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Author Topic: Approved Ishanae [18.04.2572, Green Rider]  (Read 2704 times)

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Ishanae [18.04.2572, Green Rider]
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:29:55 AM »

Play By:
Irina Shayk


First Name:
Date of Birth:
18.04.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider
None currently. She does share a weyr with one of her brothers and his dragon, however.

Your Reflection...

Tall for a woman, Ishanae stands at just under 6 feet tall, and cuts a fit and curvy figure. Her eyes are a green hazel color and she has naturally golden tan skin.  Her long hair is a dark brown color, and tends to bleach out into a more golden color when she’s out in the sun for long stretches of time.
Her normal clothing is of a practical sort, through her hair is usually left loose or only loosely bound in a braid or ponytail.  Only in the past couple of years has Ishanae begun to wear a more feminine cut of clothing, first at Lelath’s insistence and later of her own volition.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Ishanae has no strong feelings about the catastrophe itself. Since she was born a year after the fall of Tillek Hold and High Reaches Weyr, the harshness of the post-catastrophe weyr life is normal for her. She knows that before her birth things were better and that Pern was more than the area around Fort Hold and Weyr, and now Southern Winds Weyr, but she doesn’t feel any loss for what she doesn’t remember.

Response to dragon color mutations: Ishanae is curious about why these new mutations are now appearing, especially after so many centuries of the dragons maintaining the same colors that they were designed with even though they grew in size.

Who are you...

* T’hir and Korinth: A supporting presence in her life since their father died, Ishanae is quite close with her brother. She values her friendship with him highly and listens to the man’s advice readily.

* Flying Free: Ishanae loves flying with Lelath, especially when they’re flying for pleasure and don’t have the restrictions of flying for work. It’s almost a euphoric feeling, being unbound from the earth, and an adrenaline rush. She tries to get her chores done as quickly as possible so she and Lelath can go have fun.

* Acrobatics: Ishanae finds simple running or swimming a bit too monotonous for her daily exercise needs, and turned to acrobatics to spice things up. She especially enjoys coming up with new combinations and figuring out new tricks.

*Winning: Who doesn’t like the adrenaline rush and the feeling of superiority and confidence that comes from victory? Certainly not Ishanae. Especially if she’s beaten her opponent, either physically or mentally, so thoroughly that there can be no doubt that she was the winner.

*Being around nature: Ishanae loves being around things that are green and growing. Why is not something that she can quite put into words other than it’s soothing, and she always feels better when she can see sunlight and greenery.

*Being considered attractive: A much more recent viewpoint. Ishanae isn’t yet confident about being attractive to the opposite sex. Admiring glances and being flirted with are more comforting to her than ego boosting, reassuring her that she is attractive to someone with a more ‘objective’ opinion than Lelath.

* Alpha Males : She finds them physically attractive, but doesn’t like their arrogant attitudes. If only they would just keep their mouths shut so her nice fantasies wouldn’t get spoiled...

* Cattiness: Since Ishanae grew up as one of the boys, she never really learned to deal with ‘mean girl’ behavior. She doesn’t know how to handle it, and tends to get frustrated quickly. Depending on circumstances, she can get frustrated to the point of lashing out violently if she’s unsure how else to solve the situation.

* Feminine Girls: Coming out of her tomboy phase, Ishanae finds girly girls hard to get along with because, in her mind, they have nothing in common. She finds it awkward to interact with them, and tends to avoid having to interact with them by herself.

* Losing: Ishanae hates having someone get the better of her, or get the last word in an argument. It drives her up the wall and can leave her seething in resentment. She can stew over the argument for hours afterwards, trying to find some weak spot in her opponent’s argument. It normally peters out on its own and really it’s best to allow her to work through it on her own. Trying to prod her out of it tends to start the whole cycle all over again.

*Brave: Almost to the point of being reckless, Ishanae hasn’t quite yet figured when it would be best for her to step back and let others handle issues she’s passionate about. When she feels those she loves are in danger she’s willing to put her life on the line to help them without any second thoughts.

