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Author Topic: Approved J'hal [21.02.2567 / Black Weyrling ]  (Read 3175 times)

Offline Spiffy

J'hal [21.02.2567 / Black Weyrling ]
« on: April 14, 2014, 03:36:50 AM »

Play By:
Shiloh Fernandez

First Name:
Date of Birth:
21.02.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
None have yet claimed his heart.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: His preference for darker clothing despite the Southern sun should have indicated to everyone else which colour dragon he would Impress, but since this doesn't usually match up with anybody else, nobody did. Except maybe as a joke, but then did anybody really expect there to be more black dragons in Neisoth's clutch?

Beyond his dressing preference, there's really not a lot that others glean from him other than he's quite the asshole. He had absolutely zero intention of getting to know any of the other candidates, except maybe a few pretty ladies, and probably gives the others rather a bad name. His expression is either blank, irritated, or angry. His actions? Offending people, punching those who offend him, and bunking off chores. Suffice to say he's not the most popular Weyrling in the group. Maybe if he let someone else in this would improve, but he has no intentions of that happening anytime soon. Maybe Lesserath will help change that.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Survival. It is all that matters. Those that did not survive were in the wrong place at the wrong time or did not do enough to protect themselves. That is the way of the world, and he see's little point in grieving over those lost, else you get dragged down into misery and self doubt that will be your undoing. Little does he know that the losses he himself has suffered have soured him. He sees it as a hardened resolve, but he has gained definitely antisocial tendencies each time, unconsciously unwilling to let others in lest he lose them too. 

Response to dragon color mutations: He doesn't really care. He's not suspicious in any way shape or form, and if the new colours prove to be useful then all the better, they can fit in with the rest.

Who are you...

Food - You wouldn't think it looking at him, but after a life spent scrounging what food he could get, candidacy had suddenly provided him with three square meals a day and he's been piling his plate as high as he can. Even on what others think of as short rations. He's put on some weight since becoming a candidate, though this seems to have been spent on catching up on growth stunted by eating scraps, since he's gained only muscle and hight and no fat at all.
Summer - because summer was warm and he didn't have to worry about keeping his family warm.
Women - though his lack of charm will put many off, the roguish disregard can, oddly, attract others. And he enjoys these chances to the fullest, though ladies don't expect any thing more than a night in the furs. Unless, of course, he meets that rare woman who appeals to his hopeless inner romantic.
Clear summer nights - because you can see the stars without it being freezing cold.

Pointless chores - sometimes he could swear that the stuff he's assigned to do is needless time filling, and he hates this. It goes against his survival instincts. If a job doesn't need to be done, why waste time and energy on it? He'd much rather be spending his spare time living his life, while he has some left.
Authority - J'hal has never been all that good at following orders. For most of his life he was the authority in his 'family', and he now has a hard time deferring to another. Somehow he's managed to stick through candidacy at Southern Winds, though he's been kicked from it before, back at Fort Weyr, and from 2 apprenticeships too.
Pets - He's far too used to seeing stray animals as sources of food to consider keeping one that he would need to feed. It's a mindset that he's not yet ridded himself of.
Winter - Because cold.
Water - It's not all that safe to drink.
Baths - It's a luxury. He's become a little obsessive about bathing every day now he's at the Weyr and has free access to that sort of thing.


* Decisive : He's used to making most of the decisions in his little family group

* Protective : To the few that Jehal allowed into his family group, he was incredibly loyal and more than a little protective. Often a little overprotective, truth be told.

* Responsible : He's not above owning up to his mistakes, since he'll be the one to kick himself the hardest for failing, more than whomever he has to admit it to.

* Trustworthy : If he's said he'll do something, then that means it will get done. If he doesn't intend to do something then he doesn't say he will. Simple.

* Calm under pressure : Life throws you good and bad turns in equal measure, and he has learned to stay calm and focussed in the event of a bad one. He's not one to lose his head when everything goes wrong, tough that's not to say that he won't work out any resulting frustration in the form of a temper later on, once the crisis has passed.


* Abrasive : Words... are not J'hal's strong point. He has a bad habit of speaking his mind and insulting others because of it. He can often come off as dismissive and arrogant, or just as an ass in general. Not everyone agrees with his rather black sense of humour.

* Combative : J'hal's way of dealing with a problem is by hitting it. That's the way it was done on the streets, and that's the way that he'll default to now.

* Guarded : J'hal is a very private person. Until now he has managed to keep his past and his personal life separate from his candidacy, and will in all likelihood try to keep it that way. All of those strengths given above? You probably won't see them at all, if not for a while yet.

