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Author Topic: Approved Evesa [06.08.2563. Greenrider]  (Read 4272 times)

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Evesa [06.08.2563. Greenrider]
« on: March 29, 2014, 06:48:27 AM »

Play By:
Imogen Poots

First Name:
Date of Birth:
06.08.2563 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Beach Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Evesa hates dresses. In fact, she positively loathes any brand of restrictive "feminine" clothing. If men can wear pants, well damn it, so will she! She has a tomboyish sense of fashion. Her wardrobe consists of pants, boots, shirts, etc. Not one skirt or dress. She prefers her clothing to be form-fitting, and likes darker colors, with a particular fondness for red.

Evesa is of average height and muscular, but not like a man, not bulky at all. She is built like a dancer, with strong but lean, stretched-out muscles. Numerous scars from Thread cover her back and shoulders. Her shoulder-length, wavy blonde hair is always worn down unless she pulls it back in a bun for riding.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She was devastated, especially when she began fighting Thread herself and saw her friends and comrades die. The relocation was tough, but there was so much work to be done that Evesa found she could keep her sadness at bay by staying busy.

Response to dragon color mutations: Evesa supports the new leader and mutation dragons one hundred percent. They cannot help that the dragons were born different, and should not be condemned for nature's acts.

Who are you...


* Cold Weather and Snow: It reminds her of her childhood at the High Reaches. What she can remember, anyway. She finds the nip of crisp, cold air in her lungs and on her skin to be oh so refreshing. And when it's cold, it snows, and snow is beautiful.

* All Animals: What's not to like? Animals are cute and cuddly and most are darn useful. Those that aren't kept as companions are used for food and their hides, for which she is very grateful. In her mind, animals are simpler and better than people.

*Flying: There is nothing like the rush of wind in her face. In the air she feels at one with Seriath. She is truly in her element when flying.

*Swimming: The colder the water, the better. It's like flying, but you get wet. In the wretched heat of the South, swimming is one of Evesa's favorite respites.

*Climbing and Being Outside in General: This girl is a sucker for heights and physical challenges. Rock climbing, or any climbing, has been a way to sate her thirst for challenge since she was young. And she loves nature, where everything is beautiful and right and makes sense.


*Thread: Thread has killed many of her friends. It took her father, and it took her innocence. It destroyed both of her homes and the whole Northern Continent.

*Thunderstorms: Thunder terrifies her, like most loud, crashing noises. She does not know why, really. But it reminds her of the sound that a dragon's body makes when it crashes to the ground.

*Excessive Heat: She hates being hot, and she hates sweating (unless it's worth it). The damned heat of the South feels like it will suffocate her, and there is no break from it.

*Mating Flights: She turns into a real bitch around the time that Seriath Rises. And usually, she always ends up sleeping with a man. Which is uncomfortable and not worth the aches to a homosexual woman.


*Climbing: At the High Reaches, Evesa was an avid climber. She started at an early age, and now she can scale all but the smoothest of cliffs. She has zero fear of heights.

*First Aid: Evesa showed an aptitude for healing as a young girl, and spent her childhood and much of her candidacy helping in the infirmary. Immune to blood and gore, she has a strong stomach and will get down and dirty to save a life.

*Courage: Evesa laughs in the face of danger. Literally. She feels fear, like anyone else, but she can suppress it until the threat has passed. She will do anything to keep her comrades alive, and is a risk-taker.

*Hunting and Survival: Growing up in the frigid mountains, Evesa learned how to hunt and survive, especially during candidacy and weyrlinghood. She knows how to track, hunt, trap, find water and shelter, and has a basic knowledge of edible plants. Though many of that knowledge had to be adapted to fit the new Southern environment.

*Fighting: Evesa is a dirty fighter. Who follows rules when someone's threatening to stab you? Her methods are underhanded and quick, and she prefers speed to strength. She is good with her fists and a bow. Not so much with a blade, though she knows how to disarm an opponent who uses one.

*Protective: For the people she cares about, Evesa will die. Wingmates, friends, lovers, family... They all have a protector for life. Even if they don't want one. While she can be overprotective at times, Evesa means well. She just wants her loved ones safe, and will personally see to it that they are, physically and mentally.


