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Author Topic: Private An Insult Unanswered [ 2.4.2590; 12:50 PM ] || Eldessen  (Read 1658 times)

Offline Nikota

An Insult Unanswered [ 2.4.2590; 12:50 PM ] || Eldessen
« on: April 25, 2019, 03:16:01 PM »
Through their bond, Nikota could practically feel Bellarith’s claws dragging against the stone of their weyr ledge as the Green kneaded at it. It was hardly a suitable target for her anger, given that it didn’t yield save for a few flecks of stone that were loosened and scraped away by the dragon’s talons. With the outrage still bright and fresh between them, Bellarith wanted nothing more than to tear into something—wherry, herdbeast, anything. Even Imyth, though they both knew she would never have dared if presented the opportunity. Violent she might be, but Nikota’s dragon was still a Green. Hurting one of the Weyr’s Queens was completely incomprehensible.

Yet the image had flashed across her mind nonetheless, of ichor staining that pale gold hide. How dare she attack one of their Wingseconds’ dragons?

//If you’re not careful, we’re not going to have a ledge left.// As angry as they both were, Nikota knew she shouldn’t let Bellarith work herself up any more than she already was. Standing in line at the Healer Hall as she was now, with a bright line of pain burning across her back from the lash, at least it would give her something else to focus on.

Then give me something to hunt, came the answering hiss. I hate just sitting here.

//You know I can’t.// As much as Nikota wished she could ease her dragon’s anger, there was nothing she could do. Until they returned to their Wing duties, there would be little outlet for all of the pent up rage still inside them both. Getting into another fight sounded like a grand idea, but even Nikota would push their Wingleader only so far. Neither she nor Bellarith had any desire to get stuck with weyrling duties for misbehaving after a scene had just been made in the Weyr Hall.

She’d overheard others already calling it a riot, which made Nikota sneer. The Holders hadn’t put up a good enough fight to warrant that title.

“This is fucking ridiculous,” she grumbled, knowing that the throng of Jungle Riders she was standing with would agree. And if any Holders or Holder-sympathetic types overheard her complaining and wanted to start something, all the better. R’sin could hardly blame them for ‘defending’ themselves, could he?

Spoiler for OOC:
@Tinker Sorry for the delay! Work got stupid and then I was busy with being sick and social stuff. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to tweak here. :3

Bellarith | 23.2M Long | 4.64M Tall | 39M Wingspan


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