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Author Topic: Approved M'rek [ 06.07.2557 / Bronze Rider ]  (Read 4277 times)

Offline SirAlahn

M'rek [ 06.07.2557 / Bronze Rider ]
« on: February 03, 2014, 03:26:01 AM »

Play By:
Liam Hemsworth

First Name:
Whatever anyone cares to call him.
Date of Birth:
6.7.2557 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Boll Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wingleader of Beach Wing
Currently none.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tall and well-muscled, M'rek looks every part the Bronze rider. Nevertheless, he has a sort of roguishness about him that can make him seem turns younger when he's in a playful mood. M'rek is almost always smiling, and is quick with a joke or a kind word wherever he goes. Though he does have his moments of deep lethargy, he typically prefers to put his nigh-boundless energy to good use. An extremely physical person, M'rek relates best to things that he can touch or do -- to include sparring with other dragon riders and tumbling about in bed furs. Even when sitting still, he is constantly fidgeting with something. The first thing people tend to notice about M'rek, however, are the burn scars on the left side of his body. Encompassing a jagged path from his forehead down to his hip, the twisted, slightly warped quality of the scars stands out in sharp relief to the rest of him. Though he retained use of his eye and arm, the finer nerves in his fingers have been somewhat damaged, which forced M'rek to adapt from being left handed to right handed. He makes no attempt to hide the marks, wearing his sandy brown hair short enough that it doesn't obscure any of damage done to the left side of his face. His eyes are a sort of muddy combination of gray, blue, and teal.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: M'rek was incredibly fortunate during the 9th Pass, and knows it. Having had to watch his best friend steadily lose every member of his family, M'rek is thankful for the relative peace he had even during the destruction of Pern. His parents and older sister are still alive at Southern Winds.

Response to dragon color mutations: M'rek is rather concerned what the new mutations could mean for the weyr. Particularly since they are already causing problems in the form of S'bok.

Who are you...

Likes: Physical Activity : If it involves doing something and/or being outside, odds are M'rek is game for whatever it is. He may even try to convince O'sir to join in, though the likelihood of succeeding in that endeavor is slim.
Flirting : One of his favorite pastimes involves flirting with and teasing the ladies of the weyr, whether they be weyrfolk or dragon riders. He's also no stranger to idle sex.
Gambling : Whether it be on a card game or the eggs on the Hatching Sands, M'rek will probably bet on it. Even if it's only for a trade of chores instead of Marks. 

Dislikes: People with no sense of humor : His occasional spats with O'sir usually result from his frustration in this regard. The way M'rek sees it, those who were lucky enough to survive the 9th Pass shouldn't waste the 9th Interval forgetting how to enjoy life.
Monotony : M'rek loses his patience with repetitive tasks fairly quickly, and hates chores that are mind-numbingly dull. Even if the alternative is more dangerous, he far prefers that to the safer, more boring task.
Cruelty : His tolerance for cruelty and meanness is extremely low, and he will not stand by and watch someone be bullied.


* STABLE : M'rek has proven himself a capable leader through his internal stability. No matter the twitchy energy he may display in his personal life, he is nonetheless a calm and grounding dragon rider.

* PERCEPTIVE : Reading people comes very easily to M'rek, and his natural empathy allows him to make connections just as fluidly. He is not afraid of letting people close to him, and is willing to listen to just about anyone who needs a friend or a shoulder to cry on.

* CONFIDENT : M'rek is not often unsure of himself, and his self-confidence has not suffered any for the burn scars on his body.

* OPTIMISTIC : It is difficult to get this Bronze rider down, no matter the terrors of the 9th Pass. He always sees the good (or at least hopeful) side of things, and tries to share it with those around him.

* TRUSTWORTHY : M'rek hates breaking trust or seeming unreliable. He makes a point to avoid acting in such a manner.


* IMPULSIVE : M'rek's chaotic and energetic nature often makes him impulsive, jumping at opportunities whenever he thinks they might be exciting or worthwhile. It does occasionally end poorly for him, but he retains an easy excitability.

* RESTLESS : Even when he's sitting still, M'rek is usually fidgeting with something -- tugging at his hair, picking at something in his hands, or even gesturing with a utensil while eating. He despises monotony, and feels the need to always be doing something.

* EASILY BORED : Repetitive or slow-moving environments make this Bronze rider want to tear his hair out.

