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Author Topic: Approved Halirina [ 01.01.2537 / Gold Rider ]  (Read 4030 times)

Offline SanctifiedSavage

Halirina [ 01.01.2537 / Gold Rider ]
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:44:09 AM »

Play By:
Roxanne Gould

First Name:
Ms. Serious. Weyrlady.
Date of Birth:
01.01.2537 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2557 / 20
Wing Rank:
Sr Weyr Woman
Whoever catches Kalestath

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Halirina is a woman shaped by survival. She's slender, with brown hair giving way to a mature shade of gray that she'll swear was brought upon her by stress. She keeps it cut about shoulder length and while well groomed, she doesn't do much with it. Halirina is a clean person and will ensure her clothes and appearance always show as much, but she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. She'd just like to scrub up afterwards. She prefers muted colors of gray or bown - nothing that really draws attention to her. Her giant gold does enough for the pair of them. And while she has an intimate smile that can be quite infectious, it's rarely seen. Coupled with her plain clothes, Halirina will swear by a pair of good, worn leather boots.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:She coped by doing what any other Gold rider did - have dragonets. She wouldn't really say she survived well, but the stresses of the Pass wear on her face. She counts herself lucky that she survived at all knowing the amount of Golds that were lost during her lifetime. It's made her a bit bitter.

Response to dragon color mutations: Halirina cares about the dragon mutations as much as she cared about threadfall - suffice it to say, she's aware of what's going on but she doesn't feel like there's anything she can do about it. Her attitude is thus a sour acknowledgement. What else would they do? Chase the dragon off to live on a dying Pern? She's conten to weather this new storm the same way she weathered the destruction of Pern - by surviving.

Who are you...

Likes: Quiet : The less she's disturbed the better. And quiet moments were rare during the 9th Pass. Dragonets : They're adorable until they grow up to die fighting thread. In that, she's glad the little beasties won't be subject to such a horror. Kalestath : The Gold Dragon is the only thing that's kept her stable. She counts herself lucky the pair have survived as much death, destruction, and gold deaths as they have.

Dislikes: Children : Not because she particularly hates them, but she hates the bad memories they bring up having lost her children to Threadfall. B'ron : He's flown her the most and she hates him for his smug face. While she makes an effort not to fight with him, she does try to get her way whenever she can and torment him in passive aggressive ways. S'bok : For being young enough to be her grandson but still managing to fly her Kalestath. Duty : At 52, Halirina feels like she's put in her 'time' at Pern and is ready for the quiet of retirement when Kalestath no longer flies.

* Strong Will : Halirina has survived the 9th Pass. While this is something most have done, she's also watched too many young dragonets hatch only to be lost to threadfall the next year when young riders were forced to take wing. She holds a lot of terrible memories but they don't serve to depress her, only temper her resolve to continue on.
* Survivor : Halirina is capable of making the hard decisions required of a Weyr Woman. She's sent men to their deaths, knowing threadfall might claim them. She's fully aware of what is always at stake, possibly more than some of the younger generation since she was alive during a time when there were more than one weyr active.
* Contemplative : She's not the sort to go off randomly. Halirina always considers the words she will say, who she is saying them to, and what sort of impact they might have. As such, when she speaks she expects to be heard.
* Authoritative : A woman doesn't reach the age of 52, having flown a Gold for 32 turns, without gaining a sense of command. While age and stress might have bent some other woman's back, it's served to strengthen Halirina and Kalestath. As such, she's not an easy one to intimidate and takes to the air of command with ease when necessary.
* Memory : Sometimes a curse, Halirina remembers all too well the hard lessons taught by running a weyr and flying during the catastrophic 9th Pass. She remembers those who died defending her and even the location of many of the lost Holds and Halls. Once she commits something to memory, it's rare she'll forget.

* Sour Disposition : Halirina is certainly NOT the sort of leader that most could come to in an hour of need. She's closed off and has a general air of dislike for almost everyone.
* Intense : Halirina is an intense lady where most humor is lost on her. She doesn't understand jokes or pranks nor does she take kindly to them. This often leaves her a bit of an outcast at any sort of pleasant gathering where smiles are common.
* Isolated : She's the sort that doesn't ask for help, even when she's in over her head. Halirina is used to a time when even if one needed help, there wasn't often help available. As such, she tries to take care of her own needs and the duties of Weyr Woman with little input.
* Introvert : Halirina closes herself off from most people and what appears to be a terrible disposition is actually an attempt at keeping people from getting close to her. She's suffered too much to risk the attachment.
* Age : Halirina is not as young as she used to be and is starting to feel the press of the turns on her body. While she tries to keep up with the Weyr, she's starting to have a lack of interest in running the place and desiring a nice, long rest.