* Denial : He tends to deny that bad stuff ever happened in his life. His background is a sore point, something that he (unavoidably) knows was a big part of him, but something that he will not share with others that he doesn't trust, if at all. He won't lie about it as such, but neither will he affirm it. The same goes for those he has lost in his past, either to thread or whatever else took them.

* Distrusting : He has a hard time trusting others, even those that he considers family. They've left him before, after all.

Describe Yourself:

* Honourable: ----- He has his own moral code that he will stick to, and will encourage his family to stick to as well. It may be a bit askew from that of others, though, since it is mainly based upon survival. He doesn't give a fig if someone chooses to question it.

* Quick on the offense: ----- Unfortunately, the rule 'never be the first one to throw the punch' was never included in his moral code. As such, he's not one to waste words on negotiating when an issue can be solved with a quick fight. He's also quick to leap to the defines of his family if he feels that they've been slighted, or if he feel insulted himself. More recently he's been able to restrain himself sometimes from reacting violently, but that doesn't mean that whomever's pissed him off won't get a string of acerbic words instead.

* Secret romantic: ----- He may do his best to keep people at arm's length, but when he does fall for a woman, boy is he gonna fall hard. He may not be the smoothest guy out there, but he's the kind that would bring flowers home every week and take his girl out to dinner then sit and cuddle in front of a movie, if such things existed on Pern.

* Steadfast: ----- You could hardly find someone more loyal to their family than Jehal. He will have a tough time accepting the others drifting away from his protection as they settle into the new hold and he to the life of a dragonrider, but eventually he will come to see the riders and his wing as his new family, especially if he's ever promoted to Wingsecond, or 'Leader. It'll be a rocky road for him as a Weyrling, though.

The Magic Touch: He has a habit of playing with the cuffs on his sleeves when he's bored, stressed or nervous.

Also, he can't read all that well. It's a sore point, though many of the Weyrlings/Candidates may know that he's been taking extra lessons to try and correct it during candidacy. He's slowly getting better.


Mother: Tedhali, drudge, 2544.
Father: Jahaeris, JM Miner, 2537.

Siblings: None that he knows of, nor cares for. The family he knows weren't blood relatives. Principle among them was Sayel (08.09.2566) though she left him.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 21.02.2567, Jehal was born to drudge Tedhali, fathered by a miner who didn't care to stick around, and was put straight into the creche at Fort Weyr. There he spent the next 8 years of his life, bickering with the other creche children.

* 2575, 8 Ran away from the creche with the intent of making it to Fort Hold. Knowing how dangerous that would be he tried to pick a day when there was no thread predicted for the area between Weyr and Hold. But with Thread being less than predictable this Pass, he wound up spending the better part of two days holed up in a small cave that he'd found barely in time, somewhere on the mountainside. He made a final dash for the hold when it seemed to have cleared up again.

Having made it to Fort Hold in one piece he fell in with a group of orphaned children. That he'd come from the Weyr on his own gave him somewhat of a legendary status among them off the bat. From them he learned how to survive on the fringes of the Hold, and learned the value of sticking together with his new 'family' as they called themselves.

* 2580, 13 The eldest member of their group died in threadfall, and Jehal found himself in the position of now being oldest in their family. The others now looked to him and Sayel, who was almost his age but had been there longer, and Jehal now found that he needed to make many of the decisions himself.

* 2581, 14 In an effort to get some honest money for his family to live off of, for a change, Jehal managed to scrub up enough to get an apprenticeship with the Harper Hall, leaving Sayel to keep an eye on the others. He managed to scrape his way through for 6 months before he was booted for starting one fight too many, as well as being disrespectful to his teachers and a general pain in the ass. This served to sour his opinions of Harpers drastically.

* 2582, 15 Not to be deterred, he tried again, this time a Master Miner took him on. He handled Jehal's lack of respect with a clip around the earhole, so he managed to survive a bit longer in this job. 14 months to be exact, when he was booted for stealing the equipment and selling it on for some extra money. He stormed out when called up on it. During this time, toward the end, a couple of his family had died of exposure, which prompted his stealing to get them enough money to board somewhere for the winter. It did that, but the Master didn't care for it much. J'hal didn't care all that much about the Master's feelings, only about losing a family member and a source of income. The Master could go fuck himself.

* 2584, 17 Shortly after he returned to his family, Sayel left, saying that she'd fallen in love with some harper. Jehal, who had trusted her on more than just a platonic level, took this as betrayal and a personal insult. After spending the intervening time struggling to care for his family without the help of Sayel and losing yet another to threadfall, Jehal was spotted by a blue dragon from Fort Weyr and invited for candidacy, which he took up. He survived 1 clutch, where he didn't Impress, at which point he decided that it was all bullshit and left, going back to his family.

