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Author Topic: Approved O'sir [ 12.03.2556 / Brown Rider & Candidate Master ]  (Read 5385 times)

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O'sir [ 12.03.2556 / Brown Rider & Candidate Master ]
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:12:45 AM »

Play By:

First Name:
O’sir [ oh-SEER ]
O'Serious [ Used exclusively by M'rek ]
Date of Birth:
12.03.2556 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Boll Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Candidate Master

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Carrying himself with a sort of collected grace, O'sir cuts a rather severe figure among the weyrfolk and dragon riders of Southern Winds. While not particularly tall or physically imposing, he has a force of presence that carves out a quiet niche no matter where he goes or how chaotic his surroundings. He rarely wastes words unless directly addressed, preferring to communicate with a variety of unsettling stares and noncommittal noises. Possessed of quick reflexes, O'sir is rarely caught off guard. He tends to dress in shades of brown and grey, with the occasional splash of brick red. His hair is typically worn short to keep it out of his eyes, rather vainly so in order to show off what he considers his best features -- marked by complete heterochromia, O'sir's left eye is hazel while his right is a deep brown.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: O'sir has dealt with the destruction of everything he knew about as well as anyone would -- that is to say, not well. He's become even more serious and misanthropic than previously, and has taken to frequently drowning his depression in the bottom of a bottle.

Response to dragon color mutations: O'sir has no particular interest in the new mutations, seeing them simply as a response to the changes on Pern. He is, however, incredibly wary of S'bok.

Who are you...

Likes: Solitude : Most people annoy O'sir, and so he prefers to spend his time alone, with Saibrasoth, or with his best friend, M'rek.
Klah : There's no better way to start the day than with a steaming hot cup of klah. It's just what O'sir needs to feel human in the morning. Especially when it's been spiked with something extra.
Sleeping In : If at all possible, O'sir would like to stay curled up in his sleeping furs well into the afternoon. Unfortunately, his responsibilities in the weyr mean that he rarely gets to do so.

Dislikes: High-strung people : He just can't be bothered to care about the drama and noise surrounding the more energetic of weyrfolk.
Memories : The 9th Pass left some scars on O'sir, and he prefers not to remember the reasons he has them. He feels guilty enough at having survived when so many others didn't.
Stupid questions : Yes, they exist. No, he won't answer them. Go ask someone else.


* DRIVE : O'sir demands excellence from himself and everyone around him. He cannot stand those who put in less than their honest best effort, and he has no qualms about saying so. Though outwardly he may never admit a fondness for them, he takes his responsibilities to the Candidates he trains very seriously. They will get the best education he can provide them, even if he has to beat it into them with a stick.

* INTELLIGENCE : O'sir is wickedly sharp, absorbing knowledge easily and teaching it just as comfortably. His wit is dry and cutting, and he frequently utilizes it against those who he feels need to be put in their place. He will dutifully instruct those who want to learn, no matter the pace at which they progress. It's those who do not care enough to rise above their own ignorance that earn his true disdain.

* FOCUS : Once this Brown rider sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it. He allows nothing to stand in his way, and will doggedly throw himself against any obstacles until they break -- or he does. Situations in which he is repeatedly helpless, and problems with no clear solutions, drive him up a wall.

* HIGH FUNCTIONING : No matter his self-destructive and depressive tendencies, O'sir will not let that get in the way of his work in the weyr. Most would never guess that he spends most of his time cycling through various stages of drunk. Only in private does he let the vice truly catch up to him to its full extent.

* OBJECTIVE : One of his most useful qualities is his ability to separate emotional and logical responses. In a crisis situation, O'sir won't waste any time worrying whether or not he is responding appropriately -- he will simply do what he feels is necessary to restore order and safety. That being said, his emotions tend to come out in full force during his down time.


* SELF-DESTRUCTIVE : Survivor's guilt and a naturally depressive streak are a dangerous combination in O'sir. He spends much of his time with a chip on his shoulder, generally displeased with the world around him. This tendency has gradually led him to his current status as an alcoholic. But good luck getting him to admit that his coping mechanism is actually a problem.

* STANDOFFISH : His general dislike of people makes O'sir sometimes unpleasant to be around, and he is less than apologetic for being a mess of stubbornness and hostility. Truthfully, this functions as a mechanism to prevent O'sir from getting close to anyone. Having lost so many friends and family members during the 9th Pass, he's not interested in repeating the experience. By keeping people at arm's length, he prevents himself from being hurt further.

