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Author Topic: Approved [ DECEASED ] L'andis [ 9.9.2562 / Bronze Rider]  (Read 2429 times)

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[ DECEASED ] L'andis [ 9.9.2562 / Bronze Rider]
« on: April 25, 2014, 10:52:50 AM »

Play By:
Christian Brylle

First Name:
None that he knows about
Date of Birth:
09.09.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Recently promoted leader of the Jungle Wing

Your Reflection...

Appearance: L'andis is not the type of man one would call conventionally attractive, though in the right light (and without the scowl) he could certainly be described as striking. He has a hard face, high cheekbones, and a thin mouth; his narrow eyes are blue and lined with perpetual deep bags. He wears his blond hair long, though it is normally tied back for the duration of his work. During his more strenuous duties L'andis is not overly concerned with his appearance, but otherwise whenever possible he dresses and presents himself very formally. His body language is subtle and self-contained.

He is a tall man at 6'2, but more lean than athletic. While he retains some muscle mass and has fairly broad shoulders, he has lost any softness in his body that he might once have possessed due to the trials of the latest Pass and dwindling food rations. His shoulders stay tight, and the skin stretched taut over his face makes him look to be made of stone. His cheekbones are as cutting as his remarks, and the bags under his eyes - the only fleshy part about him - have become immediately prominent. Under his clothes the lines of his abdomen and chest are stark, unforgiving. He looks as though he could use a meal... or five.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: L'andis weathered the 9th Pass with grim, tight-lipped endurance. He was born into it - it shaped him - made him a hard and unrelenting man. He found the latter part of it exceedingly unpleasant, resenting the overcrowding of the last holds which whittled away at his patience and limited privacy. But, always a pragmatic individual, he was well-suited to the adaptation and brutal survivalist tactics necessary in the Southern Winds Weyr. For L'andis, fighting hunters and hunger is preferable to the tense clawing desperation that enveloped the Thread-barren weyrs; that he himself should not encounter Thread again in his lifetime is a small secret relief.

Response to dragon color mutations: A stark traditionalist, L'andis would have found the new mutations disturbing regardless of his poor relationship with his half-brother S'bok. That S'bok impressed upon a black dragon, and is now Weyrleader, has poisoned L'andis' opinion of the color mutations entirely.

Who are you...

L'andis values competency, dedication, and talent. A quick wit will win his favor, but he equally appreciates the Rider who simply does his duty without complaint. Obviously he likes his dragon Usidoth, the only one with whom he can ever relax and the only relationship he really values. Most of all he craves privacy and quiet, both having been difficult to come by during the course of his life.

He dislikes stupidity, shortsightedness, cowardice, and abuse of power. He also dislikes chaos, having an instinctive need for order; disorganization rankles on his nerves, gives him the urge to take over and fix it. He is not inclined to touching others casually and does not appreciate having his personal space invaded.


* Strategic thinker : L'andis is both well suited to forming plans quickly and to placing Riders by their strengths. He is perceptive to judging others' capabilities, and shrewd with how and where he uses them. This is reflected in his personal life as well as his "professional" one, as he is respectful to his superiors or those who might prove advantageous to know. Being charming is not an especial strength of his, but he can be pleasant - and quite helpful - to those who can help him.

* Hard-working : There are few so willing and determined to work quite as hard as L'andis. No matter the other unfortunate aspects of his personality he will never be accused of shirking his duty, particularly given his penchant for taking on other's responsibilities additionally when he feels they aren't completing them just right.

* Iron-willed : L'andis possesses a large amount of restraint and self-control. This is due to a number of factors, such as his pride or innate nature, but perhaps the easiest to credit is the time he was born into. A strong will kept one going during the hopelessness of the latest Threadfall. Discipline and control were grounding characteristics to cultivate.

* Personal sense of responsibility : As a leader L'andis is not interested in hand-holding; he is interested in promoting his riders and driving them to perform exceptionally. Nevertheless, he feels a certain pride in and responsibility for the riders in his wing, many of whom he has flown beside for years. He would certainly be the first to defend them or argue for their best interests. Even those he doesn't particularly like are still "his" riders; no one is allowed to criticize them but he.

* Loyal : A proud and stoic man, L'andis doesn't advertise this particular positive trait and it is seldom recognized. He is difficult to impress but doggedly loyal - slow to trust, but invests completely when he does. He was loyal to S'tas, and he is loyal to his Wing - though they are doubtless unappreciative as it will rarely manifest itself in gentler treatment now that he is leader. L'andis is more likely to show his dedication through actions than through words.


