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Author Topic: Traditional Brothers for a Traditional Green  (Read 1396 times)

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Traditional Brothers for a Traditional Green
« on: April 20, 2019, 11:24:26 AM »

"Two Worlds, One Family?"

Eldessen // Jungle Wingrider // 30

About the Character:
A dutiful, traditional Jungle greenrider. Eldessen takes her job as seriously as death, but once the leathers come off, she is very warm and social, especially with her wingmates, all of whom she adores. She was born in Harper Hall at Fort Hold and was apprenticed to the craft just like her parents. Had she not been Searched and Impressed, she would have specialized in composition. Even though her dreams of being a journeywoman harper were pleasantly dashed, she often sings and writes songs for lost loved ones and heroes. Songs and traditions are the best ways to keep people from forgetting the past, and Essie likes to keep them alive. She stubbornly sticks to her beliefs, to the point of severing relationships over them, and has a fierce distrust of mutation dragons. While she is exclusively committed to her weyrmate, also in Jungle Wing, she is a vain tease and enjoys jealousy games.

Mialeyth is a mercurial and obedient green who prefers to have her decisions made for her. Making choices herself is seriously anxiety-inducing (no wonder she's a force catch!) and she tends to ignore those issues until someone else takes over. She hates red dragons, finding them annoying, but is weak for any smooth-talking bronze, brown, blue...maybe even black if he caters to her vanity enough.

Wanted ICly:

Gang Member/Wher Fighter Esserin of Gold Essesk - Born in 2556, Impressed in 2584
Esserin and Eldessen were once very close. He saved her life while they were living in Harper Hall at Fort Hold, while she was attempting to "run away." Already a gang member at that age, he prevented men from a rival gang from doing terrible things to his baby sister, killing one. He also stepped in and helped convince their parents to hold off on arranging a marriage for Essies. Between 2577 and the move to Fort Island, the two did not see each other at all. It was during this time that Esserin Impressed to his gold wher, rising up in the ranks of his gang and fighting Essesk in the pits. No one in the family but Essie is aware of his history and continued involvement with the holder gangs, and even Essie has little idea beyond that glimpse as a child, their little secret. What he does as his "proper" job (or if he has one at all) is open for debate. The recent conflict between the Weyr and the holders has destroyed the relationship between brother and sister. They do not speak, despite their harper brother's attempts for reconciliation. Esserin is not a fan of the Weyr's involvement in Hold matters and wants a place for the holders to be happy (where his gang and his wher fighting prospects can thrive).

Jungle Wingrider D'kin of Blue Onnalath - Born in 2558, Impressed in 2578
D'kin is Essie's closest brother now. They were Searched together in 2577, and he Impressed a Turn later. His last visit to their family at Harper Hall was in 2580; he was freshly-graduated and would have taken Essie, but she had just Impressed Mialeyth. After that, it was Threadfall after Threadfall. The family reunion at the end of the Pass was bittersweet--the two rider siblings had to learn of their mother's death birthing a stillborn child. He and Eldessen were placed in Jungle Wing upon moving to Southern Winds, which strengthened their bond beyond belief. Like all Jungle riders, D'kin is traditional. He also has a bit of a mocking sense of humor and has had a similar falling out with Esserin due to the elder brother's holder "brainwashing."

Journeyman Harper Daekim - Born in 2559
Like Eldessen, Daekim took up their parents' craft at Harper Hall, apprenticing as soon as he could and devoting himself to preserving Pern. He is a rather traditional-minded crafter, but also serves as a mediator between his rider siblings and their holder brother. Between 2577 and the move to Fort Island, Daekim only saw D'kin once and Essie never, but he was overjoyed that they survived the Pass. I don't have as much on him as I do the other brothers, so he is a very clean slate!

Wanted OOCly:
I would love to see this dynamic of two traditional dragonriders, a traditional crafter, and a traditional holder. Daekim mediating between Eldessen/D'kin and Esserin would be so fun to explore! Whether or not Essie/D'kin do reconcile with Esserin is open for plotting, and I'm not against a brother dying if his creator chooses so! There is so much we can do!
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