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Author Topic: Approved Callista [2562 9th Pass, Green Rider]  (Read 3421 times)

Offline Lyndi

Callista [2562 9th Pass, Green Rider]
« on: April 17, 2014, 10:23:59 PM »

Play By:
Nina Dobrev

First Name:
Cal, Calli
Date of Birth:
09.06.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider - Jungle Wing
L’ale and L’nal would be closest to a weyrmate since they are most often (and she also dreams of this one day being true). She will get around with other bed partners, though it’s usually to take out jealousy sex

Your Reflection...

Appearance: If Callista has more than a few shortcomings, her appearance certainly isn’t one of them. She has the definition of a woman’s body with the perfectly smooth curves that are accented in all the right places. She was always told as a child how gorgeous she would look when all grown up, and she remembered it. Boys would flirt with her all throughout her adolescence, until she learned she could use her gift as leverage to get things she needed. Cal makes sure to put 110% into her image, whether that is appearance or even the way she moves. Any motion she makes is carefully articulated, whether it be the subtle lift of an eyebrow, a seductive sway of the hips, or a small smile that insinuates dirty ideas are playing through her mind. Her wardrobe is carefully planned and, thank the heat, usually is self-tailored (also known as ripped, torn, or cut) to best fit those curves. She spends a lot of her time outside enjoying the sun and the commotion of others around her, which has given her a warm, sunkissed glow to her skin that hasn’t seemed to fade since the move to Southern Winds Weyr.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Although a major event for the fact that the northern continent was decimated, Cal honestly doesn’t think too much on it. Thread has been a part of Pern for so long, that she’s mostly just surprised they didn’t do a better job. Sure, it fell non-stop, but the riders were still taking care of it. Those shardding Holders were just holding out on all of the food they should have been providing. Ha, Holders holding out. Perhaps that’s why they were named as such.

Response to dragon color mutations:Something definitely went wrong there. In all the Turns that dragons have been born, there have been no color mutations. It must have been from the lack of food and rations from the Holders. Or maybe the stress that the dragons had been put through after relentlessly fighting Thread for those Holders and Crafters. They could have all been safe inside the Weyrs, but noooo…they had to endure endless Threadfall to protect them and cause a greater burden on the poor dragons. The mutations are obviously a mistake. Who knows what may become of them? It was a surprise that they even Impressed. And to rank a Black almost as high as a Bronze? Must be someone’s idea of a sick joke. Don’t get her started on a Black dragon being a Weyrleader.

Who are you...

Likes: The twins: Well, she can never get enough of them. They are perfect in every way from their smarts to their bodies and their inner strengths. She wants to be theirs and for them to sleep with only her…if she could ever get so lucky.

Sex: Is an explanation needed? It feels good. Really good. If it weren’t for food, the bathroom, and drills, what is the point in leaving the bedroom?

Adventure: Doing something new and possibly even dangerous is always a thrill. Cal is always out for the next adrenaline rush.

Holders: They are the reason so many people failed and died during the 9th Pass. And one of theirs had the nerve to blame the dragonriders trying to protect them.

Any sort of labor: She’s pretty lazy when it comes down to it. Calli is more often than not lounging either in the bathing pools or in the sun if she can. She would lay out on the Beach if it weren’t for those Beach Snakes ruining all her fun. But she does make sure to get her work done and follow orders, so she's not a slacker.

The twins sleeping with anyone other than herself: She wants them for her own and gets jealous anytime she hears of them with another woman. Usually in her fury she’ll find the next wingrider she bumps into who’s at least decent and seduce him to her weyr.


* Friendly : Callista will talk to anyone in the Weyr (save for Holders and certain Craftsfolk). So, she is very friendly to dragonriders. She doesn’t care if your dragon is green, blue, brown, bronze or gold (she is a bit more reserved with reds and blacks since she’s waiting for something bad to happen with them, so she tends to be overly cautious). Otherwise, she likes to have a good time with people and laugh.

* Fearless : She is up for any adventure you throw at her. Tell her what to do, and she’s your girl. Ever since the 9th Pass, she has almost become an adrenaline junky. Anything to get her blood pumping and her heart pounding.

* Obedient : While she isn’t thrilled about doing drills or chores, she will do as she’s told. She knows it is not her place to question the Wingleader or Wingseconds. She will do as they ask without hesitation because they know best for the Wing and the Weyr.

* Upbeat : She tends not to think on depressing things and focuses more on the glass is half full. She tries to think of the positives of everything, save for the Holders and dragon mutations, but there’s good reasoning behind those exceptions.