*Prone to Panic Attacks: They can happen immediately or some time after a threat has passed. But when the fear resurfaces, it can overwhelm her. She gets shaky, hyperventilates, sweats, and has difficulty thinking and moving. But she never cries.

*Terrible Bladesmanship: She cannot fight with a blade. Plain and simple. The weapons are supposed to be an extension of their users. In her hands, a knife is awkward, clumsy, and more likely to harm her than her opponent. She really should stay away from sharp objects in general.

*Terrible Sportsmanship: Evesa is a sore loser and a braggart when she wins. If she loses at something, even a game of cards, she gets angry and pouty, though it usually passes quick. When she wins, she is not afraid to gloat and rub it in your face. She's too proud for her own good.

*Mood Swings: Faranth help everyone when Evesa's green is about to rise. The woman gets short-tempered, snippy, and difficult to get along with. She also gets proddy, and anyone she is currently seeing is susceptible to rough, angry sex. Luckily, she warns women about this before getting too involved with them.

*Phobia of Tunnelsnakes: No one knows why. But tunnel snakes creep her out. They're all slithery and sneaky and just plain disgusting. Why do they have an extra pair of legs?! The little sons of bitches...

*Confrontational:  There are people that Evesa cannot stand. With these "enemies," she can be extremely confrontational. She has to prove them wrong, because to her, their beliefs and ideas are wrong. And, admittedly, she just wants to make these people out to be fools. She's not always aggressive about it, but sometimes a sickly-sweet facade is just as dangerous as outright anger.

*Poor Stress Management: When Evesa is stressed, she is a bitch. Plain and simple. This was often during the Pass, and still comes out around Flights and in times of danger. The woman simply can't handle stress, and so she bottles it up and explodes at random people who "piss her off."

Describe Yourself:

* Serious: Most of the time, Evesa is solemn. She does not smile or laugh unless something truly warrants it. Some might think she does not have a sense of humor. This is not true. She just does not feel the need to show it if something's not funny. But no, this woman is serious, as is befitting of a dragonrider.

* Confident: Not quite cocky--unless she has won a competition--but healthily confident. Evesa knows that she is a very capable young lady. She knows that she has more experience than non-riders her age and older. She has survived a lot, and while she knows her limits, if she thinks she can do something, she will do it. She is also very comfortable with who she is and how she looks, and holds herself with a bearing of surety.

* Self-Sufficient: Evesa does not need you. If you are in her life, it is because she wants you to be. But she will never be dependent on another human being. Or anything, for that matter. Besides her dragon, and things like food and water. The upside of this is that she will never be an addict. The downside of it is that she likes her independence so much that she has difficulty letting others in.

* Compassionate: Evesa understands. She gets people, and feels for them. Particularly when they are struggling. The woman will go out of her way to help those she cares about, and is always willing to listen to your troubles and help fix them.

* Sarcastic: Sarcasm comes with her dry sense of humor. Evesa is the queen of witty, sarcastic comments. Sometimes they get her in trouble, but she can usually smooth things over. Very rarely are her words intended to hurt someone.

The Magic Touch: Evesa loves having her scars touched. She has a habit of rubbing the ones on her forearm when she is deep in thought, as if the tougher texture helps her brain work better. She also has a pair of pants that always has a deck of cards in the pocket, for strip poker.


Mother: Journeywoman Healer Evlyn. Born 19.11.2545.
Father: Wingsecond T'vera of Jemth. Born 4.21.2526, Impressed 5.12.2546. Deceased.

Siblings: Unknown. T'vera very well could have sired a child during a mating Flight, as his brown was an avid chaser of all greens and golds.

Tell us a story...

* 06.08.2563: Evesa is born in High Reaches Weyr. Her parents decide that her mother will raise her, and her father will visit when he can.

* 2568, 5 Turns: T'vera and Jemth die shortly before High Reaches Hold falls. Evera's mother goes into mourning. Evesa does not fully understand the gravity of the situation, just that her daddy and the sweet brown who often gave her rides are gone. When her mother becomes withdrawn, she learns to cope by herself with this strange sadness. Climbing is one of her coping methods.