* DOGGED : Once M'rek fastens on a topic or action, he pursues it into the ground. This can sometimes make him come across aggressively to others even though he isn't particularly violent or mean.

* EMOTIONAL : M'rek is ruled by his emotions, and expresses them freely. He doesn't see anything wrong with that, but it can make him exhausting to be around for the introverted.

Describe Yourself:

* LEADER: Regardless of the active and frequently haphazard way M'rek conducts his personal life, he makes a good Wingleader. He listens to the suggestions and concerns of all the Wingriders beneath him, and strives to achieve harmony within his Wing. While not passive nor easily walked all over, M'rek tries to keep on good terms with his riders.

* FUN-LOVING: Much of M'rek's spare time is spent in the pursuit of a good time, whether that includes exchanging jokes or teasing insults, gambling, drinking, or pursuing sexual partners.

* SPONTANEOUS: M'rek has no problems making snap decisions. They usually even work out for the best. He relishes the idea of quick and unplanned fun or adventures.

* EXTROVERTED: Extroverted and open about his feelings, M'rek is energized by interacting with other people. He is not overly fond of silence or being alone.

* DRAMATIC: His natural impulsive and emotive qualities can make him fairly dramatic and gossipy.

The Magic Touch: M'rek is not particularly uncomfortable with his burn scars, as he has had them for most of his life and long ago accepted them as part of his appearance. He makes no attempt to hide them, and does not suffer any self-confidence issues because of his appearance. He takes rejection in stride, and can easily laugh at himself for mistakes, flaws, or misunderstandings.


Mother: Marenna. Holder, 2534.
Father: Kenaren. Sr. Journeyman Brewer, 2531.
Karenni. Sister. Journeyman Brewer, 2551.
Nevyin. Brother-in-law. Holder, 2552.

Nieces & Nephews:
Kerenya. Niece. 2574.
Nevekan. Nephew. 2577.
Narinae. Niece. 2579.

M'rek likely has children, but like many riders he hasn't made an effort to keep track.

Tell us a story...

* 2557, 0 M'rek's parents, originally natives of Ista Hold, have relocated to Southern Boll after the fall of Ista Island. They have M'rek in 2557, when his sister Karenni is six turns old.

* 2558, 1 Fall of Southern Boll Hold. M'rek was not old enough to remember this even. Though his parents often spoke fondly of Ista and Southern Boll, the first "home" M'rek knew was Tillek.

* 2568, 11 The parents of his best friend, O'sir, die fighting Thread. M'rek and his parents begin to support the orphaned children, providing what they can in their time of need. This same turn, M'rek begins his work as an apprentice brewer under his father. Their specialty lies with rum, a kind of alcohol synthesized from the sugar cane plants once native to Ista Island. Early in his training, an accident in this process leaves M'rek with burn scars on the left side of his body. He descends into a gloomy depression during his recovery, as he chaffs under the restrictions placed upon him during the healing process.

* 2569, 12 M'rek, and his friends O'sir and Finna, are Searched by Fort Weyr. M'rek just barely makes the cut off for the age and health requirements, as by this time he has healed from his accident. The young dragon rider Impresses to Bronze Polanth. This event breaks his depression and gives him a new focus for his energy.

* 2571, 14 The fall of Tillek Hold sends M'rek's family fleeing to Fort. While he is upset over the loss of his home, M'rek tries to look on the bright side of things -- namely that he is now closer to his family and can personally protect them.

* 2572, 15 M'rek's older sister, Karenni, marries. It is a turn of joy for their family, despite the hardships of the 9th Pass. M'rek, who is likewise fond of his brother-in-law, is excited about the idea of becoming an uncle.

* 2574, 17 Karenni gives birth to the first of M'rek's nieces and nephews -- a little girl named Kerenya. This begins M'rek's campaign as a beloved and troublemaking uncle. 

* 2579, 19 M'rek receives Sugar's egg as a present from O'sir, who knows he has been wanting a flit to call his own. The little green becomes the playmate of both M'rek and his young niece.   

* 2577, 20 Karenni gives birth to her second child, a son named Nevekan. This provides a welcome point of joy in M'rek's life, and his nephew is welcomed with as much fanfare as Kerenya.

* 2579, 22 Karenni has her third child, this one another girl named Narinae. As with his other niece and nephew, M'rek's heart is given over completely to the young girl, who he continues to dote on to this day.