* Clever: Ishanae is both an eager and fast learner, quick to pick up flying techniques and general  knowledge alike. In conversation and argument she tends to be snarky and can think of fairly scathing insults. She learned to read as a child, and still enjoys doing as an adult. 
* Assertive: Ishanae is quick to stand up for herself and her dragon, and can be very invested when it comes to getting her way or winning an argument. She out and out refuses to let herself be bullied.

* Loyal/Protective: Ishanae is strongly loyal to those she respects and cares about. She doesn’t take it well when someone insults them in front of her. She will stand up and defend them without question, even if it means she gets in trouble for doing so; she’s too young, yet, to understand when to hold herself back in delicate situations - which has gotten her in trouble more often than not.

* Agile: Ishanae’s regular routine of acrobatics has caused her to become limber and flexible. Her childhood of rough housing with the boys made her develop a quick reaction time in order to avoid becoming black and blue. Both skills combined have made her one of the more agile members of her peer group.

* Irritable: Ishanae has a low tolerance for things that irritate her, and finds herself annoyed easily. She’s prone to tunnel vision and cyclic thoughts when she’s really worked annoyed, which can turn simple annoyance into a black mood. It often takes someone close to her, such as Lelath or her brother, to get her to snap out of it and calm down.

* Imaturity: Ishanae seventeen and therefore doesn’t properly judge the world around her. She can get into spats that she really should have let go, speaks out when she shouldn’t, and gets herself into arguments that a more mature person would have dropped before they became heated. When punished for this she often resents her punisher instead of reflecting on her own behavior.

* Authority: She resents having to show respect or deference to those who she feels don’t deserve it, even if they might be a higher rank than she is. Unfortunately for her, she isn’t really subtle about it and has been punished accordingly by those that she has offended. This creates a kind of self perpetuating cycle where Ishanae grows more resentful, is punished by the subject of resentment (usually for insubordination), her resentment becomes more entrenched, so on and so forth.

* Stubbornness: Bull headed and headstrong, Ishanae can easily become entrenched in a particular opinion, especially if she feels defensive about it. Many times she’ll realise she’s wrong later in the argument, but cannot bring herself to admit it, especially if she doesn’t like the person she’s arguing with.

* Grudges: She takes a long time getting over negative first impressions and feelings towards people. Not only can her grudges linger, but many times they fester. Her irritability, stubbornness, issues with authority plus her loyalty to her friends and allies can create a powerful feeling of resentment in her. While she won’t lash out from a grudge alone, it does add tension to a situation that might already be pretty volatile due to other circumstances.

Describe Yourself:
* Fighter: Physically, as well as in spirit, Ishanae does not back down when riled up (and it’s rather easy to get her riled up), even if it’s in her best interests to do so. After a childhood filled with scrapping with boys, she knows how to fight good and dirty.

* Prickly: Her temper and her other personal issues make her very sensitive regarding how others interact with her, and she can be easily offended.

* Tomboy: Ishanae is still very much a tomboy at heart, preferring more physical past times and having little in common with her more feminine fellows. She prefers to spend her time with men.

* Passionate : Ishanae is ultimately defined by her emotion and feelings. She isn’t incapable of being subtle but her feelings drive her behavior and the way that she interacts with the world around her. At this point in her life she is incapable of being objective, though she will eventually grow out of it.

* Energy: Ishanae isn’t one to stand around and do nothing. No matter what Ishanae is doing, even if it’s something or with someone she dislikes, she does it with energy and vigor. No passiveness with her.

The Magic Touch: Ishanae almost always wears a small stone pendant carved into the shape of a flower on a leather string around her neck. It had been her mother’s, and her father kept it for safe keeping until she was old enough to take care of it. K’har gave it to her not long before he died and it has since become a way to have a part of her parents with her even after their death.


Mother: Deceased. Lilanae, Green Rider of Irenath. Born 2545. Impressed 2561. Died 2574.
Father: Deceased. K’har (Kethahishar), Bronze rider of Haketh. Born 2530. Impressed 2543. Died 2581.
-Deceased. K'sel (Kethaselir), Born 2546, Impressed 2558 to brown Risith, Died  2571
-Deceased. T’ven (Tethiven), Born 2550, Impressed 2564 to blue Yvesoth, Died 2568
-Deceased. S'dra (Shardran), Born 2552, Impressed 2567 to blue Ailereth, Died  2574
-S’kal (Sharkalis), Born 2555, Impressed 2569 to bronze Talsharoth
-T'rin (Thalerin), Born 2559, Impressed 2571 to brown Nyradoth
-T'hal (Thaisehal), Born 2561, Impressed 2573 to bronze Azaeth
-T'hir (Tarahir), Green rider of Korinth. Born 2566. Impressed 2582.