* Flexible : Well, yes in the bedroom. But more so in that she can bounce back from things pretty quickly. Mad the twins slept with Niema? Fuck the next cute wingrider. Pissed about something else? Throw a tantrum and then go soak in the baths or take a nice nap in the sun. She bounces back from negative things so quickly that it can give others whiplash if they tried to keep up.


* Compliments : She loves to be wood. Spend some time giving her compliments and she will melt in  the palm of your hand. Stroking her ego is an easy way to get brownies points in her book.

* Massages : Similar to compliments, putting hands on her and rubbing, beating, or massaging will shut her up and completely relax her body. It is probably the best way to change her mood from angry to relaxed or horny.

* Easily jealous : It doesn’t take much for her to get jealous. Fortunately, she is able to suppress it for the most part so this is one of her well-kept secrets. Or she’ll take it out in bed with some random rider and he’ll have no idea what just hit him. Then she’ll be over it…for the most part anyway.

* Self-esteem : While she knows she’s at least above average when it comes to looks, she is still disappointed in herself. She hasn’t accomplished anything, didn’t Impress the Gold, and feels she messed up in life. Now the only way to make up for that is to just enjoy life to its fullest (it’s a waste now anyway to really try that hard) and birth beautiful babies that will grown up to make something of themselves.

* Temper : Perhaps because her ill moods don’t last long, they are all the more fierce to make up for it. She has a fiery temper than tends to get violent if she is pushed far enough. Fortunately, it takes a lot to really push her to this point.

Describe Yourself:

* Adventurous: ----- She’s always willing to try something new, go somewhere new, or do something new. Even if she knows she won’t be good at it, if someone asks her to try something she’ll dive right in.

* Fun: ----- At the end of it all, she just wants to have a good time. She wants to make the most of enjoying her life because you only live once. And she already screwed it up, so it can’t get much worse. So she will taking jokes and laughter any day over fighting or drama, which is probably why her mood tends to flip the switch so quickly back to happy.

* Submissive: ----- She follows orders like the perfect soldier. She hardly fights back unless it is something personal that really matters to her. She would NEVER fight back with the Weyrleaders (although she may mutter profanities under her breath as she does it should S’bok ever give her an order) or her Wingleader or Wingseconds (namely, L’ale and L’nal) if it is a direct order. She also prefers to be the submissive in the bedroom, though she’ll take her turn as being the dominant one if it pleases the man.

* Honest: ----- She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind or what she thinks. If she doesn’t like someone, she will say it. But then she’ll move on and not linger on it as if she just said that someone had food in their mouth and that was the end of the story.

* Outgoing: ----- She’ll start a conversation with almost anyone without provocation. She’s very comfortable with who she is and finds herself happier when in the company of others. Cal doesn’t know what it means to be shy.

The Magic Touch: Addictions: L’ale, L’nal, adrenaline rushes/danger, sex, sleeping (it can happen).


Mother: Mirrialla, Green Rider, 2545 9th Pass, Impressed 2556. (deceased)
Father: G’rett, Bronze Rider, 2540 9th Pass, Impressed 2552.

Siblings: Callista has no idea how many she may have. Her mother was flown by G’rett’s bronze and she is the result of said Flight. She’s never even really met her father other than knowing his face in a crowd. They’ve never spoken two words to one another and she doubts he would know who she was should they ever meet. But she’s sure he must have seeded other women and there are others out there.

Tell us a story...

* 2562, 0 Callista is born to green rider Mirrialla. There is no father in the picture and, in fact, never was even after her mother told G’rett of his child. He had no interest in her and as such, they never met. Mirrialla kept Callista as her prized possession for having the bloodlines of a bronzerider and believing that she would one day grow and Impress a Gold to rule them all.

* 2563, 1 The Lord Holder of Nabol Hold accuses dragonriders of being responsible for the end of Pern. Mirrialla is shocked at this accusation and takes it personally. She makes sure to engrain the ungratefulness of Holders and Craftsfolk in Callista starting as a baby.

* 2568, 6 Mirrialla drills into Calli the importance of rank and being somebody in the Weyr. The Weyr is where the true power lies, and she either needs to be that power, or be a partner to that power. That is the only way to ensure her survival and that she will make something of herself and be written into history.

* 2571, 9 High Reaches Weyr falls and her and her mother move to Fort Weyr. Mirrialla is cursing and blaming the Holds for not doing their job well enough. Callista believes that High Reaches Weyr only fell because of its Holds. She too becomes bitter of the Holders, even at the young age of 9 Turns. She also learns by this time that boys like the way that she looks, and she starts to use it to her advantage of sneaking food from the Weyr Hall or doing her chores.