* 2571, 8 Turns: Evesa and her mother move to Fort Weyr with the other refugees when High Reaches falls. Evesa begins tagging along with her mother to the infirmary, mostly because her mother is unwilling to let her out of her sight. Evlyn became rather paranoid after T'vera died, and is terrified of losing her baby girl at this strange new Weyr. Evesa tries to help out by cheering patients up and helps with small "boo-boos" (nothing more than cleaning little scrapes that the weyrbrats come in with).

*2575, 12 Turns: Evesa officially becomes apprenticed to her mother as a healer. She is overjoyed, and dives into her work and learning with zeal. It feels good to be helping the brave riders who, like her father once did, fight Thread to keep everyone else safe. She learns quickly.

* 2579, 16 Turns: Evesa is Searched and becomes a candidate. Around this time, she becomes involved with another candidate, Kalina, who breaks things off with her after Impressing a gold in 2581.

* 2582, 19: Evesa Impresses green Seriath from Oriath and bronze Beliarth's clutch. Seriath goes for her right away, disregarding all other candidates. She gives up her healer apprenticeship, though she still helps out in the infirmary whenever she can, which is often thanks to Threadfall.

* 2584, 21 Turns: Their first Threadfall. Evesa is scored badly on her back. Seriath receives a minor wingtip burn. Evesa has her first panic attack. It traumatizes her, and she almost refuses to go back and fight ever again. Evlyn and her wingmates finally talk some sense into her.

* 2587, 24 Turns: Evlyn volunteers to relocate and become a healer at the new Southern Winds Weyr. Evesa and Seriath also go, intending to busy themselves and maybe find a calmer life now that the Interval has come. Evesa feels the grief of her lost friends, including Kalina, who died with her gold in the last few turns of Fall.

Roleplay Sample:

Evesa wanted to vomit. She hated Falls, so so much. She swallowed repeatedly, stomach tight as she slipped the harness over Seriath's head. Her fingers touched smooth, unblemished green hide. How long until this beautiful young green was as scarred and worn-down as the older dragons?


The women narrowed her eyes, inhaling deeply through her nose. The time to be afraid was later. Right now, they had a job to do. A very important job in which lives were at stake. Evesa laughed aloud, making Seriath turn to look at her.

What is funny?

"Thread," Evesa replied, quite seriously, though her lips twitched. "Remember, we laugh in the face of danger. So it is less scary."

Of course! Seriath said brightly, arching her neck once her rider was secured in the straps. Evesa put on her helmet and lowered her goggles over her eyes, all business now. At her okay, Seriath launched herself into the sky so that once again, they could go fight for Pern.

Fear could wait.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
NPC unless otherwise specified in a LOA.
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Re: Evesa [06.08.2563. Greenrider]
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2014, 07:49:47 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to Lineart, Colored by SirAlahn

Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Vanelwynne's Oriath
Clutch Father:
Bronze Kadoreth
Mature Length: 23 Meters
Mature Height: 4.5 Meters
Mature Wingspan: 38.18 Meters

General Appearance...

As a dragonet, Seriath was disproportionate and ungainly, altogether rather homely. Her head was too big for her body, her limbs long and awkward. She was ungraceful and often tripped over herself. As she matured and grew into herself, however, she became quite beautiful. As an adult, she is still a bit leggy, but she is slender, lean-muscled, and very well put-together. Her body is a sinuous, well-oiled speed machine.

Color-wise, Seriath did not really change. She was born a dark forest green, and that remained as her base color. However, as she aged, lighter green dapples began to appear along her flanks and on her wingsails. They lend her a faintly mottled look.


Mind Voice: Like her rider, Seriath has a low, smoky voice. However, her voice is almost always infused with bubbly happiness and playfulness.


*Firelizards: Firelizards are the perfect little playthings. They are cute, energetic, and sweet as can be. Usually. Seriath has been trying to talk Evesa into letting her have one (or ten) for turns now. The woman has yet to give in.

