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Author Topic: Event Old Traditions, New Turn [ 4.8.2591; 3:12 PM ] || Event  (Read 2078 times)

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Old Traditions, New Turn [ 4.8.2591; 3:12 PM ] || Event
« on: April 16, 2019, 12:33:15 PM »
Commotion was usually a bad thing. For all the progress that the people of Pern had made in their struggle to not only survive, but to thrive, their position was still tenuous. Delicate. And with Hunters, Snakes, sharpfish, and skycoursers all threats to contend with, not to mention whatever else the island might throw at them, could anyone really be blamed if their first instinct upon hearing a ruckus was to panic?

So when shouts went up around the Beast Hall, there were no doubt some who braced for bad news. Beasts taken ill? A birth gone badly? Faranth forbid, skycoursers?

But the skies were mercifully clear on this rare sunny day. So skycoursers, yes, but not in the way that might be feared:  rather, the treasured clutch kept warm in the barn was showing signs of hatching.

The shouts quickly turned to joyous ones, as those promised to the eggs were found among the animals and crops, collected, and ushered into the barn with congratulations and claps on the back. All under the watchful eyes of the senior Crafters in the Hall, lest they forget that this was an old tradition they were resurrecting in a new time, to keep their livestock and the future of Pern both safe from the dangers that threatened them.

This was progress.

Spoiler for OOC:
As always, feel free to respond here or check in at the OOC thread. Please see that topic for information about having a character imprint to a skycourser either now or in the future. Bear in mind that any Herders or Farmers imprinting at this event will have to have been previously approved by their Hall’s leadership. :love:
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This is an NPC account acting on behalf of said terrible beasties of Southern Winds Weyr and the other natural disasters.

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Re: Old Traditions, New Turn [ 4.8.2591; 3:12 PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2019, 04:38:40 PM »
Elrost stood sentinel across one of the lengths of the barn, alongside the other senior craftsmen of their hall. Not that there were many of them, so they didn't exactly overwhelm the proceedings, but they were certainly keeping a watchful eye.

In his craft, Elrost had to become accustomed to some degree of chance. Sometimes calves were stillborn, sometimes the prime mother didn't get studded in the round you had been planning, and sometimes none of the females in the herd took to the bull you had been rearing for the season. Occasionally, you discovered a cause after the problem had been mitigated, other times it was simply the luck of the draw, and Elrost had... contented himself with that fact for the most part.

But everything about these skycoursers made him feel completely in the dark. The little they did know about the creatures was that they were dangerous and violent. Elrost felt the lump of warmth against his side where Harrier was curled up inside his shirt, her head just poking above his collar to observe the proceedings. He had considered leaving her behind, not knowing what would occur today and whether or not it would revive any unwelcome memories for the lizard.

But the hall had decided. They were going to attempt the skycourser endeavour, and as a senior journeyman, it was his duty to carry out the halls wishes. And so he stood and watched. Ellsk at attention beside him, although even now she was beginning to fidget, young Sensk attempting in vain not to be distracted by his older sister. And finally Harrier, watching the crafters being ushered into the barn with narrowed eyes.

He gave a few of the apprentices approving nods should they meet his eye, but mostly he thought of the upcoming imprinting and what it meant for the future of their craft.
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Offline Cinnacai

Re: Old Traditions, New Turn [ 4.8.2591; 3:12 PM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2019, 12:52:07 AM »
Cinnacai stood near the door of the barn, not completely joining in the occasion, but also not wanting to be out of the lurch when the stories of whatever happened started spreading through the Weyr and the crafts.

She had made the decision not to ask the seniors in her craft if she could have one of the eggs she, and the others, had retrieved from the cliffside. Not that she didn't desperately want to. Because she did. The decision left an ache in the depths of her chest, knowing that something incredible was going to happen and she wasn't going to be apart of it. Sure it was traditional, but as far as she was concerned, they were breaking new ground. Cai so wanted to be part of the few to pave the way.

But she didn't know if it would be right for Cinnask. And Cinnask had been her first choice, and her first responsibility. It didn't feel right to risk their bond just because she wanted to be a hero. Well... maybe not a hero, but at least part of an elite few.

There was little known about how the skycourser bonding would turn out. Whether Fort Island skycoursers were even the same as the ones from the records. No one knew exactly how this would go, but these were wild animals, and always had been. Faranth knew that wild ones had killed many a firelizard, they'd even lost an apprentice on the trek!

More information, more knowledge, that's all she needed. Cinnask had never really been good with aggression or violence, if these birds couldn't be tamed enough... then Cai didn't want to risk the bond she did have. If they could, then it was worth the risk that others were paving the way and she would be a step or two behind.

So she knew it was the right decision, even if it rankled her. And so she stood, arms folded in the shadows, a little angry and brooding, but not wanting to miss out on any more than she had to.

Offline D'via

Re: Old Traditions, New Turn [ 4.8.2591; 3:12 PM ] || Event
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2019, 04:47:15 AM »

Anedaith huffed, pulling her head from around the door to stare back at D'via. One day she will be bigger so she can carry D'via so she won't be so slow. There are eggs? She swung her head back round, trying to peer between the legs milling around. But not eggs?

"Eggs but not eggs?" D'via said as she caught up, confusion clear in her voice.

Anedaith tilted her head as D'via absently reached out a hand to pet her. Yes. Eggs. But they do not feel like eggs. She shifted again until another itch was soothed. Ask them why the eggs are dead but not dead.

"Um," D'via made a strange humming sound before tapping at the nearest arm, "sorry, Anedaith wants to know what's going on?"


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