* 2580, 23 M'rek earns the position of Wingsecond. This is perhaps one of the happiest occasions of his life, and one in which he takes great pride. He begins to focus the bulk of his energy on the position, and proves a popular and capable leader.

* 2581, 24 The death of O'sir's brother Lakymose makes the Brown rider increasingly unpleasant to be around. While M'rek tries to be supportive of his friend, the two of them nevertheless quarrel when O'sir lashes out. Their friendship remains rocky and tentative for almost a turn. This wounds M'rek deeply, and he spends most of that time as glum as his friend.

* 2582, 25 He and O'sir mend their friendship, even as O'sir grieves the death of his last living family member and begins to self-medicate with alcohol. The two of them rely on one another for support during the rest of the 9th Pass, and M'rek does his best to keep his friend from closing off completely.

* 2584, 27 M'rek is promoted to Wingleader, and celebrates accordingly. Per his recommendation, O'sir is instated as his Wingsecond. This allows the Brown rider a chance to prove his own leadership ability, and eventually contributes to his position as Candidate Master.

* 2587, 30 End of the 9th Pass and founding of Southern Winds Weyr. M'rek, like the rest of the dragon riders, is glad to see the end of such a difficult time, though he fears that the trials of the survivors are not yet over. He throws himself gladly into the efforts to make Fort Island a success. Successfully flying Eimerra's Gold Imyth, M'rek uses his new position as Weyrsecond to further this goal.

* 2588, 31 D'mir's successful flight of Imyth forces M'rek to step down as Weyrsecond. He resumes his position as Wingleader. Though he would have preferred to keep the rank, M'rek gives it up without rancor. Besides, it's not as though Queens will never fly again.

* 2589, 32 Present day. M'rek continues to pursue a position of leadership as a Wingleader, seeking to help guide the new Weyr. He is not incredibly fond of S'bok on account of his arrogance and lack of experience, but does the best he can to be civil.


As the tiny egg shook on the bed of heated sands, M'rek leaned closer in anticipation. He'd rushed hurriedly back to his weyr with a plate of raw meat cut in tiny pieces when Polanth had interrupted his conversation with an interjection: Your flit is going to hatch, M'rek. Now the Bronze rider nearly vibrated with excitement. His own firelizard! He'd laughed with eager happiness when O'sir presented him with the egg and a dryly knowing smile. The past several weeks had been a whirl of tending dutifully to the egg, earning M'rek some teasing that he was as fussy as a mother wherry.

And now, as the first crack appeared in its shell, he knew his attention had paid off. Holding his breath, M'rek ignored Polanth's amused mental chuckle.

He had to resist the urge to help the young firelizard hatch, eager for a glimpse of what it would be. Surely not a gold, judging by the opalescent quality of the shell. But perhaps a Bronze, to go with his proud dragon?

M'rek couldn't suppress a grin as the little Green tumbled out of her egg. She chirped at him, eyes rolling in a mixture of anxiousness and annoyance that quickly gave way to hunger. Her hide glistened with amniotic fluid, as brilliantly green as a palm frond with lighter striping and speckling of pale green along her tail and wings. Cooing to her, M'rek held out a piece of the raw meat in the cup of his hand.

She waddled across the sandy basin with determination, sniffing at the meat before chirping once more and nibbling idly on the piece of meat. Curiously, her little head turned away as her attention shifted.

A glance toward where her focus had wandered directed M'rek to the plate of fruit he'd dumped haphazardly on his table for lunch. In the excitement of the egg's impending hatching, he'd entirely forgotten about his own meal. A quick stride back and forth across the narrow space of his weyr, and M'rek had settled before the basin of sand once again. Trilling, the small green finished her morsel of meat and attacked the small redfruit in his hand with ravenous relish.

"Have a fondness for sweet things, Sugar?"

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
All of them.
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC, not adoptable.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:
Would love for someone to make his other family members. :3 They'll probably remain NPCs until someone claims them.

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Re: WIP - M'rek [ 06.07.2557 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2014, 03:28:53 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ POLE-annth ]
Date of Birth:
2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37 M
Mature Height: 7.4 M
Mature Wingspan: 61.42 M

General Appearance...

