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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: Private Drinks and The Huntress [02.07.2591; 8:45 PM ] || Kyohei  (Read 54 times)

Offline Remmalthira

Drinks and The Huntress [02.07.2591; 8:45 PM ] || Kyohei
« on: May 21, 2019, 02:43:34 PM »
 Remma had kept to the outer edge of the growing crowd, smiling and speaking with those she knew. Her sharp brown eyes watching those she found most interesting. She watched as her Aunt and a few other holders had made their way to the Lhamoire. She watched as people flocked to the old Matriarch and paid their respects before wondering off to do their own things.

Her eyes fell upon a rather young brewer in the midst before her eyes caught the sight of the rather handsome Kyohei and she smirks, her eyes trying to catch his, before she moved on to turn her attention to the young man closer to her age than most she prayed upon.

She always kept Kyohei in her sights as she flirted and drank with the young brewer; always making sure that her body could be seen by the Peacekeeper.

Remma cared little for most men, Kyohei included. She just liked being lusted after and since she was supposed to be a “good” holder’s daughter she often enjoyed teasing and rolling between the sheets with more than one of the men that enjoyed the good favor of her Uncle. That was if she could get them to join her in the sheets. She had never been particularly enchanted with Kyohei but he was a true Peacekeeper now and that made him tantalizing to the twisted little nymph.

When she was finally finished with toying with the young brewer, she slowly made her way towards Kyohei. She walked towards him with a sultry sway of her hips and a drink in her hand. Her green and brown wher now having found a corner to settle in as more people had made the rather small space cramped. ”Are you sure you’re a Peacekeeper these days? You look more fitting for the slop of the Beast Craft Kyohei… perhaps next time you should take a bath before attending such events hmm?” she said teasing playfully as her hand brushed at a long strand of dark hair that was settled against her soft cheek.

Her eyes scanned over Kyohei, with feigned disgust. She may have put on a show but anyone that knew Remma could see she was intrigued and hunting. She had found her next target and was gleefully toying with it like a large feline and it’s prey.

Spoiler for Hidden:
« Last Edit: May 21, 2019, 02:54:16 PM by Remmalthira »


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