* Demanding: A perfectionist to the bone, L'andis will demand the utmost of the riders in his wing. His work ethic is strenuous and exhaustively thorough. He has sharp eyes for slackers and those falling behind. That the Weyr's survival literally depends on the performance of himself and his wing riders will make him a harsh taskmaster indeed.

* Critical: He is quick to form judgments on others, and it takes a good deal to impress him. He doesn't hesitate to deliver a sharp tongue-lashing to a rider for poor behavior or mistakes. Likewise he is extremely critical of himself, holding himself to a higher standard than any of his peers. He has an aggressive ambition and sense of duty that does not allow him to rest. The fear of inadequacy drives him, as well as the fear of failure - new to his position, he feels he must perform even better in order to keep it. 

* Social skills: L'andis tends to be overly formal, cool with those in his Wing and scathing or dismissive to those outside of it. He lacks the charisma a great leader needs, focusing on delivering solid results rather than forming personal bonds with others. He may impress with his competency, ambition, and drive, but he'll never win Mr. Congeniality. He has few friends and is notable for not engaging with anyone sexually outside of mating flights; even then, he's not particularly known for his pleasant bedside manner the morning after.

* Lack of tolerance or patience for fools: L'andis is notoriously intolerant towards those he views as wasting his time, and he has a very open opinion of who fits this description.

* Delegating/overworking : Firmly in the camp of "mind over body," L'andis is more likely to exhaust himself than ask for help or delegate. Although a certain amount of the latter is standard in wing assignments, he is slow to trust others with tasks he considers important - preferring to complete them himself.

Describe Yourself:

* INTELLIGENT: ----- L'andis is less inclined to aggressiveness than he is to a perceptive, calculating intelligence. His own humor, blackened thing that it is, is dry and snarky.

* DRIVEN: ----- He is nearly always active, taking very little time for leisure and not sure what to do with himself when he does have free time. He wants nothing less than perfection, from both himself and his wing, and sees the way to achieve that as being through hard work.

* PROUD: ----- He is an extremely haughty man, neck too stiff to bend to anyone. This trait is immediately obvious to anyone who's known him any time at all; complete strangers could see it. Possibly from outer space.

* RESERVED: ----- L'andis is frequently cool in his interactions with others, "neutral" or "respectful" being the most positive descriptors for his manner towards those he actually likes. He tends to be standoffish and has no patience for small talk. Although previously he made an effort to get on with his fellow Riders, he has already grown more distant since his promotion to Wingleader - feeling that he must emphasize the difference between himself and his former peers in order to be respected as a leader.

* PRAGMATIC: ----- This is the trait that has served him best, both during Threadfall and now as the survivors attempt to rebuild society in a new place with new challenges. L'andis is steady as a rock, disinclined to making emotional decisions and unlikely to deteriorate under stress.

The Magic Touch: L'andis has been Wingleader for a very short time. Previously in Jungle Wing, he was a skilled if quiet rider - always sarcastic, aloof, and a little mean, but rarely presuming to critique another uninvited because it was not his place. Now that he is Wingleader, he has big shoes to fill. It is now his job to critique, frustrate, and drive the riders of the Jungle Wing to perfection. His "sudden" harshness might be surprising to those who didn't previously know him well or expect him to be so vocal.


Mother: Ramira - Rider of the Green Calryth , born 2533, Impressed 2547. She died during Threadfall when L'andis was 12. As a weyrbrat he was not close with his mother, though he knew who she was.

Father: N'bok - Rider of the Bronze Daeroth, born 2529, Impressed 2542. He died during Threadfall when L'andis was 20. As a weyrbrat he was not close with his father, though he knew who he was.

Siblings: His father's habits meant he had many siblings, but L'andis has never been particularly attached to familial ties and made no intentional effort to learn of the man's other children. He became aware of a few after his own Impression - O'kal, H'bek, and eventually Haniya - and discovered his relation to S'bok when the boy became a rider as well. The others were not known to him.

S'bok - younger half-brother, Rider of the Black Neisoth, born 2572, Impressed 2587. L'andis was unaware of his blood relation to S'bok until after the boy became a Candidate and Impressed the first Black dragon, later inquiring into his parentage of other riders in the Weyr. However, they had met several years previous when L'andis whipped S'bok for attempted theft.

Haniya - younger sister, Candidate, born 2567, died 2583. She died of an illness when L'andis was 21. Upon her becoming a Candidate L'andis became more familiar with his sister, and was on relatively good terms with her when she died.

S’jur - Half brother, rider of the Bronze Doreth. Born 2545, Impressed 2558, died 2563 when injuries incurred from Threadfall became infected.

O’kal - Half brother, rider of the Bronze Irdoth. Born 2548, Impressed 2561, died in 2578 when he failed to properly picture his destination for a jump between and telefragged.

