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Author Topic: Approved Briallen, Weyrling to blue Bravosith  (Read 2195 times)

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Briallen, Weyrling to blue Bravosith
« on: April 12, 2014, 06:17:19 PM »

Play By: Saiorse Ronan

First Name:Briallen
Nicknames: Bri
Date of Birth: 1.4.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth: Fort Hold
Dragon Color: Blue
Impression Age: 2589/age 15
Wing Rank: Weyrling
Weyrmate: none

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Stray tendrils of wavy strawberry blond hair escape from her runnertail and there is dirt smudged over her freckled nose. Her figure is lean and boyish still and she has a nervous wild animal look about her, as if she still expects to have to run. Her clothes are often disheveled and stained, but utilitarian in neutral or dark colors. She has several leather necklaces with stones or trinkets hung on them and she carries a dagger in her boot at all times.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Briallen doesn't really know any other way. She has always hid and stolen and scrounged to survive. It's actually quite a hard habit to break. She's used to relying only on her own wits but even though the world has been hard on her, she still somehow retains a shred of trust and optimism.

Response to dragon color mutations: Briallen doesn't much care either way. A dragon is a dragon as far as she can tell and the same old five colors are a bit boring anyway.

Who are you...

The outdoors, because there's more freedom, more stuff to explore and the annoying girls stay away. Swordfighting: What's not to like? Skill, danger, it's like dancing but the clothes are better. People should do it more often. Dragons: you can go anywhere! They breathe fire! And they're a better and more loyal friend than anyone else could be. Animals in general: they are more trustworthy than people, and less opinionated. Plus most of them are useful. Adventure: that's what life is all about isn't it? Seeing new things? Testing your limits? Defying death and spitting in the face of those who doubt you?

Dislikes: Sewing: her fingers don't move that way. Plus.. Ugh too girly.  Dresses: they are impractical and uncomfortable, plus it's not like she enough curves to look good in them. Useless things. Girls who enjoy such things: they're annoying. All they do is giggle and gossip. How boring is that? Studying: couldn't she be out doing it instead of reading about it? All those names and dates and stupid songs are much too hard to remember anyway.


* ADVENTUROUS : Briallen is always up for anything exciting. Exploring, climbing, swimming, you name it. If it's the least bit dangerous or frowned upon, she'll be there.

* FRIENDLY : She'll make friends with anyone who seems interesting, regardless of their station in life or reputation. Not that this means she trusts them.

* CLEVER : Bri is good at figuring out how things work and also with coming up with witty things to say. She learns by doing but getting her to read or study is like trying to herd a cat.

* INTUITIVE : She follows her gut and it's usually right. She seems to know who to trust and what makes people tick without needing to be told.

* FAIR-MINDED : Though she's not above a trick or two for people that deserve them, she won't hurt those she sees as innocent and she won't stand for other people doing it either.

* CONFIDENT : Briallen is not afraid to speak her mind and is actually a natural leader.

* STEALTHY : Nobody hides or sneaks like Briallen.


* OPINIONATED : Everyone knows how Briallen feels about most subjects, as she is not ashamed to tell them, loudly. She's also a bit tactless on occasion.

* DISRESPECTFUL : She doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut, in fact, and often says rude things right in the faces of her superiors. Also she's not fond of following orders.

* DISHONEST : Briallen will certainly lie to save her own skin, or even just for the sake of convenience. She doesn't feel she owes anyone the truth. She's tried to break the habit of stealing unattended objects, however, as she doesn't want to be kicked out.

* PROUD : She thinks quite highly of herself and doesn't handle insults well. You better not insult her friends or family either.

* SHORT-TEMPERED : Briallen tends to lose her cool pretty quickly, especially insulted, looked down upon, or generally doesn't get her way.

Describe Yourself:

* STREET SMART: Though Briallen has tried to avoid books as much as possible, she knows quite a bit about surviving on her own. From fishing to knife-fighting to talking her way out of any situation, she's the one to go to when the going gets tough.

* BOSSY: She's pretty sure she knows the best course of action in any given situation and easily dominates those who aren't as tough as she. It's her way or the highway.