Describe Yourself:

* Annoyed: Accidents, stupid mistakes, jokes, and pranks are a sure fire way to get on her bad side.

* Emotional: Of the sort she tries very hard to hide the fact that she is. Every day she despairs the loss of all the Riders she's known to have died, but she tries not to let that bother her, but temper her resolve to see Pern flourish again.

* Unrelenting: Even at 52, she's still participating in Mating Flights and maintains a rather active role in Weyr Life. While desiring retirement, both Kalestath and Halirina feel the need to press on during this troubled time.

* Hopeful: She's survived thread. The 9th Interval seems ripe with promise as they'd even found an island on which to rebuild. ( Nevermind the Hunters, she often thinks of them like unruly whers. )

* Attached: She's stuck on the idea of being Weyr Woman. Having been one for so long, she often day dreams about what it might be like NOT to be one - but they're really off-kilter fantasies about sun bathing on a beach not infested with beach snakes.

The Magic Touch: Halirina wakes up at sunrise every day except the day after a mating flight. It's her ritual to watch the sun rise, as a reminder that it's another day she's alive and the Weyr is surviving.


Mother: Tyteri, 3.3.2517. Weyr Folk. Deceased.
Father: K'ess, 5.9.2515. Bronze Rider. Deceased.

Siblings: She has a handful of siblings on her Father's side, but they're all deceased.

Born 2556. Torgray. Dies 2576.
Born 2571. Halion. Dies 2580.


Tell us a story...

* 2537, Born Halirina was born to a Wing Leader and Weyr Folk during the rain of catastrophic Thread after the attempts to fix the Red Star orbit.
* 2540, 3 The Southern Continent begins to buck under the fall of near constant thread. She's too young to understand what this means, but it's a general sense of 'bad'.
* 2541, 4 The first weyr to be abandoned is Benden, and she's alive for it. It's a terrible time for the Weyrs and despair is everywhere. Even at this age, she starts to think Thread will never end.
* 2546, 9 With the continual fall and threat of Thread, while taking candidate lessons and making herself useful around the Weyr, Halirina becomes enrolled in Healer craft to have a fall back in the event she fails to Impress.
* 2555, 18 Becomes enamored with another Healer, though a Journeyman. He seems a safe choice for her affections given the amount of dragon riders turning up injured or going between. Anven and Halirina begin to court each other seriously in the midst of so much. They manage quiet rendezvous during the filtering in of the Riders from the recently fallen Eastern Weyr.
* 2556, 19 Anven and Halirina have a child together. A baby boy by the name of Torgray.
* 2557, 20 It is the last time Halirina intends to stand for Impression, with the plan to marry Anven until she Impresses to Gold Kalestath. Whatever plans they had are suddenly shot, but the pair maintain a relationship while trying to care for their son. Much of the responsibility falls to Anven.
* 2559, 22 Halirina has her first Flight and the severity of her situation destroys any hope for her and Anven to maintain a relationship. She tries to visit them often but both have duties that keep them from Torgray for extended periods.
* 2563, 26 Anven is sent to High Reaches Weyr during their hour of need in the midst of the Lord Holder and Weyr conflict. This leaves Halirina to look after their son, who is now 7. She has him enroll in the Healer craft, trying to keep him away from the dragons to try and save him.
* 2568, 31 Anven is killed at High Reaches when a thread scored dragon thrashes during one of the evacuation runs. He and a smattering of others never escape High Reaches as thread begins to fall during the end of the evacuation. Halirina knows only that he didn't survive the escape and tells their son, who is now 12. Distraught but determined, Torgray stands for Impression and Impresses a Bronze. This causes a huge rift between him and Halirina who did not wish for him to join the fighting wings.
* 2569, 30 The first time B'ron of Leremith catches Kalestath.
* 2571 Halirina has her second child, this one B'ron's. While she's not exactly thrilled at being pregnant, there's a quiet excitement - she'd have preferred a different partner, of course.
* 2576, 39 Torgray dies at the age of 20 fighting Thread. Halirina is distraught. Only Kalestath keeps her from shutting down completely.
* 2580, 43 Her son Halion passes away due to a spread of illness around the weyr at the tender age of 9. It's even harder on her, having lost Torgray some turns prior, especially knowing that she's not likely to have any more children beyond this. She mourns Torgray all over again.
* 2581, 44 Pern, and Halirina, take a huge hit when several golds rise at once resulting in the death of so many. She's nearly beside herself with grief and it is Kalestath once again that pull them through.
* 2587, 50 She couldn't be more relieved when Thread finally quit falling, marking the end of the extended 9th Pass. While she did not join in on the celebration when Thread no longer fell, realizing the full destruction of everything that was long meant she was desperate to find a way to survive. She was one of the main ones that held onto hope that somewhere on Pern there was still a place for them. She was the quickest to push for them to move once the Island was found, and one of the first to help settle the Weyr. The hatching of black Neisoth was surprising, but she honestly didn't expect the strange dragonet to survive.