*Fighting Thread: Threadfall is like a big, slightly-scary game to Seriath. She does not fully understand the severity of the danger, and loves to see her flames crumble the silver menace to dust. Perhaps it is because she almost immediately forgets the pain when she and Hers get scored, and perhaps it is because she was bred to do this. But she loves Falls, and is quite sad that the Pass is over.

*Exploring: A love for adventure lies in Seriath's veins. She would spend all day, every day exploring secret caves and underwater grottoes. If she could. The idea of discovering new, amazing things appeals to her so much, and it's very fun besides.

*Acrobatic Flying: What's more fun than doing great flips and twists more than a hundred feet off the ground? Nothing, that's what! Seriath is a great flier and she knows it. There is nothing wrong with using her talents for personal enjoyment.

*Hunting Dangerous Prey: Lazy, tame herdbeasts are boring. Seriath likes the challenge of chasing down prey that can fight back. It's like tag, only she gets to eat too!

*Playing: With her childlike brain, Seriath is a playful soul. She hates sitting around doing boring things, and will turn anything, even drills, into a game. If she were a human, she would be mocked for her immaturity. But as she is a dragon, many find it to be cute and endearing.

*Colorists: It does not matter if it's a dragon or a human. If someone is a colorist, Seriath hates them immediately. This is not the Stone Age! Greens are just as good as golds! They make up the most of the fighting wings, and they take the most casualties. She will snark at anyone who acts like an elitist ass.

*Pain: If it hurts her or her rider, she hates it. Pain sucks, and Seriath will loudly tell you so. Thankfully, she forgets any hurt after a day or two.

*Having to be Serious: For a playful creature, being serious is the worst form of torture. What's so great about being uptight and stuffy? Live a little, for Faranth's sake!

*Boring Folks: Nothing is worse than a dull conversation. Which, when talking to boring people, happens often. Seriath avoids anyone who she knows to be a stick in the mud like the plague. She prefers the company of people like herself, with her rider being an exception.

*Rude, Mean Bullies: Bullying is not okay. Especially when the bully is picking on someone smaller than him or her. Seriath will gladly interfere to set the bully straight. She is truly the champion of the underdogs.


* Speed: Seriath is fast. Her aerodynamic build only makes her faster. At full speed, she is merely a green blur in the sky.

* Agility: Small size may make her less strong, but it makes her nimble, wiry, and flexible. This green is an expert of flips, corkscrews, and all manner of aerial acrobatics.


* Stubborn: Seriath does not know her own limits. She will fight to continue flying, playing, whatever, even when her muscles ache and she is foaming at the mouth. If it weren't for her rider, she would probably have dropped dead from exhaustion long ago.

*  Immature: Seriath is silly. She hates being serious, because it is boring. Really, she is like a child except for when she Rises. Often, she tries to make Evesa lighten up. While such a positive outlook is a good thing, it can be a detriment in situations when seriousness is necessary.

Dragon Speech Code: Great Faranth, Eve! Lighten up and live a little! Background: #6B9C6F; Text: #012E04

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Re: Evesa [06.08.2563. Greenrider]
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2014, 06:02:49 PM »
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Re: Evesa [06.08.2563. Greenrider]
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2014, 05:27:29 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
05.10.2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Galen is a compact, agilely-built brown. He is lean and muscled, with broad shoulders. His skin is dark, dark brown, nearly black. A pale gold-brown stripe runs down his spine. Red-brown markings trail along his sides, and his face is copper.


Mind Voice: Galen has a soft, unassuming voice when he speaks.


* His Family: Faithful until the end, Galen would do anything for the humans, flits, and dragons he considers to be his pack. He will never leave them, and can be found always near Evesa or Seriath.

* Fire: The brown has an odd fascination with fire. Many nights, he will lay before the nearest hearth and just stare. Dancing flames transfix him.


* Stress: Evesa is a woman prone to stress, and Galen picks up on that. He becomes extremely protective of his bonded when she is ill at ease, and her stress stays with him. It makes him very antsy and nervous.

* Strangers: Galen is shy. It takes him a while to warm up to new people. He doesn't like first encounters at all.

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