* 2574, 12 Calli becomes a Gold Candidate. She stands fearless on the Sands, waiting to Impress the only Gold egg on the Sands. Instead, it Impresses to some pint-sized bit. She immediately feels ashamed that she let her mother down. This was the one goal that her mother had set up for her. That and being with someone in power at the Weyr. Obviously the Weyrleader or ‘seconds would never happen since she didn’t Impress a Gold. Which left Wingleaders and Wingseconds.

* 2574, 12 She Impresses Green Ariyath. While disappointed at not Impressing to a Gold, she feels a renewed strength and dream. She won’t be a Weyrwoman to lead the Weyr, be she and Ariyath could always pair themselves with a powerful man that did have an impact. And, Ariyath had added, go down in history for something daring.

* 2577, 14 Callista joins a Wing and begins fighting Thread. Ariyath also has her first Flight. She is flown by Brown Odesuth. Callista is taken up by the thrill of Flight and wants to feel that all of the time. She stops using her looks to get things and instead just uses them to get laid.

* 2581, 19 L’ale and L’nal becoming Wingsecond and she notices them for the first time. She is unfortunately in a different Wing at the time, and only catches glimpses of them here and then during breaks from Threadfall when she isn’t sleeping or caring for Ariyath. Her mother dies during Threadfall. She mourns for her loss, but there is a sort of relief that the pressure of making something of herself is no longer there and she can just enjoy herself.

* 2587, 24 The 9th Pass ends finally and Calli is ready for some time off. She is ready to relax, put some things back together, and start fresh. Then she learns they are moving to the southern continent to some island that a rider, D’mir found. She has mixed feelings about moving, but understands why overall. When they move to Southern Winds Weyr, she becomes a part of the Jungle Wing, charged first and foremost with food gathering. Obviously as a green, she hunts for smaller beasts like wherrys rather than the actual Hunters. Or she will volunteer herself as bait, if necessary. This finally gives her the chance to meet the twins…and then sleep with them…again and again.

* 2587, 24 The mutations are hatched and Callista is mortified that something is wrong. She is nervous about the new hatchlings and keeps her distance from those that Impressed them.

* 2589, 26 Neisoth wins Kalestath and S’bok becomes Weyrleader. Calli is in shock and not happy about it. She doesn’t shout her annoyance through the halls, but isn’t afraid to voice her annoyance if asked.

“Mmm..” Callista stretched her lithe frame on the ledge, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sweet release of her muscles as she relaxed again. This was perfect. She was up on the ledge of the Weyr Bowl where Ariyath typically perched, soaking in the sun with her lifemate. The green’s tail circled protectively around Calli as she relaxed.

It was tiring work in this new location still. Even with Thread gone, or at least at intermission, there was now the fight for food and safety with the new threats that emerged from Fort Island. Strange creatures lived here. Just as strange eggs have been hatched here. Was there a connection? She sighed and wriggled up against the green’s tail. No need to worry about that now. She was taking the time to rest and soak in the sun on such a gorgeous day.

There are the two men you like, mine. And their two bronzes, Skeleeth and Illoth.

Callista shifted up onto her elbows so she could peer over the ledge and down into the Bowl. The twins were indeed walking below. She had just been placed in the Jungle Wing when she first saw the Wingseconds. Masculine, strong, confident bronzeriders. If they weren’t in the middle of their first Wing meeting, she would have walked over to them then and there. But duty had told her to have patience. She would see them again soon enough.

And look at her fortunate circumstances. Ari, take me down there. Calli climbed onto Ariyath just as the green jumped off the ledge and glided down to the Bowl. Callista slid off of the green so Ariyath could return to the ledge right away. Skeleeth, Illoth, the green purred in greeting.

The green rider strode over to the twins, her hips swaying to and fro with every step without her noticing. It had become second nature to walk that way, especially in the presence of a man. She smiled sweetly in greeting, though there was a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “Morning boys.” She stopped just before them, not leaving more than a step between them. “Callista, rider of Green Ariyanth. A rider in your Jungle Wing.” She wasn’t sure they had noticed her at their one meeting, especially among a group of plenty of other riders. “What are you boys up to this fine morning?” She raised an eyebrow in question, hoping they might be free to…get to know one another.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
K'mar, Nalata
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Offline Lyndi

Re: Callista [2562 9th Pass, Green Rider]
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2014, 10:27:11 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloring done by SirAlahn  :love:
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
24.03.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Gold Kalestath
Clutch Father:
Bronze Leremith
Mature Length: 21 meters
Mature Height: 4 meters
Mature Wingspan: 36 meters

General Appearance...