* VOLATILE : Quick to anger, O'sir is prone to abrupt flares of temper. While they typically wane as quickly as they were triggered, they serve to make others wary of him. When caught in one of these moods, he's not above storming out of a room, slamming doors, or even throwing things. Saibrasoth and M'rek are the only ones who can soothe him into calmness once again.

* HEADSTRONG : O'sir prides himself on his good judgment. While he submits to orders given by Weyrwomen, the Weyrleader, and Weyrseconds, he's likely to tell just about anyone else to fuck off if they question his decisions. As Candidate Master, he occupies a place of relative power within the weyr. If a younger or lower ranking rider shows him disrespect, they are in store for a vicious lecture meant to impress upon them just how short his tolerance is.

* INFLEXIBLE : Change comes slow and difficult for O'sir. He will fight tooth and nail to avoid it, often simply on principle, until he is forced to accept it. When it comes down to it, he often seems perfectly (spitefully) happy to break rather than bend.

Describe Yourself:

* STOIC: O'sir is a man of few words who rarely cracks a smile. He seems to be lacking almost completely in a sense of humor that isn't based solely on sarcasm and dry wit. This trait earned him the nickname O'Serious from his friend M'rek -- a nickname that O'sir would be very displeased to catch anyone else in the weyr using.

* PRECISE: If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time. This goes double for Candidates who think they can cut corners on their studies or duties.

* SENSITIVE: Underneath his outer shell of belligerence and misanthropy, O'sir feels his emotions keenly. A deeply empathetic soul, it's the cruelties of the 9th Pass that have brought out the worst in him and shaped the quiet, studious youth into what he is today.

* LOGICAL: Irrational actions don't make any sense to O'sir -- though he's curiously blind or eager to deny his own. Most of the time he functions on cold logic, which allows him to respond well and quickly in vital situations. Organization and preparation are key.

* VAIN: O'sir considers himself good-looking, and is particularly proud of the unsettling effect of his mismatched eyes. No matter how drunk he may be on a given day, he keeps himself well-groomed and clean.

The Magic Touch: O'sir's addiction to alcohol developed over the course of years, and he keeps it tightly controlled in public. Though he maintains a fairly steady rate of "just tipsy enough to cope" throughout the day, he does not let it interfere with his duties in the weyr. Most of the time, he disguises his drinking by slipping the alcohol into his first cup of klah for the day -- or his sixth, or eleventh. His alcoholism has more to do with a psychological dependence than a physiological one, so the detrimental health effects have yet to catch up to him. He's far too vain to descend into bottomless, sloppy drunkenness.


Mother: Oinala. Journeyman Healer. Born 2532. Died 2568.
Father: Lasrinian. Ship’s Captain. Born 2529. Died 2568.

Lineri. Sister. Apprentice Harper. Born 2559. Died 2582.
Olarian. Brother. Apprentice Miner. Born 2563. Died 2577.
Lakymose. Brother. Apprentice Healer. Born 2563. Died 2581.
Rinetti. Sister. Apprentice Healer. Born 2565. Died 2580.

Children: While he was still caring for his younger siblings, O’sir made a concerted effort not to have any children so that his attentions would not be split to the detriment of anyone. After their deaths, he has maintained carefully not having children, as he did not want to bring anyone else into a world ravaged by the Pass – and he’s afraid of losing anyone else dear to him.

Tell us a story...

* 2556, 0 O'sir's parents, originally natives of Ista Hold, were evacuated to Southern Boll Hold after the fall of Ista Island. Seven years later, they have their first child.

* 2558, 2 Fall of Southern Boll Hold. O'sir's family is evacuated once again to Tillek Hold. Only two turns old at the time, O'sir is not old enough to remember this event. What he knows about it was related to him by his parents.

* 2559, 3 Birth of O'sir's younger sister, Lineri. Like the fall of Southern Boll Hold, O'sir doesn't really remember this event.

* 2563, 7 Birth of O'sir's younger twin brothers, Olarian and Lakymose. He regards the pair with a wary sort of curiosity. While he has always been protective of Lineri, the addition of these two new siblings really triggers O'sir's life-long desire to take care of his siblings.

* 2565, 9 Birth of O'sir's younger sister, Rinetti. With both of his parents actively working to keep the family well-situated in Tillek Hold, O'sir becomes the primary caretaker of his siblings when his parents are not around. He accepts this responsibility stoically, no matter how much the younger children might sometimes annoy him.