* 2587, 20 Thread ended, at which point he celebrated with all of the other Holders. Everybody, including the children in their family, got roaringly drunk. They made the transition to Southern Winds Weyr with everybody else, at which point everything started to fall apart. No longer were they struggling to survive on their own, since everyone was quartered within the Weyr and given access to the same provisions as everybody else. Everyone got stuck in with the work that was needed as best they could and Jehal found his family slowly drifting away from him, as if he were no longer needed. The hatching of Neisoth is curious, but not exactly high on his priority list at the time.

* 2588, 21 He had a bit of an identity crisis for a while, not knowing quite what to do with himself, before searching himself again by paying the bluerider who searched him the first time a visit.

* 2589, 22 He managed to apply himself well enough to be allowed to stand again for Kalestath and Neisoth's clutch where, to everyone's surprise, he was chosen by black Lesserath. Now with a demanding young dragon to look after and a reason not to dislike Neisoth purely for his colour, J'hal is struggling to integrate with life as a Weyrling. Fortunately, he now has Lesserath to help him.

Rain was pelting down outside, but that did not matter: Jehal had a few hours spare before the celebrations, and was tucked up inside next to the sleeping form of Lesserath. J'hal now, he supposed. He liked that it didn't sound all that different from Jehal. He hadn't bothered to ask anyone else what they would be called now they were riders. He didn't really care all that much.

You should care, a sleepy voice said in his head, barely familiar. He flinched, still not used to having something speak directly into his mind. Though he rather liked the idea of being able to have a private conversation wit his dragon that others could not overhear, it was still highly unsettling that his dragon could read his thoughts, all of them; he was aware that he could keep things from his dragon if he so wished, but he hadn't worked out how yet. You should car, because, the black paused, stretching, because one day they shall look to you for guidance. Look to us, he added firmly.

J'hal snorted quietly. "I don't want them to look to me," he muttered under his breath, so that no-one else in the room would hear. It is not them that I care about, he thought, trying out the telepathy thing.

No need to shout, I can hear you perfectly well when you just think stuff to yourself, you know.

Only too well, he thought, surprised when Lesserath replied immediately with That's better.

He shifted, unsettled again by the lack of privacy. Green eyes opened to blink at him.

Do you not trust me? the black asked suddenly, catching his brooding rider off guard.

"Of course I do!" he hissed under his breath, but he could not help the doubt creeping into his thoughts. "It's just..."

I will not desert you, you know. Not like Sayel, Lesserath cut him off. The words stung, hard. But the dragon continued on regardless. We are tied together now, you and I. I could not leave you even if I wished it. And I will never wish it, he said with finality, nudging his rider's leg with his shout. So quit your worrying. You're mine, and I'll not let you get away, he added, nipping playfully at J'hal's trousers, catching a bit of skin.

J'hal pushed him away, though not hard. "Stop that, you."

Lesserath snorted, closing his eyes again. You will come to care for them, one day, the black muttered, going back to the earlier conversation as if they'd not strayed from it at all. As my rider you are more than good enough to lead them, more so than any of those bronzes, my brothers or not. You just need to learn how to get people to like you, so that they want to follow you. I can't do all the friend making for you, you know.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sh'lon Shenzani Eimerra
Inactivity Preference:
Fade away
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Image Credit:
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Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
29.6.2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 37.3m
Mature Height: 7.5m
Mature Wingspan: 62m

General Appearance...

Lesserath, though starting out life as a slightly chubby little thing, will quickly lose the baby fat and grow longer faster than he can grow thicker. This results in him being a rather gangly specimen for most of Weyrlinghood. However, when he begins to reach his final length he will fill out a great deal, rivalling many a bronze for bulk. Nonetheless, he is perfectly proportioned for his type, with long broad wings and a deep chest.

Colour wise, Lesserath is an almost perfect shade of black, marred only by a slight bronze tint in the light, that miraculously darkens with age. His tail tip vertebrae are picked out in a lighter colour. The tops of his wing sails are a uniform deep black, but the underside is dotted with stars, like the sky on a perfectly clear, cloudless night, as is the area around his eyes.


Mind Voice: Smooth and enticing, Lesserath's voice draws you in, makes you want to listen more. He is very easy to listen to. Too easy.

Politics - He enjoys the challenge of working out how to make alliances with others. He's not one to consider allies to be good 'friends', though he supposes that is what others call them.
Battles and stunt flying - He's an adrenaline junky at heart, though he maintains disapproval when it's his rider throwing the punches. If it impresses others then all the better, though this is not what drives him to do things.
Oiling - He likes how it makes his hide shine. He flirts at his best when he's shiny.
Rain - Because being wet also makes him look shiny.