R’dan - Half brother, rider of the Brown Zidyth. Born 2552, Impressed 2568, died 2579 in a flight accident.

H’bek - Half brother, rider of the Bronze Ocyth. Born 2552, Impressed 2566, died 2585 during Threadfall.

Vywene - Half sister, Weaver. Born 2554, died 2570 from Thread.

Kannin - Half sister, Holder. Born 2560, died 2562 of malnutrition and illness.

Nemuslor - Half brother, Holder. Born 2560, died in 2571 when Tillik Hold fell.

Tell us a story...

* 2562 - 2574, ages 0 - 12 Lathandis was born into the grim chaos of ravaging Threadfall to Riders N'bok and Ramira. He was passed into the creche to grow up with the other weyrbrats. His mother kept tabs on him, gave him Turn's End gifts until her death in 2574. His father, who sired many other children and took a lackadaisical approach to each, did not have any contact with Lathandis as a boy. There were many changes in Lathandis' childhood as other Weyrs fall to Thread and Fort Weyr became unimaginably crowded. He experimented with the other weyrbrats but found the experience underwhelming, an opinion he continued to hold for the rest of his life. By the time he was selected to be a Candidate in 2574, the creche was stifling.

* 2575, age 13 A smart and wary boy, Lathandis had no particular desire to Impress a dragon if that meant he also had to fight Thread. His mother had just died to it, for the little that he knew her, and everyone new to Fort Weyr had horror stories about how they'd gotten there. The only thing a dragon really seemed good for was the opportunity it offered to escape. Somewhere, there had to be a place without Thread - or without people! Even if it was just another buried stone weyr. Lathandis did not especially get along with other children. He was too serious, too distracted by the devastation to pretend he had a sunnier disposition.

Usidoth gave him something else to focus on. Usidoth understood. For all that Lathandis hadn't cared before, the little Bronze that Impressed to him became his whole world.

* 2576 - 2587, ages 14 - 24 L'andis grew from a quiet teen into a hard-eyed man. He poured himself into rider culture, working hard, working constantly; there was always Thread to burn. Responsibility and duty became his anchors in an uncertain time. At 20 his father N'bok died, an event which on L'andis had zero effect, but his sister Haniya's death at 21 was a little harder. L'andis, careless of his familial ties save for those who proved themselves worthy of his recognition (proved themselves Riders, that is, or with the capability) initiated contact once she became a Candidate. Though they were not close, the two got along surprisingly well. Within the year Haniya died of a shaking fever that was passing through the Weyr, before she got the opportunity to Stand.

* 2587, age 25 The end of the 9th Pass was no immediate relief to L'andis. Fort Weyr was still overpopulated; there was still no food and he was sharing space on the cold Weyr floor with a dozen other riders in his corner alone. The move to Southern Winds gave him new purpose and for once, perhaps he even seemed a little less grim. The move was an adjustment but one he welcomed completely. L'andis was placed in the Jungle Wing with other riders on an important initiative. His flying in Jungle Wing sharpened him again, gave him a little more pleasure in his work. The only truly nasty shock of this new Weyr was the birth of the first Black dragon and its subsequent Impressing on a teenage boy named S'bok. Though many are awed by the new coloration, L'andis sees it as a a dangerous sign - implying weakness and instability in the dragon bloodlines.

* 2589, age 27 S'bok becomes Weyrleader; by now L'andis is very aware of their relation and disgusted with the whole situation. The half-brothers' animosity escalates as S'bok readily enjoys his authority over L'andis.

On 28.07, S'tas of the Jungle Wing falls to an unknown threat in the wild along with four other riders. L'andis is disturbed, listening carefully to the rumors that populate the Weyr. He can't help the part of him that thinks this might help his position, and he certainly wouldn't apologize for those thoughts however much he respected S'tas. Still, any speculation on his part is merely idle, unavoidable ambition... until the meeting with the Wing where other names are suggested.

L'andis offers himself up, because of course he does. He's hardly the only one to do so in such an aggressive and ambitious Wing. To his surprise, this is received favorably. To his shock, he's promoted. It will increase his interactions with the despised Weyrleader, and the job itself is a heavy new mantle he's secretly afraid of dropping - but oh, L'andis took such exquisite satisfaction in the look on S'bok's face when he accepted.


L'andis stalked through the Weyr, on the hunt for an errant rider. He wore his flight leathers, was still sweaty and mussed; his hair, tied back at the base of his neck, had escaped in airy fly-away strands. His was still an intimidating presence. He projected an air of such brutal control that his disheveled state seemed entirely incidental to the terrible expression carved into his face.