* 2568, 12 O'sir's parents die while volunteering to fight Thread in ground crews. Their deaths leave O'sir as the oldest member of his family, and responsible for the well-being of all his younger siblings. He manages to tread water with the help of M'rek's parents, who do what they can to help the orphaned siblings. It is at this point that the quiet, sensitive young man begins to develop a rough shell of self-reliance and belligerence. Though thankful for the help from M'rek and M'rek's parents, he considers it his duty to take care of his siblings and see to their wellbeing.

* 2569, 13 O'sir and his friends, M'rek and Finna, are Searched by Fort Weyr. O'sir accepts the Searching, and he and his siblings move to Fort Weyr to avoid being split up. Though he Impresses Saibrasoth and dives into his training as a Weyrling, O'sir maintains time to take care of his siblings as their primary guardian. O'sir sees this as his opportunity not only to defend his family personally, but also to guarantee them a safe place within Fort Weyr for the duration of the 9th Pass. His Impression of Saibrasoth is the first true happiness he experiences since the death of his parents.

* 2571, 15 The fall of Tillek Hold and High Reaches Weyr leaves Fort Hold and Fort Weyr the last strongholds on Pern. O'sir is quietly mournful over the fall of the Hold he came to know as his home. More than that, he understand just what a precarious position this puts the rest of Pern in. He wars with himself over the knowledge that his siblings must someday do their part and the desire to keep them safe within the walls of Fort Weyr.

* 2577, 21 Olarian, accompanying a contingency of miners looking to extract resources from Crom's abandoned mines, is killed in a cave-in. O'sir's first burning waves of helpless panic begin to set in. He sees Olarian's death as a direct result of his failure to keep his siblings safe. Filled with impotent rage and fear, he begins to quarrel increasingly with his remaining siblings over their desire to contribute to the fight against Thread.

* 2580, 24 Despite O'sir's attempts to keep his remaining family members out of harm's way, they begin to actively participate in the efforts to save Pern. Rinetti, now an apprentice healer, contracts an illness while working with her patients. Her health, having always been fragile, cannot stand up to the virus and she eventually succumbs later in the turn. Even larger cracks begin to appear in O'sir's psyche as he is forced to watch his sister undergo a lingering death.

* 2581, 25 Lakymose dies of Threadscore while accompanying ground crews as a field medic. This tragedy almost completely overshadows Lineri's recent marriage and pregnancy. While he has not yet turned to alcohol, O'sir is beginning to earn a reputation as hostile, stubborn, and sour. He and M'rek fight spectacularly when O'sir lashes out, and the two almost relinquish their friendship.

* 2582, 26 Lineri passes away from complications during childbirth. Her child does not survive, and her husband commits suicide shortly after. At this point, O'sir begins to drink regularly to deal with his grief. While Fort Weyr has almost completely ceased to brew recreational alcohol, the recent discovery of a new use for one of Pern's native plants makes incredibly potent, sterilizing alcohol abundant for use by the Healers. While simultaneously mending his friendship with M'rek, he begins to self-medicate with this substance to mitigate his depression.

* 2584, 28 M'rek is promoted to Wingleader, and succeeds in getting O'sir promoted to his Wingsecond. This is one of the first things that begin to draw O'sir out of his descent -- or at least stabilize him. Thankful and finally with a direction to his life, O'sir throws himself into proving his abilities.

* 2586, 30 The previous Candidate Master dies fighting Thread in one of the Wings. O'sir steps up to take the position. He sees it as a new opportunity to honor the memories of his siblings by training the new generations of those who will give their lives to defend Pern. Though he remains belligerent and frigid, O'sir proves himself to be a good teacher.

* 2587, 31 End of the 9th Pass, and move to Southern Winds Weyr. O'sir is incredibly eager to leave Fort Weyr -- and all of its painful memories -- behind, hoping that he and the other survivors will find some semblance of peace on Fort Island. He sees the presence of the Hunters as a bad joke on the part of the planet that has already punished them so severely.

* 2589, 33 Present day. O'sir cares less about the new mutations of dragon than most of the other riders in the weyr. He does, however, harbor an intense dislike for S'bok, who he sees as an arrogant, wet-behind-the-ears child who has no concept of how much damage he could do the weyr as Weyrleader.


The sun is up, O'sir. You need to get out of bed.