* TOMBOY: She's never seen a dress she doesn't like and the same goes for anything else that smacks of girliness, like ribbons, sewing, fancy cooking, or polite manners.

* RESOURCEFUL: She boasts that she can make anything out of anything and it's almost true. She's made fishing line out of her own hair and boiled water in a leather bag. She makes do with whatever she has. This also applies to her ingenious ways of getting around rules she doesn't like.

* TRUE GRIT: Briallen will do what needs to be dove to survive. If that means eating raw fish or sleeping in the rain, or stealing food, she'll do it. Nothing is too gross, too underhanded, or too valuable if the stakes are high. If it ever came down to it, she would even kill, without remorse, if it was the only way she could survive.

The Magic Touch: Briallen's dagger, (stolen, if you must know) which she keeps hidden as much as humanly possible, has a name. It is called Tooth.


Mother: Briana Pillowcrafter?, 16.10.2560.
Father:IC, unknown, OOC: G'vren Brownrider, 4.6.2546.
Impressed 7.7.2562 to brown Fearcharth.

Siblings: None known. Adopted brother Edric, journeyman smith born 15.9.2570

Tell us a story...

* 2574, 3 months Briallen's mother Briana runs off, abandoning her daughter to be raised in Fort Hold's crèche. Briana dies sometime in the intervening Turns but is unmourned. Briallen's father does not know she exists.

* 2580, 6  Briallen runs away from the overburdened and occasionally neglectful crèche workers with her 'adopted brother' Edric. They try to make it on their own, living in abandoned cotholds and stealing whenever Thread isn't falling. The chaos and death all around means that they are more successful than one would expect. They return to the Hold occasionally to filch supplies when times are bad but manage to stay off the radar.

* 2583, age 9  Edric and Briallen are caught stealing bread from a smithcrafter attached to Fort Weyr. He would have beaten them and turned them out, but when he saw how strong Edric was, he agreed to have the boy as an apprentice. Briallen is allowed to remain but isn't treated well.

* 2584, age 10 After a particularly savage blow from the smith while he was drunk, Briallen runs away and lives with the refugees in Fort Hold again. Tensions are high and food is scarce so she still often is obliged to steal and scrounge to get by.

* 2586, age 12 Briallen is caught stealing from a dragonrider in Fort Weyr. Much to her surprise, the bluerider J'car does not thrash her, but instead invites her to become a Candidate at the Weyr after his dragon speaks for her. She agreed with some skepticism and trepidation but finds it tolerable once she gets used to all the irritating rules and remembers to not sass the Candidate Master.

* 2587, age 13 Everyone moves to South Winds Weyr. Briallen relishes the chance to do some real exploring. She finds a firelizard nest and snags the Gold egg and another large one for herself, resulting in her bonding a Gold that she named Solar and a brown that she named Driftwood. She stands for the Weyr's first clutch but isn't really surprised when she doesn't Impress. The new black dragon intrigues her.

* 2589, age 15 She Stands for Kalestath's clutch with Neisoth and to her delight, Impresses a blue dragon named Bravosith. She is a bit disappointed that she didn't get one of the neat red ones...

Briallen shifted from foot to foot, both out of nervousness and the fact that the Sands were sharding hot. Why did they have to be so hot anyway? Surely the eggs would cook just as well on sand that wouldn't take your skin off. But no, everything had to be difficult.

She scowled. It felt like she'd been here for marks already. She'd already sent Solar and Driftwood back to the Barracks because their bickering was driving her crazy. And there were so many eggs left. She'd starve to death if her feet didn't fall off.  Nearly directly in front of her, an egg suddenly burst open.

It was a blue, a roly-poly looking thing with a hide like a river rock. It shook the shell off and yawned before looking around with interest. Briallen ignored it after a moment, it wasn't very interesting. She wished she were a boy. She'd passed as one before, when she'd cut her hair off but she supposed a dragon wouldn't be fooled. Boys got to have all the fun. Blacks and bronzes, that's where it was at, though the new color.. The reds were kind of neat too, though they were scrawny.