Insults - Perceived or otherwise, to himself or his rider. Particularly his rider. J'hal is a great man, he would not have chosen him otherwise... though he does need a little polishing.
Incorrect use of words - Lesserath will go to great lengths to learn language properly, and remember the correct uses of words - and will never fail to correct others when they misuse one that he does know, or question them if they use one he doesn't.
Dragons blocking his sunlight - it's a peeve that will likely result in more than a few dragons getting snapped at. He doesn't mind social sunning, so long as nobody sits between him and his sun.


* Alert : Lesserath is never not watching. He sees and hears all that happens around him, whether that be a hunter in the trees or an argument that's about to kick off, Lesserath knows about it. He's very perceptive of people too, and a master at reading body-language in both dragons and humans alike, though the human bit will be a learned skill rather than a natural one being that they're not the reactions of his own species. He'll always have one 'eye' on his rider at all times, one part of his awareness dedicated to what J'hal is seeing and feeling at any one time.

* Dashing : Lesserath knows how to make people like him, even if his rider doesn't. This may or may not be all undone when he loses his shit at the odd insult, or when his lies get one step too far in front of belief. But he brushes this off afterwards as if it never happened.

* Tough : "It's just a flesh wound!" would perfectly describe Lesserath's views on injuries. They matter little, even if he is bleeding out. If he's started something then he's damn well going to finish it, even if it means pushing himself above and beyond his abilities in whatever state he may be in. Pain is a mere trifling annoyance, and makes his blood boil for more. He will often ignore any injuries that he gets to the point where they would become infected, and needs constant supervision from healers to make sure that he doesn't leave things to get to that stage, since his rider is not all that much better at it.

* Shrewd : Politics are a definite weak point for his rider. If he were only to speak through Lesserath for the rest of his life, things would not be so bad, for where J'hal does not know how to soften words, Lesserath knows exactly where to substitute them for more forgiving ones without losing the meaning. So too can he unmuddle his rider's thoughts into stirring speeches, complimentary remarks, and encouragement, rather than the rants, insults and derision that would otherwise spew out of his riders mouth, whether they were meant to be such or not.


* Impulsive : Lesserath is not one to give much thought to his actions or to planning. He leaves that to his rider. He is afraid of nothing and no-one, and bound with this is what appears to be a disregard for his own life. Lesserath does not see it as such, however. If it is something that he wants to do or that needs to be done, he will do it.

* Combative : Though Lesserath may be suave and likeable on the surface, he is apt to change quickly, going straight from a flirt into combat if he feels that he, or another, has been slighted. And he rarely stops at just a growl, not stopping until his opponent backs down, or dies. This is all well and good when it's directed toward the Hunters, but as a Weyrling his brothers and sisters, and their riders, will likely bare the brunt of this. He will, in equal parts, hold back his rider's aggression, and be spurred on by it himself. It's a bit hypocritical of him, really. 

* Deceitful : Not everything Lesserath says is to be believed. Once this young dragon discovers that he's gifted with smooth lying, he will start to use it more often to gain extra standing for himself and his rider. He's likely to overstretch himself in the beginning, the lies getting out of his control and becoming unbelievable, until he learns exactly how much he can get away with, and how and when to use it.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #131313; Text: #97936f

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Anything Else:
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Re: J'hal [21.02.2567 / 9th Interval] Black Lesserath
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Re: J'hal [21.02.2567 / 9th Interval] Black Lesserath
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Re: J'hal [21.02.2567 / Black Weyrling ]
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Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

A light green, she will be born with a face full of spots that almost look like the freckles on a human face. She’s beautiful, one would not deny that, and will continue to do so even as she grows, lithe and long, never developing too much muscle or too little.


Mind Voice: Smooth and sultry, this green is going to be quite a handful. She’ll communicate with images more than anything, and will only communicate vocally with J’hal and Lesserath, she doesn’t feel like anyone is important enough to talk to.

*HERSELF – She’s incredibly vain, and anyone who can’t also see her beauty is obviously blind.
*GLARING BALEFULLY – A very judgmental little woman, her favourite thing is the cuddle herself up with Lesserath, or sit on J’hal’s shoulder and glare at those who have wronged her.
*PHYSICAL CONTACT – She likes to be in contact with either J’hal or Lesserath at all times. Liking to be seen with her rider and his black so that everyone knows who she is and where she stands.
*WORK – Whilst she is a bit of a nightmare with her bitchiness, she won’t deny that it is her job to do what she is asked to do. She’s a proud flitter, and wants to do the right thing and not be an embarrassment.

*GOLDS – They’re always stealing her spotlight, and looking down on her for being a green. She thinks they’re mightily stuck up.
*THE COLD – It makes everyone grouchy and annoying and she’d honestly just rather the whole winter month to not exist.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

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