Polanth is fairly standard sized for a bronze dragon, not closer to one end of the spectrum than the other. He carries himself with all the regal bearing of a king, and is incredibly proud of his pretty hide. He is a bright bronze color on most of his body, almost yellow enough to be considered a burnished gold. His wings, spine and tail are characterized by a greener patina, and darker hues speckling the tops of his wing sails. His muzzle, toes, and tail tips even a few shades darker yet, and only in the sunlight is it obvious that they are bronze, not black.


Mind Voice: Polanth's mind voice is regal and haughty, neither particularly high nor low on the vocal register. He speaks deliberately, and does not frequently make himself heard to anyone but M'rek.

Likes: Attention : Polanth thinks of himself very highly, and believes that everyone else should too. He likes to be admired.
Respect : Lower ranked dragons had better defer to his and his rider's judgment without question.

Dislikes:  Passivity : To Polanth, being passive makes you worse than useless.
Stagnation : Like M'rek, Polanth is rarely inactive for very long. He doesn't like wasting his time.


* LEVEL-HEADED : Polanth is the ballast for M'rek's impulsiveness. It takes a lot to shake or disorient him, and he always considers his options carefully before making a decision.

* DOMINANT : He has no problem taking charge and giving orders.


* PRIDEFUL : Polanth is too vain for his own good, and his high opinion of himself can earn the dislike of others in the weyr.

* DISMISSIVE : He can be downright rude to anyone he considers passive or stupid.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #524B1A; Text: #C4820F

Member Info...

Anything Else:
8D He's a dick

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Re: WIP - M'rek [ 06.07.2557 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2014, 03:30:01 AM »

Image Credit:
Lineart link.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2579 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Sugar is the brilliant green of a palm frond, vibrant and verdant. Along her tail, she has stripes of a much lighter, almost minty shade of green. Patches of speckles or freckles adorn her wings in the same hue. 


Mind Voice: Sugar's voice is high, almost shrill when she's angry. Which is often.  Sugar has a fiery personality, and will not hesitate to get in a hissing match with Polanth if he teases her. She is also prone to moodiness and vindictiveness if she is ignored or feels insulted. She's a bit of an attention whore.

Likes: Bronze flits : Just as flirtatious as her owner, Sugar enjoys being chased by Bronze flits even when she isn't in a mating flight.
Sweet treats : The source of her name, Sugar has a taste for just that.

Dislikes: Being teased : She does not take kindly to being teased, and will let you know it.
Being lonely : She is a rather needy flit, always vying for someone's attention.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She likes to nibble on Polanth's tail while he's sleeping. >:3

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: M'rek [ 06.07.2557 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2014, 10:57:53 PM »
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Re: M'rek [ 06.07.2557 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2017, 01:10:44 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art. coloured by Wren
Flit Details

[ iss-TAH ]
Date of Birth:
17.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

One of the largest of the entire clutch, this beauty is a confident young male. He has delicate shadowed patterns on his neck and scattered over his lean, muscular frame and in some places on his wings as well. Which he is more than happy to flaunt.


Mind Voice: He is brassy and bold. There is no shyness or attempt at hiding, he'll step up and talk to anyone, human, dragon and even wher. Although in the case of dragon it usually results in amusement which doesn't make him back down or change his actions. This is a truly confident bundle and it shows in everything. He is able to express himself very clearly and in such a way as to avoid headaches of the blistering rush of images in the head of his bonded as well.

--BEING IN CHARGE ; he is very much the boss when any gathering of flits happens, in fact he isn't adverse to challenging any other who would question his authority. Even when it can possibly land him in some kind of trouble.
-- PEOPLE ; while he will spend time with his bonded, he is less possessive than most. Perhaps because in a way he tends to view all the people as his and vice versa. He'll certainly chat to anyone who will stand around to listen to him.

-- UNCOOKED MEAT ; as a young flit he developed a serious taste for it being cooked and while it has moderately spoiled him it does mean a huffy flit if you try to get him to eat it raw now. After all, he can but he expects more now.
-- THUNDERSTORMS ; it's true this flit is generally fearless but the sharp cracking sounds mixed in with the brilliant flash of light and he ends up heading straight for his bonded where he feels safe.

Member Info...

Anything Else:


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Re: M'rek [ 06.07.2557 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2017, 12:50:48 PM »

Major Events:
- 09.06.2589 || M’rek takes Sethunya to the Rider’s Bet as a surprise for O’sir, since he knows the Brown Rider won’t take her himself. Things backfire, but it does sort of force a confrontation between the two regarding the direction of their relationship.