She sighed irritably. What's the matter? Don't you want to come get food? I can tell you're hungry.

"Well, I can't leave until the eggs stop hatching, can I?" she
replied testily without thinking. Then she realized and looked down. There was that nondescript little blue at her feet. She looked at him, at his eyes swirling in every color and suddenly, she knew him. They belonged together.

I am Bravosith. Now, are you ready for that dinner?

Image Credit: all me
Dragon Details

Name: Bravosith
Color: blue
Date of Birth: 29.6.2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth: Southern Winds
Clutch Mother: Kalestath
Clutch Father: Neisoth
Mature Length: 28
Mature Height: 5.5
Mature Wingspan: 46.5

General Appearance...

Bravosith is just a hatchling, so he has the unfinished look of the young. Currently he's rather round and soft looking but his wings have the look of a dragon who will one day be a skilled acrobat. His hide is slate blue with just a hint of aqua with darker spots that resemble ink stains.


Mind Voice: Currently the slightly lilting tones of a young boy which will grow slightly deeper with age but will retain their somewhat musical quality.

Likes: Young people: Bravosith finds the eagerness and optimism of the young refreshing and as he gets older he will likely display strong Search capabilities. Acrobatic flying (when mature): Bravosith is a skilled flyer and enjoys showing off his stuff. Exploring: he shares his lifemate's enthusiasm for discovery and the outdoors for both the freedom and the chance for bragging rights for finding new things.

Dislikes: Cold: Bravosith does not do well in cold weather. It makes him feel uncomfortable and lethargic, which is never good.
Blacks: Those good for nothing brutes. No appreciation for subtlety. Plus, ugly. Black isn't even really a color.


* CLEVER : Bravosith is witty, intuitive and good at figuring things out.

* DIPLOMATIC : He knows how to handle people and dragons, even if he dislikes them. This makes him very handy for sorting out the messes created by Briallen's big mouth.


* UNSERIOUS : Meaning everything is a joke to him. It can get annoying when the situation is actually fairly disastrous.

* SOMEWHAT LAZY : Bravosith knows there are things that need to be done but that doesn't mean he has to like it. Briallen has to listen to a lot of complaining.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(668899); Text: #(335566)


Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Color: Gold
Date of Birth: 32.04.2587 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:  Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Solar is a soft yellow-gold color with little sunbursts of reddish gold on her forehead and wings. She's a dainty little thing, but only physically.


Mind Voice: Unfortunately shrill and nagging.

Likes: Boys, meaning male firelizards: they aren't just mates, they are her beloved courtiers and servants. And they do whatever she says. Or else. Sunshine: well it's all lovely and warm, why wouldn't she like it? Shiny things: they match her very well, don't they? So she obviously has to collect them.

Dislikes: Greens (firelizards): Well, they're so stupid, don't you know they can't even lay their eggs right? And they're always stealing her males, the little harlots. Delivering messages or other tasks: that's rather beneath her.


Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Pronounced:Umm... Drift.. Wood
Date of Birth: 32.4.2587 9th Interval
Place of Birth: Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

A faded tan color with striation-like stripes of richer chestnut hues, Driftwood looks uncannily like he washed up on the beach. He's also skinny and angular, which only adds to the illusion.


Mind Voice: Thin and reedy.

Likes: Sleeping: Not only does it feel nice generally, but it is a welcome escape from Solar's constant nagging. Fishing: Fish tastes good, but also his pet finds it quite useful, which gets him attention that Solar often hogs.

Dislikes: Solar's mating flights: the constant bronze attention is annoying enough normally, but right around mating time it's positively oppressive. The bronzes are bullies. And Solar always expects him to participate but it's not like he's ever going to win. It's irritating. Rainy days: He's stuck inside with Solar's nagging, his pet is in a bad mood, and flying is no fun.

Member Info...

Created By: Kit
Other Characters: M'lan
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Anything Else: 

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Re: Briallen, Weyrling to blue Bravosith
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2014, 07:54:07 PM »
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Re: Briallen, Weyrling to blue Bravosith
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2014, 08:06:46 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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