Hissing in annoyance, the Brown rider tugged the blankets back over his head in an attempt to shut out the morning light that was shining so inconsiderately into his weyr. Nevertheless, he still caught sight of Saibrasoth as the dragon poked his head through the opening that led onto his ledge. His wide eyes were whirling slowly in a mixture of patience and concern. Though it lacked the conviction of real anger, O'sir glared at his dragon. "Like Between I do. Halirina can find someone else to babysit her Candidates today."

Saibrasoth paused thoughtfully, as though actually considering telling Kalestath about O'sir's apparent resolution. I do not think she will be pleased.

"Probably not," his rider conceded wryly. Sighing, O'sir pushed the covers back and passed a hand roughly over his face. The insides of his eye sockets felt like they'd been scraped out, and his mouth was dry and tasted of day old wine. He made a face and tried to wet his lips, but the effort proved futile. "Shame you aren't useful enough to get me a pot of klah."

Saibrasoth filled his mind with his low baritone of a chuckle. The colors of amusement had joined the other hues in his eyes. Do not be so lazy. Or you will set a bad example for your Candidates. His great brown head withdrew from the weyr again, and O'sir felt rather than saw him spread his wings and take off into the steadily warming morning air. I am hungry. I will return once you are feeling more like yourself.

Muttering heinous threats against dragon and Candidates alike, O'sir slid out of bed and began his daily quest for clean clothes, klah, and a pleasantly relaxing buzz.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Finnmaghaine, M’rek, and Arveloriann
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:
Hoping to hook him up with one of Sanctified’s characters as we had discussed. <3

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Re: O'sir [ 12.03.2556 / Brown Rider & Candidate Master ]
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2014, 02:18:11 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ SAY-bra-soth ]
Date of Birth:
2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35 meters
Mature Height: 7 meters
Mature Wingspan: 58.1 meters

General Appearance...

Saibrasoth is a dark, walnut-hued brown, and in the sunlight his hide takes on mahogany highlights. The most prominent of these areas are on the bones of his wings, which bear a significant speckled pattern of a brighter shade of mahogany. The webbing of his wings themselves are haphazardly striped with a lighter, sandy brown and liberally splotched with the same hue. His chest and belly are much paler, almost cream in color. Saibrasoth is fairly large for a brown dragon, and given to increased stamina and strength because of it. He frequently participates in Gold mating flights, though he has never won one. 


Mind Voice: Saibrasoth's voice is a low baritone, dark and rich but not quite sliding low enough on the register to be  bass.

Likes: Weyrlings : Laidback and playful, Saibrasoth enjoys sporting around with the younger dragons and their riders. Though he nevertheless retains a quiet dignity, his pride does not take a blow from occasionally frolicking with more youthful dragonets.
Friendly Competition : Whether it be a series of jokes, a race, or a mating flight, Saibrasoth enjoys pitting himself against other dragons, particularly Polanth.

Dislikes: Firelizards : Saibrasoth considers the flits more annoying than anything, and is likely to ignore them. The only one he tolerates with any degree of patience is M'rek's Sugar.
O'sir's isolation : Like all dragons, Saibrasoth wants his rider to be happy. He frequently tries to convince O'sir that he should be more receptive to making friends, or even taking a weyrmate.


* PATIENCE : Saibrasoth has nigh unbreakable patience, save for in the context of firelizards. He dutifully coaxes his rider out of bed every morning, ensuring that O'sir never sleeps past when he needs to rise to tend to his duties. He even endures M'rek and Polanth's teasing in good humor, and enjoys spending time with young and energetic dragonets.

* PLAYFUL : This brown dragon has a zest for life that is refreshing to behold. No matter his responsibilities, he knows how to have a good time and contributes to reminding O'sir that life is not all bad.


* SORE LOSER : Saibrasoth does not enjoy losing, whether it be a friendly race or a mating flight. Being thwarted in his goals is almost as frustrating for the dragon as it is for the rider.

* GREEN DRAGONS : He can tend to be something of a flirt, and his head is easily turned by whatever pretty green happens to be sunning herself on a given day.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #522d0d; Text: #d65a17

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: O'sir [ 12.03.2556 / Brown Rider & Candidate Master ]
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2014, 12:13:10 AM »
I love that his picture looks as exasperated as O'sir must be after me nitpicking his profile.