Tell us a story...

* 2572, 0 Born to a pair of wing mates at Fort Weyr. Since both of her parents were wing riders Ishanae is put in the care of the Fort Weyr creche. However her parents try and see her as much as possible given the constraints of their schedule.

* 2573, 1 Thaisehal impresses to a bronze dragon, Azaeth, and becomes T'hal. Ishanae remembers little of this, other than vague memories of her father's proud joy.

* 2574, 2 Her mother and her dragon are badly threadscored and in critical condition with almost no chance of recovery. Her mother is put on palliative care to wait out the coming end. Ishanae doesn’t quite get what’s going on, all she understands is that her mother is sick and unable to play with her.

* 2574, 3 After two months Ishanae’s mother finally passes away not long after Ishanae’s 3rd birthday. For the first month afterwards Ishanae acts like her mother is still sick before seeming to finally understand that her mother is gone. In actuality she is really too young to really understand what death really means. 
* 2575, 4 Ishanae becomes close friends with a pack of weyrbrat boys who treat her as one of the them. Her father, not really knowing how to deal with little girls, encourages her friendship and increasingly boyish behavior.

* 2582, 9 Her father dies fighting thread. Unlike when her mother died, Ishanae doesn't handle his loss well at all.  She ends up moping around until she’s pulled out of it by the support of her friends. With the help of her older half brother Tarahir she is able to fully process and move past her losses. For the next several years she clings tightly to Tarahir and her friends who stuck by her.

* 2582, 10 Ishanae’s brother impresses a green dragon, Korinth. Ishanae is happy for him but at the same time sad that now he won’t have much time for her. Becoming a dragonrider wasn’t something she had given much thought to before, beyond that it would happen to her sometime in the future. But now she actively wanted to join her brother and follow in her parent’s footsteps.

* 2584, 12 In the throes of puberty, Ishanae realizes that her playmates are now treating her differently because she’s a girl. Ishanae, in a panic, begins rejecting and repressing anything about herself that could be considered feminine. Her feelings are not aided by the women of the creche, who keep trying to push her into being more traditionally female. This causes Ishanae to dig her heels in even more stubbornly on the issue.
* 2586, 14 Ishanae is, much to her relief, finally searched. Now over the major hump of hormones, Ishanae finds that there are certain aspects that she enjoys about being a girl, specifically boys. Her first time was with one of her fellow candidates. With both of them being inexpirienced, it was a rather awkward encounter.

* 2587-2588, 15-16 Ishanae impresses Lelath. The pretty green’s very feminine nature caused Ishanae to reassess her femininity and being feminine in general. Being a weyrbrat, living in the weyrling barracks was really the first time she had interacted with people who were raised outside of the weyr and, especially, other girls.  The restrictions on Weyrling sexuality made her have to try to ignore her growing interest in the subject.
* 2589, 17 Ishanae and Lelath graduate from weyrling to weyr rider. She moves out of the weyrling’s barracks and into her brother’s weyr. Lelath rises for the first time. Ishanae’s first mating flight is so above her previous sexual encounter that it doesn’t even compare. Since becoming a weyr rider she’s begun to embrace her growing sexuality.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.
“-And they’re just such a,” Ishanae was so frustrated that she was unable to finish her statement, merely letting out an angry snarl. Why did it have to be good looking jerks that got her all hot and bothered? Ishanae hated interacting with them for any particular length of time, and yet she had fantasies of being taken by the same assholes for a tumble in the bedfurs. It was maddening. Not so rough, mine, my hide is not a pot. Ishanae flushed, “Sorry.” She continued scrubbing Lelath’s hind leg, making sure to be gentle.
 You could use a gag. Ishanae stopped scrubbing and stared at her dragon who was giving Ish one of her fake innocent looks.  A gag. You know, something to keep them from talking. Lelath’s eyes sparkled as her rider’s face turned red as she began sputtering.  It would solve your problem, love.
Ishanae merely groaned in embarrassment, the only response she could make at that point. It was a good thing they were alone at this point. She didn’t think she could handle having anyone show up right now.  I don’t know why you’re so bothered about them. There are plenty of men here in the weyr that are to your taste that are not, Lelath paused, trying to find a polite way of putting it. “Assholes?” Ishanae deadpanned.  Crude, Lelath corrected.
Ishanae sighed mournfully as Lelath sank down beneath the water to rinse herself off. “It’s not really that.” Lelath crooned soothingly at her rider and nuzzled her comfortingly.  I know. Ish reached up and stroked Lelath’s beautiful green muzzle. It had always amazed Ishanae how mature Lelath was compared to herself, especially given that the dragon was a grand total of 2 turns old. Lelath hummed in contentment.  You know I am always here for you. 