Ariyath is a bright shade of green that perfectly reflects the sunlight. Her hide darkens on the innermost part of her wings as well as along her ridges, making the lighter green of the rest of her hide pop that much more. She’s on the smaller side of greens, but she says this is so she can be faster than the rest and provide a more eventful flight. This allowed her to be faster when fighting the Thread, easily maneuvering and weaving without difficulty. Her small size also makes it easier for her to maneuver in the Jungle while Hunting. 


Mind Voice: Ariyath is just as bad as Callista when it comes to flirting. Her mind voice is almost always with a flirtatious tone. To Callista it sounds like an older sister that sometimes tries to bully her into doing things.

Bronzes and Browns: She likes these dragons best and feels they are worthy of her attention and she deserves attention from them. There are a rare couple of browns or bronze dragons that she isn’t interested in, and otherwise they are all fair game. Obviously, her main preferences include Skeleeth and Illoth.

Sunbathing: Just like her counterpart, she revels in soaking in the sun and being so warm that it puts you to sleep. She’s most often found on the ledges if anyone is looking for her. When the sun isn’t out, she prefers staying within the weyr all day.

Flights: This is the epitome of happiness for Ariyath. This is the time when all of the attention is on her and she gets to have her fun, while her rider enjoys most of the fun pretty much on a daily basis. So these are special times for Ariyath, and she makes sure to get the most out of them.

Being ignored: She won’t be offended if a brown or bronze gives another green their attention, however, they better have at least greeted her or given her some form of acknowledgement. Being ignored is one thing that can set this greenie off so that even Callista has difficulty  getting her under control.

Clouds: It either means that it is cooler out or it is raining. Either way, she’s unable to bake in the sun. Cloudy days make for a grump Ariyath.


* Adventurous : Ariyath is similar to her rider in that she is willing and open to trying new things, going somewhere new, and doing something differently. She loves to explore new places with Callista.

* Friendly : She doesn’t dislike many. This greenie wants to be friends with everyone shy of Holders. She doesn’t mind Crafters since they make and play pretty things, but she harbors the same distaste for Holders. Otherwise, she wants to meet and know everyone.


* Strength : With her size, she does not have much strength to carry anything for extended periods of time other than Callista. She would never be called upon to carry or pull anything, that’s for sure. She’s also unable to maintain her quick speed and agility for too long. She’s more of a sprinter flyer than a stamina one.

* Carefree : Again, like her rider, she is more interested in making something of their lives and doing something exciting that sometimes safety goes out the window. She wants to live in the moment, flirt while she can, and meet everyone she can.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(006300); Text: #(003300)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: Callista [2562 9th Pass, Green Rider]
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2014, 10:48:37 PM »
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Re: Callista [2562 9th Pass, Green Rider]
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2014, 10:54:21 PM »
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Re: Callista [2562 9th Pass, Green Rider]
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2014, 12:48:50 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

How you'd say it.
Date of Birth:
2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

A thickly muscled Bronze, he is a tawny, coppery color with sepia speckling on his wingsails and back. He makes a very fine specimen of his color, with powerful wings and a commanding presence. No matter where he goes, he is the lord of his domain.


Mind Voice: He doesn't speak to anyone but Callista and Gold firelizards, because they are the only ones worthy of hearing his voice. It's a sultry baritone that truly turns into a growl when he's angry.

Likes: Respect : He's a Bronze -- the highest rank that any male firelizard can be. Thus, he outright demands respect from those below him. He'll give orders quite frequently to lower-ranked firelizards that might be in his presence, and will be dismissive or aggressive toward those who do not give him the respect he feels he deserves.
Winning : Odds are, he will try to attach himself to a Gold flit that will become his mate, and he'll ruthlessly chase away any others who might try to Fly her or take her time. Similarly, he likes winning fights, races, and any other competition.

Dislikes: Sitting still : He always craves something - or someone - to do. When bored, he can become an absolutely spiteful terror.
Holders : Will pick this up from Callista. Clearly, dragon riders are amazing. And anyone who says otherwise can piss off.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Haughty and proud, he considers himself Callista's champion. While he will tolerate Bronzers around or courting her, he'll be downright rude to any male of a lower color that tries to snag her attention.

Vanity’s Clutch 001

Vanity x Susurrus

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