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Re: O'sir [ 12.03.2556 / Brown Rider & Candidate Master ]
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2014, 12:18:30 AM »
XD It was good for him. And me.
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Re: O'sir [ 12.03.2556 / Brown Rider & Candidate Master ]
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2014, 12:55:59 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the word.
Date of Birth:
2589 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This flit is a dark, deep, midnight blue – and despite his small size (close to a Green), he seems to be under the Impression that he’s a Brown, and eagerly tries to fly Golds. He has splotches of bright aqua, turquoise, and cyan on his wingsails and head. 


Mind Voice: This Blue is… loud. He like shouting phrases at anyone who will listen, and will make himself heard just as much vocally. 

Likes: Being nosy : He likes to poke his nose into everyone’s business, pockets, food, and activities.
Shinies : Does it sparkle? Glitter? Shimmer? Fascinating! Let me bite it and fly off with it!

Dislikes: Having his nest disturbed : He collects shinies, soft things, and other interesting baubles, and that’s his space. Do. Not. Disturb.
Being denied : Don’t want him in your business? Too bad!

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Will be “mated” to Sethunya’s Gold. :3

Vanity’s Clutch 001
Vanity x Susurrus

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Re: O'sir [ 12.03.2556 / Brown Rider & Candidate Master ]
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2017, 12:11:35 AM »

Major Events:
- 18.03.2588 || Much to his surprise, Sethunya makes advances towards him after classes have concluded for the day. Their flirting takes a heated turn, and the two end up sleeping together for the first time. Later the same evening, they also have a rendezvous at the Bathing Springs.

- 09.06.2589 || On the eve of the Egg Touching for Kalestath’s clutch, M'rek brings Sethunya to the Rider’s Bet as a surprise for O’sir, since he knew the Brown rider wouldn’t invite her himself – despite the fact that they’ve been seeing each other for over a turn. It ends up backfiring when O’sir misreads the situation. He and Seth argue, and end up having a confrontation about the future of their relationship. They decide to take a brief break to figure out what they both want, and agree to meet and discuss things in a few days.

- 12.06.2589 || After their brief break, O’sir and Sethunya meet for lunch. They discuss how they feel, what they want for the future, and where they stand – ultimately deciding to pursue a public relationship. In the evening, they also talk about their intentions for the further future, such as the fact that Sethunya wants a family.

- 29.06.2589 || Kalestath’s clutch hatches in the middle of the night, revealing more Black dragonets as well as Red ones. Then-Candidate A'tor shows up sans robes and with his flit, which enrages Kalestath. The Queen nearly kills him, and in the process loses her telepathic hold on the over-excited Red dragonets long enough for them to injure a number of Candidates – including Sethunya, who sustains a serious injury across her abdomen that makes O’sir fear he’s going to lose her. He ends up staying with her in the Healer Hall after the Hatching ends.

- 05.07.2589 || After A'tor gets kicked from Candidacy, Sr. Journeyman Herder Keassa visits O’sir to advocate for him. It does not go well.

- 06.07.2589 || The two have a more civil conversation the next day, and O’sir relents, agreeing to let A'tor become a Candidate once again so long as he causes no more trouble.

- 18.07.2589 || O’sir and Sethunya are together when Vorloruth rises for a Flight, which is the first time they’ve been together during one. They have a disagreement afterward about what it means for a Rider and non-Rider to be together and O’sir denying Saibrasoth the chance to rise for Flights. Ultimately, it ends well, with the agreement that O’sir needs to let his dragon be more social, that he needs to relax, and that Sethunya should spend time with him and his friends.

- 25.07.2589 || O’sir gifts Sethunya with a Gold flit egg, because he wants her to have something special. He gets an egg for himself as well, since he knew she’d insist he do so, and it becomes something that they can share together, a symbol of the better turn in their relationship.

- 16.09.2589 || The eggs hatch in the midst of O’sir and Seth being rather… occupied. Sethunya Impresses to her Gold, which she names Grace, and O’sir’s egg hatches into a Blue that he, appropriately, names Thief.

- 32.09.2589 || So near to the end of the turn, after which she’d sworn to resign from Candidacy and return to being a Smith, Sethunya Impresses to Tyrriath at Oriath’s hatching. It’s a day of conflicting emotions for O’sir, given how happy for her and proud of her he is, in addition to his sense of loss and worry about what the two turns of her weyrlinghood might mean for them. The day ends on a bittersweet note when they meet in the Weyr Bowl in the evening.

- 01.01.2590 || A Beach Snake attack rings in the new turn, and Crafters, Riders, and Candidates alike are lost. This has a distinctly negative effect on O’sir, given how protective he is of his students, and just reminds him all the more of the younger siblings he couldn’t save during the Pass.