Ishanae rested her head against Lelath’s. //I know.//

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Created By:
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Re: Ishanae [18.04.2572, Green Rider]
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2014, 11:33:04 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to lineart.]
Dragon Details

Lelath (Ley-lath)
Date of Birth:
2587 / 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 25 meters
Mature Height: 5 meters
Mature Wingspan: 41.5 meters

General Appearance...

Once a rather small hatchling, Lelath is now one of the largest greens in the weyr. Her large size somewhat contrasts with her elegant appearance and demeanor. Overall, Lelath is a lady. Her primary coloration is a pretty soft green color with a pale underbelly. Her back and limbs are covered in dark green splotchy markings.


Mind Voice: Lelath has a sweet and melodious mind voice that might even be called breathy if she actually spoke out loud. A solid mezzo-soprano.

*Air acrobatics: Lelath likes flying in general but what she really enjoys is when she gets to cut loose and treat the weyr and surrounding areas like an obstacle course. Her talent sets her apart from the other recently matured greens and makes her feel unique and  special.

*Being pampered: After a long day of hard work and play there’s nothing Lelath loves more than a nice bath where she gets scrubbed clean, oiled to a shine  and all the annoying itches on her hide scratched and soothed.

*Admiration: Lelath cultivates an aura of elegance and is always pleased when people other than her rider praise her. Ishanae is afterall bonded to her and always thinks she’s wonderful (like Lelath does in turn) and it’s nice to get independent confirmation.

*People that upset her rider: Lelath rarely gets truly angry, and is normally the voice of reason when her rider is frazzled or ticked off. However she dislikes those that antagonize her rider due to how they make Ishanae feel, rather than any actual dislike of those riders and their dragons.

*Being dirty: Lelath hates feeling grimy. Having dirt and sand (and other fluids and plant matter) on her hide drives her up the wall. It’s not that it actually itches or otherwise irritates her hide but a sense of wrongness that she admits is entirely in her head.

*Being grounded: One of the rare things that puts Lelath into a sulk is being denied  being able to fly. Not even being pampered or told she’s pretty will bring her out of it, only when the restriction is released will she perk back up into her normal sweet disposition.

* Agility: Lelath has a natural talent for air acrobatics, and is able to pull off turns or dives at speeds that most other dragons would injure themselves trying to copy. To take advantage of this, both she and Ishanae spend a great deal of their free time practicing, trying to push Lelath’s limits farther and farther.

* Level Headed: In contrast to her rider, Lelath has a rather mellow personality. Slow to anger and easily diffused. When Ishanae  gets worked up Lelath helps her calm down and see things logically.

* Stamina : She has about average stamina for a green her size and age, but her acrobatics can drain her reserves too fast if she doesn’t judge it properly. Thankfully she’s outgrowing her ‘shiny new toy look at me’ stage and has started to keep her tricks restricted to non-working flights only.

* Inexperience: At two years old, Lelath has only recently fully matured and moved from weyrling to weyr rider. This means that she lacks the years of experience that the other dragons have.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #8DB600; Text: #013220

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Ishanae [18.04.2572, Green Rider]
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2014, 06:34:29 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Ishanae [18.04.2572, Green Rider]
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2014, 10:02:48 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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