The last gold egg in all of Pern. Of course she would stand for it. Of course she would be present for a slice of their rapidly dwindling history. But there were a lot of girls there just for that very reason. A call had gone out and every woman of an eligible age and capable of making the journey was present. No one wanted to risk the little beauty going between when she hatched. Not when the very future of Pern rested on such a shiny, faintly metallic egg. Anven, his face ever etched with concern, stood off in the stands. She'd found him almost immediately dressed in the white and blues of a Healer. On his shoulders, destroying any semblance of decorum, was their son. A black mess of curly hair nearly hid his eyes from her, but her son had his hands up trying to get her attention. For such a solemn occurrence, Halirina couldn't help but smile. Those two were her hope. Her desire for a better future spurned on by the baby boy that relied on Pern';s survival. She'd have done anything in that moment to promise him that everything would be safe.

Halirina could no more make that promise than say when Thread would be over.

She didn't even realize the other eggs were hatching. She barely heard the cries of joy as a bronze dragonet crawled across the stands to Impress to a boy younger than she was. She smiled at her son, whose attention was now on the hatching eggs. And Anven, who had eyes only for her. They shared a private moment during such rejoicing. For though much of Pern had been lost to thread, the hatching of dragonets was a cause for celebration. And in that moment, the future looked as bright as the shells on the hatching sands.

Halirina turned her attention to the eggs. More of the tiny creatures paired off but the gold egg remained.

When it cracked, the collective held their breath.

When the tiny dragon crawled from her shell, she was every bit as beautiful as the moment. Full of promise and hope, stumbling across the sands. The focus of everyone on the hatching sands, even Halirina. Who was, quite suddenly, rather hungry. A curious feeling, given the situation. But the hunger was so strong.

Halirina. Your Kalestath is so very hungry.

Member Info...

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Anything Else:
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Re: Halirina [ 01.01.2537 / Gold Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2014, 05:21:45 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ KAL-ess-tah-th ]
Date of Birth:
2557 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length 42 meters
Mature Height: 9 meters
Mature Wingspan: 71 meters

General Appearance...

Kalestath was a shining example of her name-sake : gold. Even from hatching. The residual moisture from the egg only seemed to make her hide shine more so than it usually does. Though age has dulled her coloration somewhat, it's turned Kalestath into an aged Gold that still catches the eyes with her metallic shine.


Mind Voice: Kalestath's voice has all the sharpness of an aged Empress and the venom of a tunnelsnake, when she’s in a mood. Her presence and voice seems to take up mental space and fill up someone’s thoughts. Not loud, just there. Her voice isn’t quite warm, or sunny, but there is a heat to it.

Dragonets : From the time she lays her eggs until they impress, her hatchlings are her world. Once they impress, Kalestath loses all familial bond to them.

 Strong Weyr Leaders to support her bonded. It’s important to her that whomever is Weyrleader does so well – no matter the color of the dragon.

 Well behaved dragons, because she simply cannot stand disrespect. It’s the quickest way to earn her ire.

Unnecessary arrogance : She doesn't mind a bit of gloating now and then, but the general pomp and circumstance some dragons project grate on her sensibilities.

Disrespectful humans or fire lizards : Her bonded deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and Kalestath will not hesitate to put another rider or fire lizard in their place.

Other Golds : Kalestath is wildly territorial and even physically around other Golds ruffles her sensibilities. She’ll tolerate them, because she has to, but she doesn’t like it.


* STABILITY  : When Halirina has hit her worst, Kalestath is often at her best. She provides a steady pillar of strength and support for her much more emotional human counter part.

* PERSEVERANCE : Kalestath believes there isn't a thing her or her bonded couldn't conquer and drives Halirina with her endless supply of determination.


* MISUNDERSTANDING : Kalestath, while recognizing -why- Halirina does things, doesn't often understand how to handle it. Mostly because Halirina herself doesn't know what is to be done. So the dragon settles for offering quiet support during the moments she cannot grasp what her Rider is going through.

* AFFECTIONATELY AT ODDS : Kalestath and Halirina have drastically different ideas of who and what makes a good Weyr leader, mostly because Halirina tends toward disliking everyone. Halirina relies on Kalestath for her impression of Riders rather than trusting her somber attitude.

Dragon Speech Code: Kalestath Preview. Background: #ffee93; Text: #b29600

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Halirina [ 01.01.2537 / Gold Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2014, 06:35:06 PM »
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