- 02.01.2590 || In the wake of that disaster, Imyth’s hatching is too. Amidst accidents, sickly dragonets, and the deaths of Candidates the day before, four young dragons go Between without Impressing.

- 05.01.2590 || Kalestath rises, and despite their practice at denying Green Flights, Saibrasoth chases before O’sir can ground him. It’s an event that’s already distressing for them both, and all the more so when O’sir learns that Colvin has been severely beaten by a Jungle Bronzer. He and Beach Wingsecond K'mar confront Jungle’s Wingleader, R'sin, with the news, but it does not go well.

- 12.03.2590 || Oriath rises on O’sir’s 34th birthday, which puts a bit of a damper on the day – but at least this time he’s successful in denying Saibrasoth from giving chase.

- 02.04.2590 || A fight breaks out in the Weyr Hall between Riders and non-Riders, and O’sir orders his students not to get involved. He gathers them in the classroom to discuss the situation, and then takes Colvin and Saviavi to the Healer Hall to be treated for a lash wound and a head injury, respectively.

- 07.04.2590 || Imyth rises, but O’sir is able to have Saibrasoth deny the call once again. Later in the evening, he meets with the other ranked riders to congratulate X'kis of Maelboroth, and is quietly very pleased to have a Brown riding Weyrsecond.

New Relationships:
- Sethunya || Against all odds, Sethunya managed to get past the carefully crafted defenses O’sir had constructed for himself to avoid being hurt. After losing so many people close to him during the Pass, he’d decided to never let anyone near ever again, and lived in self-imposed isolation for many years. Her rather forward advances towards him in 2588 turn into what is now a relationship that recently hit its second anniversary. Their relationship has had its up and downs, beginning as little more than a physical affair that, despite O’sir’s attempts at preventing it, turned into something more. Despite taking nearly a turn to agree to a public courtship, O’sir loves her in a way that practically terrifies him – since he’s so afraid of losing her. There’s no one in the world that means more to him, and her Impression to Tyrriath, happy as it is, has added another layer of complexity since they cannot be together physically for the two turns it takes the Brown to mature. As such, Sethunya is perhaps the only person that simultaneously brings out the best in O’sir and could shatter him completely. While most wouldn’t be able to guess it, his time with her has made him more stable, a little more relaxed – if only in her company - and even has him drinking less than he used to despite the tragedies and tribulations the last two turns have brought with them. Currently, his greatest fear is that at the end of her weyrlinghood, things will have changed between them to the point that Sethunya no longer wants to be with him.

- Solik || As he’s Sethunya’s father, O’sir isn’t quite sure what to make of him. He’s not afraid of the Master Smith, per se, but he is wary of him considering his and Seth’s relationship, the nature of how it came about, and the fact that he was her teacher. Fortunately, Solik doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge.

- A'tor || Perhaps the only Candidate that O’sir genuinely hates, and he’s glad to be rid of him now that he’s a weyrling, and thus is D’zel’s problem. A’tor was a thorn in his side as a Candidate due to his mischievous ways, but O’sir’s true dislike of him is a result of the Hatching in which A’tor drew Kalestath’s ire and nearly died for it. O’sir blames him for Sethunya’s nearly fatal injury from the Red dragonets, since it was A’tor’s disrespect that distracted Kalestath from keeping a handle on their actions. It was with great reluctance that he allowed A’tor back into Candidacy after kicking him out, and will never quite cease seething at the fact that he Impressed after all.

- Keassa || Prior to A’tor being kicked from Candidacy, she and O’sir had a politely professional acquaintanceship. The two had a rather explosive argument about A’tor, however – and while O’sir did ultimately allow him back into Candidacy, he’s remained rather wary of and uncomfortable around the Journeywoman Herder ever since.

- Colvin || Another Candidate that he just this side of hates. More than anything, Colvin frustrates and infuriates him. He’s irreverent, disrespectful, and doesn’t take anything seriously – but more than that, O’sir is exasperated with the fact that he observes occasional flashes of something more mature in him. He’s convinced that Colvin could be a decent person, even a decent rider, if he just grew up, but whether the boy will do so before getting ejected from Candidacy is anyone’s guess. He gives O’sir a headache more often than not.

- [ AU ] This Breaks the Brown Rider || A sad “what if Sethunya Impressed a Gold.” Unfinished because TOO SAD. 8/

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