one of his rare and quiet smiles. “Yes.” Without being asked, he shifted some to make space if she cared to sit. Down near the end of one of the tables as he was, rather than in the thick of things, he wouldn’t be upsetting any wingmates by trying to cram her onto a crowded bench—but it certainly did put him a bit closer to Eldessen on his left.

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Offline Eldessen

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Re: First Impressions are the Best [ 05.07.2587 / 7PM ] Essie / X'hos
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2019, 11:04:44 AM »
Fort Island was still new enough that Eldessen sometimes felt she was in a dream. Surrounded by her still-new wingmates, eating a proper enough meal for dinner, Mialeyth tucked up safe and sound in a wallow on the beach... Things were not yet good, not by normal standards, but they were good enough. Esselden sat with D'kin on one side and X'hos, a fellow greenrider, on the other, a warm content low in her stomach. One of the Beach wingriders had been making eyes at her for a few days now, and she was certain that she would bring the bluerider home tonight. The chase had just about run its course. But right now, she only spared the woman a few glances across the crowded Hall. Right now was for her brother, her friends, her wing.

"Have you seen Esserin?" she asked her brother, frowning for a moment. Her brother joined them often enough, but she had a sad feeling that the dragonriders of Jungle Wing made him nervous. He is just acclimating to the Weyr. He will be alright. Perhaps he needed more time with Mialeyth and Onnalath. Hadn't that helped her grow accustomed to his gold Essesk?

He must be very stupid to be afraid of us. Ah, Mialeyth in a mood was a pure joy to bespeak. Essie wasn't sure what had done it this time, but a sudden vague irritation in her eye suggested that it might have been an insect in her green's face.

He's not stupid. He's just... She felt X'hos shift a little closer and turned from D'kin to flash the other greenrider a smile. The flirtatious note to her voice was evident, but harmless. "Getting cozy, are we, X'hos? Well, I suppose you're not too terrible to look at." She placed a hand on his arm, natural as breathing to her, and her gaze slid to the pretty blonde woman beside him. "And who is this? A friend? A..." She trailed of suggestively, arching a perfectly-manicured eyebrow.

Spoiler for OOC:
I hope this is ok!

Offline Meyelthra

Re: First Impressions are the Best [ 05.07.2587 / 7PM ] Essie / X'hos
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2019, 12:09:51 PM »
Meyelthra glanced at the space made for her, recognizing the invitation for what it was. Her gaze then flicked around at the other Riders at the table. She wasn’t quite ready to consider herself apart of them, either by association or proximity. This was X’hos’ world and she was perfectly content to keep that part of his world across a clearly defined line.

Meyel would always be a holder, through and through. Riders were a different breed. X’hos? Well. He happened to be a Rider she’d plucked out of the air and brought to the ground for her pleasure. Not the other way around. So while she didn’t outright refuse the invitation, the fact she didn’t sit down was enough. Neither did she walk away, either, because she didn’t miss the touch from the woman next to him.

Fuckin’ dragon riders and their obnoxious, physical closeness. If another woman had touched X’hos like that, Meyel could easily guess the meaning and call her out on it. But this? Who the fuck knew? For all Meyel could guess, the girl could be a younger sister. With as casually as they treated contact amongst one another, it was difficult to determine what they thought was too much and what wasn’t. While Meyelthra wasn’t the timid sort, she also didn’t like being the fool. Making a big deal out of something that wasn’t in front of a table of riders would make her the fool.

So she clenched her jaw, glared at the woman, and said in a hot, clipped tone, “Bedmate for tonight.” That’d clear up just about any confusion about where this girl should keep her hands and where X’hos would be going once he got up from the table. Her hand remained on his shoulder, too. A tad possessive without being entirely obvious about it. All the while resisting the urge to break the other girl’s overly familiar hand.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Tinker @SirAlahn
Meyel has entirely normal responses to totally innocent actions >_>

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Offline X'hos

Re: First Impressions are the Best [ 05.07.2587 / 7PM ] Essie / X'hos
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2019, 11:39:05 AM »
It surprised X’hos a little when Eldessen rested her hand on his arm, the contact enough to make him turn his head in her direction. Even amongst fellow riders, such casual contact was somewhat alien to him too. X’hos might greatly appreciate physical affection, and certainly did so with Meyelthra, but the degree to which some of the others in the Weyr so readily touched one another still wasn’t his style. Nevertheless, he inclined his head to her with an expression that wasn’t quite a smile. He knew well enough she didn’t mean anything by it.

“Pardon me.” An apology seemed necessary, since it appeared that he had encroached on her personal space. “This is… Meyelthra.” The woman herself had answered the unspoken latter part of Eldessen’s question, and it was enough to make some faint color rise to his face.

That was just Meyelthra, though. Always forward and speaking her mind. He wasn’t ashamed of anyone knowing they were together, but X’hos was naturally a private person. Still, he glanced between them, studying his lover’s expression. He hoped she was not cross with him. Did her noting that’s he was his bedmate for tonight mean she might not be in the future? Perhaps she had interpreted this all in such a way that she was jealous?

A foreign emotion to X’hos, so he was a bit unsure how to proceed. Since it seemed polite, he indicated the rider next to him and added softly, “This is Eldessen. A fellow Green rider.” At least, there’d be no chance of the two of them ending up together on accident over a Flight.

Spoiler for OOC:
I’m slow, and I’m sorry. ._.

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