- 15.07.2589 || The fateful conversation with S'bok in which M’rek volunteers Beach Wing to guard the workers at the Hold construction site.

- 28.08.2589 || During guard duty at he Hold construction site, the workers and Beach Wing are attacked by Hunters. Many members of Beach Wing are injured.

- 30.08.2589 || Since Wingsecond S'lar of Aelsanth was seriously injured in the Hunter attack a few days prior, M’rek appoints K'mar of Berynth to fill his place.

- 09.10.2589 || Hunters attack the construction site, and many riders from both Jungle and Beach Wings are injured. The early wher alert, however, means that casualties are avoided.

- 01.01.2590 || On the dawn of the new turn, Beach Wing is attacked by Snakes in the morning fog. Many riders are lost, including Wingsecond Iradin of Leoth – as well as Fishers and Candidates that were also at the Cove.

- 02.01.2590 || Imyth’s small clutch hatches the day after the Beach Snake attack. Many of the dragonets seem sickly anyway, but the deaths of Candidates the previous day only add to the disaster, and four of them go Between.

- 05.01.2590 || Halirina’s Kalestath rises for her flight and is caught byS'bok’s Neisoth again. M’rek and Vestanna end up together after the fact.

- 01.03.2590 || In the wake of the Hunter attack, the Weyrleadership announces a lockdown. M’rek passes the news on to his Wing.

- 15.03.2590 || M'rek adopts a flit egg from K'eeda when her Goldie lays a clutch.

- 02.04.2590 || A fight breaks out in the Weyr Hall between the riders and non-riders as a result of the weyr lockdown. M’rek and the rest of Beach Wing get involved in order to break up the fight, and take lashes with those detained as a show of solidarity.

- 07.04.2590 || Eimerra’s Imyth rises for her Flight, and M’rek elects to participate despite the issues that arose during the riot. Later in the evening, he gathers with the other ranked riders to congratulate X'kis of Maelboroth.

- 17.05.2590 || The egg he got from K'eeda hatches into a Bronze, which M'rek names Ista.

New Relationships:
- Sethunya || He and O’sir might not be as close now as they once were, but M’rek is glad that his friend has someone in his life who cares for him as much as Sethunya does. M’rek thinks she’s good for him, and is happy to see O’sir relax a little more as a result.

- Niema || The two have long been casual and flirtatious friends, but it took M’rek learning of her relationship with K’mar for him to realize that he had feelings for her. He’s still getting over pining for her, but wishes her and her weyrmate all the best.

- K'mar || M’rek finds the Brown Rider to be a steady and dependable presence, and is glad to have appointed him as Wingsecond after S’lar’s injuries. He’s previously felt somewhat conflicted by K’mar’s relationship with Niema, but he has no desire to complicate their arrangement, and refuses to let it get in the way of his friendship with K’mar.

- Vestanna || A good friend, and someone that M’rek thinks he could have stronger feelings for in the future. For now, however, he’s keeping things low key and refusing to look deeper in their friendship. If he does develop something with her, he doesn’t want it to be on the rebound from pining over Niema.

- R'sin || The third Wingleader that Jungle Wing has had in the last two turns. M’rek respects him for his skill and experience, but the two do not see eye to eye on most topics. Nevertheless, M’rek tries to have a civil working relationship.

Important Personality Trait & Why:
- MEASURED || With age and experience, M’rek has become more tempered – especially after the Pass and the continued perils faced by the people of Southern Winds. He’s much more thoughtful than he was in prior turns, and takes more time to consider his actions or words.

- REALISTIC || While he’s naturally something of an optimist, M’rek’s experiences have turned him into more of a realist. He still wants to work toward a better future, but he’s more pragmatic about how and when that may get accomplished.

- Too Tired to Sleep [ 13.08.2589 / 11PM ] || M’rek stumbles across some drama between T'veck, K'mar, and Niema, and belatedly realizes his feelings for the latter.

- Tell Me I’m Being Stupid [ 14.08.2589 / 09PM ] || D'mir and M'rek commiserate over relationship woes; they end up pulling K'eeda, K'rez, and Vestanna into their drinking. A legendary thread full of mischief.

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