T'hir should have stayed when everyone had landed - he knew what he'd done wrong when he took too wide that last in-air corner. He'd nearly clipped R'loy, which would have taken them both out and ruined the formation. He'd only delayed the inevitable afterwards by leaving. It made L'andis prone to be especially unforgiving; when he was a rider he would have stood, steely and self-reprimanding, until S'tas dismissed him or reached the end of their talk. Now he was Wingleader, and had been so for less than one week. He couldn't afford to back down from anything, nor take quietly this kind of disrespect.

Not everyone can be as skillful as us, Usidoth threw in, offhandedly arrogant. He had been cleaned and oiled, free to pick his perch in the upper weyr, and was less concerned about T'hir now than in achieving maximum sun. His sleepy contentment echoed through their bond, not especially gentling L'andis' demeanor. They'll get it right next time. Go bathe. Or better yet, bring me food.

Catch your own fish, L'andis thought back, prompting Usidoth's faux-offended noise, his complaint that L'andis should calm himself, nothing was more important than food. This is necessary. That was a beginner's mistake - ridiculous, poorly-executed. And you think I should let it go?

He found T'hir sitting, staring down at his goggles. He knew the man heard him enter; T'hir's shoulders tensed up.


"Cute maneuver." His voice bit through the still air, marrying silky and sharp in a venomous combination. "Did you pick that up from another third-rate rider, or was it an invention of your very own?"

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
NPC initially, losing his position to whomever wants it. If inactivity continues he may fall to a Hunter.
Anything Else:

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Re: [ DECEASED ] L'andis [ 9.9.2562 / Bronze Rider]
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2014, 10:53:15 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
27.03.2575 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37 m
Mature Height: 7.4 m
Mature Wingspan: 61.42 m

General Appearance...

Usidoth hatched an uniform, bright coppery bronze. Within weeks it became apparent this wasn't to be permanent. His hide shaded startlingly fast, gaining the brackish tint of tarnished bronze, and continued to darken for the next year as he grew. Though he still shows a uniform lack of texture, his face, neck, chest, and front legs are a deep, dusky color. He retains brighter traces of his bronze coloring in his wings, tail, and haunches. Though powerfully built as is typical for his class, Usidoth's face is leaner and longer than the average bronze's. This gives him an inquisitive, angular look which he fancies is rather elegant, covertly comparing his tail length to others and otherwise feeding his vanity.


Mind Voice: Self-possessed, casually arrogant, powerful, often smug.

Likes: Usidoth likes being complimented, rainfall, and successfully carrying out a battle or wing strategy. Like L'andis, perfection in one's task pleases him - he is the first to notice when another dragon doesn't perform well or misses a turn, though he is much kinder about remarking upon it. He particularly enjoys lounging on sun-lit ledges, liking his lazy downtime as much as being out in the jungle with his Wing.

Dislikes: Usidoth does not like being dirty. Though he remains happily entertained in the thick of battle or when he otherwise is actively engaged, he doesn't like inactivity or waiting in the field. He can be impatient then, grumbling that he might as well be back in the weyr sunning himself. He doesn't like flying or fighting less than perfectly, taking smugly for granted his own power and speed. An injury - or a wrongly angled turn - is shocking and disappointing to him, and he might become more distressed by his mistake than the injury itself. He does not like S'bok or the newly mutated dragons - the first because his rider does not like S'bok, and the second because he finds black dragons' aggressiveness towards their peers a silly waste.


* Even-tempered : Usidoth is calm and slow to take offense, perfectly willing to obey L'andis' directive and not inclined to lord his natural superiority over others (though of course, he knows he is the superior and most handsome Bronze specimen). His aggressiveness does not extend to other dragons but is reserved solely for Hunters.

* Disciplined : Though he might complain in hopes of wheedling bribes or compliments from his rider, Usidoth would never consider slacking in the field. He is a controlled and powerful fighter against Hunters who takes great pleasure in success.


* Vanity : Usidoth is a very vain dragon. He demands L'andis scrub and oil him most carefully, and it is not uncommon for him to smugly beam thoughts into L'andis head about how handsome he is as he wallows in the cove water or admires himself in the sunlight.

* Pride : He is also haughty and proud, though this demonstrates itself less obviously. He does not make a show of it because naturally he just knows he is the best, tolerating the boasting of other dragons as hot-air pretenders. Still, he feels he deserves special recognition and demands attention from L'andis when the rider is seeing to "less important" things. He wants to be admired, and he wants to be fed the tastiest herdbeasts. He is dismissive of the efforts or qualities of those dragons lesser than he.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(403A15); Text: #(B07026)

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"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story."

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Re: [ DECEASED ] L'andis [ 9.9.2562 / Bronze Rider]
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2014, 03:47:08 PM »
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